Friday, September 23, 2011

SSS week 3: the round up

Well... this week had its moments ; )

On Monday, I wore my navy EvaDress trousers, 40's pattern back-buttoned blouse and the rosie watchlace from Scruffybadger - woo hoo!  This outfit got me a comment from Eunny Jang over in the Flickr group!  Eunny Jang!  (knitting blog celebrity, editor of Interweave Knits for those who don't know.)  Turns out she is seriously into sewing now, and has a tumblr blog here.  She has made some amazing clothes!

But my best outfit of the week was definitely the Ginger / Lisette / Japanese jacket combination of Tuesday.  I even wore eyeliner and my funky watchlace : )

Then someone popped my balloon...

Wednesday required hospital-visiting layers. I wore my black Audrey-inspired trousers, the raspberry self-drafted tee, and added the vintage cashmere cardi outside the overheated ward.  These are my driving shoes:  I wore my circle-stitched Kickers, as on Tuesday.

Thursday... too tired for innovation, I changed my tee to the purple one and added my birdcage necklace.  It looked better with the tee untucked - better flow.  I liked the colours together... but it was less "matchy" than usual.

Friday... I appear to be catching FL's germs and kept blowing hot and cold overnight.  But I was determined to end the working week on an up, so wore my 50's pattern knit-fabric twinset with my rockabilly rose 50's pattern skirt.  I tried a necklace but it was too fussy-looking, so I went for a brass cuff instead - to make the most of the short-length cardigan sleeves.  Camper heels and fishnets (I was up to date with the laundry!)

What I learned this week:
Never anything forgranted!  Seize the day!
No, Roo, about your clothes, silly!

Despite all my talk about silhouettes at the start of this month, I still get sidetracked by colour and / or era.  My first instinct is always to prioritise colour-matching and / or to wear two items from the 40's (Monday), the 50's (Friday) or the 60's (Wednesday and Thursday), instead of looking at the shapes of the clothes and how they might work together.

Little Extras:
I noticed how much pizzazz the rosie watchlace added to Monday and Tuesday's outfits and the difference the gilt birdcage pendant made on Thursday, picking up the gold of the cardi buttons.

This needs a bit more thought.  I rely a lot on my granny's flapper beads to add vintage style to my "look", but it would be fun to acquire a few more pieces of quirky costume jewellery to mix things up a bit.

Has anyone seen me wear my sky-high tan wedges yet this month?  No?  Tsk!

I wore my flat black Kickers shoes on three days of this week.  These are 7 years old and will not survive the winter, so I need to think about the gap they fill:  flat, black, wearable with either skirts or trousers.  I am thinking about getting some androgynous black chelsea boots to wear with trousers, and wearing my Camper heels with skirts.

And what of the infamous mustard shoes-of-wist?  It's pay day next week... that's all I am saying! ; )


faeriecollege said...

I still love those EvaDress trousers. It's definitely one of my favourite looks on you!

It'll be payday here next week too. I might just be getting that trouser pattern ;).

Scruffybadger said...

I do love coveting your outfits!! And am so sorry you and fl have had a tough couple of days- I hope he's feeling so much better, and that goes for you too. SSS is showing me some huge holes I have in warmer clothes and whilst it's exciting to think about how to fill them I know all I have time for is to admire and be inspired by you!! Glad the watch lace is a good addition!! X

ashley0107 said...

Lovely outfits! :) I love the cashmere cardy, its a gorgeous colour!
Ashley x

superheidi said...

Those outfits are rally enjoyable to watch, as I am such a fan of separates and your combos are lovely.

Lizzi said...

Tuesday was my favourite too, but to be honest after the week you have had I'm surprised you aren't walking around in an old tattie sack - hope all has settled a bit and you both have a good weekend.

Sandy said...

I never get to dress up anymore so reviewing your week's wearings is a delight. I vote for Tuesday for the mood of hopefulness and 'stepping out' but can certainly see why Thursday was a challenge... have a good weekend and hoping that both you and FL are 'taking it easy!'

christinelaennec said...

Your outfits are beautiful - my favourite is Friday's. You'd never know from the photos what a week you'd really had! Hope you and FL are able to relax this weekend.