Friday, October 14, 2011

The Geese are Gathering, the Dust is Not

Every year, thousands (yes, really) of geese gather at the foot of the valley, preparing for their flight south.  It is a sure sign that winter is on its way.  Ignore it at your peril!  And every year I try to take photographs of the shrieking, squawking multitude as they settle on the fields, only to rise up again in swooping sweeping skeins when disturbed by a cow, a tractor, a photographer.  One day I will succeed!
For now, you will have to settle for a grey blur, centre left.  This is just a tiny percentage of the flock.
Goodbye summer!

So... the weather is on the turn, and I needed to perform the Great Wardrobe Switchover.   I approached the task with trepidation this year, because I remember being ruthless when I packed my clothes away in spring!

Moth Quarantine
Actually, it wasn't so bad.  I definitely have some skirts:  3 lined wool, 2 cord (1 lined), 3 lined cotton and 2 unlined mediumweight.  Trousers?  Hmmm.

My ten-year-old cotton velvet jeans are on the washing line in disgrace after I found a moth larva in them - aargh!

My navy Eva Dress trousers are still in the wardrobe but I have my doubts about their warmth.  My black Audreys are still in there and I think they will be OK until it gets really cold.

 But I definitely need to get on with sewing more warm trousers:  Betsey Johnson flares are cut and ready to sew, and I have aubergine stretch wool for another pair of Audreys.

I have my denim Lisette for layering at home, and  one work-friendly Brora 40's-style dress - woo hoo!
The Remains of the Day
Tops?  Oh my.  Not so much.  But I knew this.

I was relieved / delighted to discover two Boden polo-neck sweaters I had forgotten about, in navy and black.  Unfortunately, having hung them in the sunshine to drop their creases, there was a definite bad smell...  I will try washing them again, but I suspect they will have to go.  This was why I threw out my thermal vests.  Eau de nervous sweat - lovely, Roo!

I am keeping out my two Sencha blouses, South Riding and my new vintage white blouse to wear layered with a warm cardigan, of which I have seven:  Central Park Hoodie, Manon, Audrey-in-Unst, two shop-bought (as seen in all the self-stitched challenges), and my two green vintage cardis from Gabrielle - hooray!  And I have my two self-drafted tees. But there is a definite absence of long-sleeved tops / thermal layers.  I have one brown long-sleeved tee.  I have nothing resembling a crew neck sweater.
In the coat / jacket line, I have two tailored work-appropriate jackets, my home-made heavy wool coat, and the Dog Walking Coat of Doom which I have been wearing all summer - tsk!  My home-made coat is out on the washing line to blow away the cobwebs.  I need to wear it more often, instead of the Dog Coat.  But I still want to make a smart wool coat from my vintage Betsey Johnson pattern.
Call me Imelda
And footwear?  I put away my toes-out sandals and my silk sneakers.

Other than wellies and my red patent DMs, I have:  my brown vintage cowboy boots, towering tan wedges and black Camper lace-up heels. 

My two-tone brogues don't like the rain.  My embroidered Kickers pumps are being worn to death right now and are no good in the cold.

Yes, I must stop prevaricating and buy something practical for winter workwear.
Black leather chelsea boots?  Dunno.

What I definitely do NOT lack is woolly shawls ... which must be why I have two more on the needles.  Some people never learn!


Twelfthknit said...

I know they aren't sexy, but buy yourself soem long johns for under your trousers. I am miserable in the winter because I really feel the cold but thermals help a huge amount. Trust me on this :0)

Urban Rustic said...

I have recently completed my seasonal wardrobe switch over too and it was quite satisfying on the whole as I had a good clear out at the same time.I think I am a bit of an Imelda too!

Minnado said...

This rang true with me - I have recently packed up my summer clothes and lots of clothes I won't be able to squeeze into for a long time. I am lacking warm winter trousers that will fit over my bump and a warm jumper. Also missing are winter pyjamas and thermal vests. Did find my lilac thermal longjohns and thermal socks though! They seem ridiculous now but they are so great come January. I spotted a large flock of geese yesterday and frustratingly was on my own with no one to show it to! Have a great weekend

Sigrid said...

There is something so sad about packing up the summer clothes. We have long winters and my cold weather clothes get a lot of wear, so I am often not so happy to see them again. I have pulled the transition to winter stuff out of the attic, but I can't bear to get out the woolen long underwear yet.

Big Alice said...

I've been listening to flocks of geese flying overhead recently as well. We have a permanent flock that decided they liked it here and they were just going to stay, and they have made a great nuisance of themselves.
I adore those cowboy boots. I have my sensible big black winter boots but nothing so stylish.

Scruffybadger said...

I lOve the geese - but not what they indicate!! I also recently swapped my wardrobe and found it so depressing. There is a post of mine brewing, but away went colour and pretties and out came far too much black, not very many long sleeves, as you also notice. I was actually shocked how much was packed away and how little there was to replace it with. On the bright side that means I have lots of gaps to fill with sewing .....I wish I had as many woollies as you ... And shawls....... They do say " accessorise, accessorise, accessorise" and I'd say shoes and shawls come into that category. :-)

christinelaennec said...

I did the Switchover last weekend, and mostly marvelled at how few of my summer clothes I had actually worn over the "summer"! For eau de perspiration, try applying white vinegar before washing (but test on the inside of a hem first). My sister has raised two stepsons to adulthood and swears by white vinegar to remove the smell of sweat.

I think one can never have too many shawls, myself. If I'm at home during the day in the winter (i.e. trying not to put the heat on), I usually look like the sheep out of Through the Looking-glass, completely swaddled in shawls!

And I love your beautiful photo of the geese. I've never seen that many landing in a field. I can't imagine what it must be like if that's just a small number of the total! Do keep trying to capture them for us.

Sandy said...

It'd be nice to have a shot from someone who is where the geese are going! I remember the 'switch-over" from years past, but now I live in a place where the temperatures are steady between 68-88 F day and night and only gets cooler if it's rainy and dark or windy. Have to admit I love it. We get many of the North American birds wintering over, but not my precious Robin, the harbinger of spring for me.

Alessa said...

I also did the switchover a couple of weeks ago, keeping out a few of my lighter dresses for layering purposes. I couldn't do much sewing last winter, so I'm lacking in the warm self-stitched department quite a lot. But hey, more of an excuse to sew this time around! :)

Geese are cool, we don't get them here so much (guess they don't like the big city) but I was in Nashville around this time last year and there were tons around Centennial Park!

Roobeedoo said...

I'm still trying to sneak up on the geese, but they were startled by two deer this morning and took off and were gone before I got my camera out!

Christine - thank you so much for the white vinegar tip - I think it has worked - woo hoo!