Wednesday, October 12, 2011

FO: Colette Ginger skirt with added Mushroomz

Colette Ginger:  the skirt of my dreams!

Pattern:  Colette Ginger, View 3, cut on the bias, in size 2.
Fabric:  Kokka Trefle mushroom print heavy cotton / linen mix from Raystitch, one metre...
with inner waistband cut from plain purple cotton because one metre is not enough!
Lining:  Black with white polka dots, from favourite Fabrics at eeebaaay, leftover from my Japanese pattern jacket.
Other notions:  Purple gingham bias binding to face the hem and to highlight my hook-and-eye feature waistband (ahem!);  one damaged invisible zip.


 "Can we go for a walk now?

I've been very patient, while you fiddled about with that stupid zip.

And I don't know why you needed to sew 5 hooks and eyes onto the waistband, or put gingham bias binding on the inside of the hem, where you can't even see it.

Look - your wellies are by the door, and the sun is shining. 

We could go and look for some real mushrooms in the top woods.

And I might see some rabbits.

Or even deer!"

 I love the shape of the Ginger skirt.

It is so much more than a simple a-line.  The back seam curves in as it reaches that high waist, emphasising the small of your back.  And the bias version flips out towards the hem, for added movement.

Do you see how it curves at the bottom?

I wore it with my new vintage blouse from Love Alexandra.  You can't really see, but it is a kind of broderie anglaise at the front, with swirling lacey eyelets, and plain white cotton with buttons on the back.

I dug out my granny's purple glass and brass necklace.

And my lovely vintage cashmere cardigan from Gabrielle.

Yellow wellies... well, because I had to trudge across two nine-acre fields to get here!

If you look through the trees, there was indeed a family of deer browsing in the late afternoon sunshine...


ashley0107 said...

I love it!! The hook and eyes look great too, excellent fix :)
The shaping is really lovely, I'd never noticed how it curves in at the back. It's really flattering :)
And I love your wellie boots, and your lovely doggie!
Ashley x

Annie said...

Great skirt ... and very different in that fabric. A real one off, I love it! And the yellow wellies ;D

christinelaennec said...

What a beautiful and original skirt - especially the cunning gingham hook and eye closure! Glad to see you finally have your feet in something yellow as well ;-) Great photos of your surroundings, pooch, and wildlife too.

Melizza said...

How cute are you?! That look ('shrommy skirt and bright wellies) just screams 'walk in the woods'. I love it.

Great improvising on the zip. I messed up my zip on the first Ginger I made and use a hook and eye, too. But mine doesn't look nearly as nifty and pretty as yours.

StephC said...

Cute! Love it, and the gingham/hooks looks so cool.

Pretty deer, too.

Scruffybadger said...

It's so cool! I adore it. The colours are beautiful too. Now such a clever fix using corset tape ( matching hem tape- perfect!) and just to say that subsequent to your reply last post a ginger is on its way to me. I couldn't resist before, but am so glad to be joining you now!!

Sølvi said...

Ooo, that hooks and eyes closing turned out perfect! Your skirt is so lovely, as are your surroundings.

Jane said...

It's truly lovely, as re your wellies. Hhhmm, may have to make a bias version next, the shape of it is so flattering. x

Minnado said...

It is gorgeous, and well done for getting it out of one metre! I like the hook and eye solution. Great photo. Love the wellies too.

faeriecollege said...

You've done a super job with your zipper fix, really. Mum just asked if you'd done it on purpose, it's that good!

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

It's fabulous! I love the hook and eye fix.

Gabrielle said...

Hurray - skirt and cardi! I'll show the Fella when he gets in from work tonight. Gx

daisydonut said...

I love your hook and eye fix it looks great, and you're sorely tempting me into getting a ginger skirt pattern!

Must step away from the computer now and NOT go googling UK sellers of Colette patterns!

tim's wife said...

I agree Roo, the shape of this skirt is just right. Very nice.

Big Alice said...

Oh, that is a cute skirt! I love all the details - the bias is a nice touch. Hmmm, might have to make one of those for myself.