Wednesday, October 05, 2011

A Cheerful Miss A Laney

So many tiny little things to be said.  Let's throw them all into one blog post and to hell with Burgundy!
  • Remember the parcel FL lost on the way to the Post Office?  Some kind stranger must have picked it up and put in the letterbox, because I just received a refund for the returned garment - woo hoo!
  • My copy of Colette Jasmine turned up - it had been delayed at Customs before reaching the e-tailer. It looks fab!  I have cut the paper pattern and am itching to get started.
  •  I bought a vintage blouse... and waited... and waited.  Then I emailed the online shop.  Their server had gone loopy and marked the blouse as sold without telling them who to send it to.  Me!  So they refunded the postage and sent it First Class - with a free magazine enclosed and a discount code for next time!  It is fab : )  I will show you soon, because...
  • I am sewing a mushroom-print Ginger skirt... mwaah ha ha ha ha!
  • I ran out of yarn for my humungous Seraphine wrap... but traced the spinner and they are going to try to match the wool and send me some more - woo-tastic!
  • I have not yet ordered the mustard shoes of bodaciousness, because they look better in America.  In the States, they come with wooden heels.  In the UK, they are plain yellow.  I like the wood best... so I am considering getting them in brown instead... or going completely nuts and buying a totally different pair of shoes.  I know.  Shocking.
  • It is Socktober... but I have not yet cast on a pair of socks.  This must be rectified!  It is practically Christmas after all :O
  • I have almost finished the second sleeve of Betty Jean - all that is needed now is some steeking and front bands.  How long can that possibly take me?!
  • My new driving soundtrack is The Cure's Greatest Hits. I have no words to express the sheer joy of rediscovering these songs!
  • Another baby has been born.  He can have a hat...  once I finish knitting  it.  It's not his fault his mother drives me nuts  ; )  I should have that ready to show you by the end of the week.
And many thanks for all your lovely comments about my Gingery sewing adventure and FL's latest health and sickness report.  It's funny - although we probably received bad news yesterday, the Doctor was so open and explained it all so well (I even got a drawing of IGg and a proper explanation of his "type" of myeloma - first time ever!), we left feeling confident that the doctors are doing the right thing. 

Denise and Sandy:  thanks for the reminder about myeloma and fungus in lungs.  We lost our best MM blog friend that way, but had shut it out of our minds.  FL thinks he is improving.  We remain vigilant!

Lorna:  Thank you for the link to Otis! : )

Sarahel:  It's still such a taboo to marry across the generations.  It can feel pretty lonely sometimes, 'cos we don't really fit into the usual social circles and the world at large treats older / younger relationships as a joke or something sinister.  But you know this.  If anything I write strikes a chord with you, well, "Hello sister!  High Five!" :D
I was thinking... when I first decided to come back to my FL, I had this vision of him in his happy relaxed retirement, sitting under a tree doing crosswords in his chair, while I pottered around the garden in the sunshine.  I hadn't twigged that I would still be working full time to pay the mortgage while he was home alone, in pain, with nobody to talk to.  So unfair!  But at least I am here for him.  He's not in a Care Home!  I mean, really, how many lovely lively people are consigned to a care facility just because they happen to be old and frail and haven't got "someone"?


Anonymous said...

Take care of yourselves. Don't grieve for some possible dreaded future. Enjoy beauty and today. My parents were 20 years apart in age and I did the same thing. To hell with what other people think. The friend thing is interesting. I have friends all ages. I think turning that off as a criterion for friendship helps me. Remember to start some friendships with those 10 years or so younger. It will give you perspective about your husband's viewpoint, perhaps. BTW, from your pictures that man in his kilt and beard is some serious handsomeness. Take all your list of things coming together from this post as a sign that things work out.

Lizzi said...

I've forgotten the age difference between you. We have a 14 year age gap but hey, who cares? We are just very happy to have found each other - We have been married 5 years and are grateful for every single day. We decided to go for 'quality not quantity'. :-)

Scruffybadger said...

Roo, It feels like the wind's changed with all this fortune - or too much caffeine?! Love knowing that you're sewing up some 'shrooms! Can't wait

sarahel said...

Oh you sure strike chords.
I'm lucky, I now only work 4 days a week and we live very close to work so I can pop home at lunchtime to medicate/cheer/nag as appropriate. I had some interesting reactions when I dropped the fifth day. I have no children (didn't happen for us either) so what was I going to do? - spend it with my OH who will not be there when I retire. Some think they have endless time but you never know, and I sometimes feel that I may be fortunate that I've been forced not to take time for granted but to make the most of us now. That's not to say we wouldn't like longer of course!

A doctor who treats you like intelligent adults and with whom you can have a dialogue is worth so much. After all who's health is it?

christinelaennec said...

I'm so pleased things are turning up and looking up. Enjoy every minute of your mushroom sewing, and I do hope FL slowly feels a bit better. It's sad to read about other people's reactions to an age gap. If people aren't wanting your happiness, then to **** with their opinions. As you say, how many people are alone - and at all ages!

christinelaennec said...

I keep meaning to say, I hope The (Burned) Girl is all better now.