Sunday, October 02, 2011

FO: Colette Ginger Skirt in Teal Wool

Where did that sunshine go?  This weekend we were plunged into autumn with heavy rain, thick mists and fallen leaves.

Just the weather for some winter-weight sewing!

This is my second make of the Colette Ginger skirt.  This time I sewed the View 2 waistband, and cut it on the bias as for View 3. 


Colette Ginger in Size 2 with 12mm seams.

Less than 90cm of 150cm-wide pure wool, which has a slightly felted texture, from Mandors of Glasgow, £17.09
Toning dotty lining for 99p!
One "invisible" zip (which isn't)
Stretch lace seam binding for the bottom hem.

 The sewing:

All went well with my first sewing session, despite having to squeeze it out of less fabric than planned.

I left it to hang for a week in case the bias dropped, but I don't think it moved much.

I returned to it today, with the top layer of waistband, zip, back seam and hem still to stitch.  The zip was looking fine until I tried to turn the waistband, and then it all went a bit lumpy at the centre back.

Which is a real shame, because it is looking pretty sharp at the front.

I suspect I will be wearing a cardigan most of the time when it's cold enough to wear a wool skirt, so it's not the end of the world.
 You can see here how the waistband sticks out at the top of the zip:  nothing I do makes it lie flat.

I think I need to learn how to insert an invisible zip properly.  This is not pretty.  Sigh.

I used stretch lace to bind the hem, so that I didn't need to turn it up too far.  This skirt is pretty short in a size 2 - beware tall ladies!


Well, it's not perfect but I can tell it is going to be a cold-weather work-wear staple.

It's a great colour to wear with browns or greys or reds or... mustard?  Yeah, I think it would look great with mustard!

I really love the shape of this skirt - it is fitted and yet it has a little bit of swishymovement.  There will be more Gingers in my life, definitely!


Kestrel said...

So pretty, the colour looks great with browns too, I love that combination.

Re the invisible zip, I've been using the tutorial on the Colette Patterns blog the last times I've done one. Ironing the zip to make sure you can sew closer to the teeth was a revelation to me. Don't know if this would have helped with your problem here though - personally it's always the bottom of my zips which look crap! :)

Jane said...

It's difficult to believe we live in the same country - it's been sub-tropical in London!
I think your skirt looks great and agree it would look fab with browns, greys, reds and definitely mustard! I predict lots of wearings. x

Melizza said...

It looks so luch. I definitely would rock it with some mustard. Playing with color is fun and must be done when the weather will soon turn cold and gray.

Annie said...

Great skirt ... and that is a lovely colour :D

Lorna said...

Short? No it's just the perfect length. Love it Roo. (And I think I have those tights too. lol)

Carolyn said...

This is great skirt, it looks fabulous on you! You are so right about that wonderful colour; brown, grey, red or mustard... perfection! I can see it with a lovely oversized ivory cable knit jumper too... I know you are a wonderful knitter ;)
Thank you for your kind comment too :)

Alessa said...

Oooh, I love the color! I can totally see it with reds or yellows or blues... And it's got dotty insides and lace! I'd love to see the inside. :) It's a really great skirt!

Did you use an invisible zipper foot for the zipper? It really does make all the difference, I tried one with a regular zipper foot and it turned out... well, so-so, and then bought one of these little plastic, one-fits-all feet and used the Colette tutorial and voila - instant invisible zip! :)

Scruffybadger said...

What a great warmer skirt. It's a great match of style and cosy fabric, and teal is one of my colours this winter. Purple and teal- I can see it with your knit top too. Lovely. Now trouble is I'm avoiding the ginger, like I remember you saying, it's an a line skirt, I have a line skirt patterns. I suppose I should get on and make one up to prove it then, as opposed to trying not to be tempted. Not easy though when you and so many others flaunt such wonders !!

shivani said...

love it! it's inspired me to revisit this pattern and sort out the fitting issues I had when I first gave it a go. it looks so cosy in the wool.

also, love your boots! x

Lizzi said...

I think this is a lovely skirt and really suits you - the whole outfit is great. Nice one!

The Foggy Knitter said...

That's a great skirt and I'm not just saying that because it's my favourite colour! It really does suit you, enjoy wearing it :)

christinelaennec said...

That's a beautiful skirt! I love the colour. I wish you many happy autumn days, and indeed winter and spring days, in it!

Joy said...

Such a pretty skirt! It's a cheerful color to go with the autumnal browns.