Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Quick catch-up: mostly sewing

Zip Action:
Everyone - you are stars!  Thank you so much for all your advice on zips.  It was good to hear that this is a problem I share with others.  I will try the pencil-rubbing first...but I have a lingering suspicion that I have actually damaged the zip during the "gentle pressing" deployed to open the zip coil before sewing.  And as I have never sewn an invisible zip before, and it is now encased by the waistband, I am not entirely sure how to get at the stitching to unpick it.
So... despite my perfectionist streak saying I ought to rip it apart completely and put in a new zip, I think I am going to do something artistic to secure the top of the waistband.  It is just so neat below the waistband, I don't have the heart to destroy my careful handiwork! I rather liked Lorna's suggestion to use a frog fastening, because this would not affect the zip function if it suddenly decides to work properly.  The problem with my original plan of adding loops and buttons is that I would want to sew the loops to the inside of the waist, and have them looping out to the upper surface to reach the buttons on the outside... past the zipper teeth.  Hmmm.
Which brings me back to the idea of corset tape with hooks and eyes.  I saw this rather funky gingham tape on eeebaaay - the one on the left.

Photo credit:  ebay seller.

As I am planning to use purple gingham bias binding on the hem, I think I will shamelessly copy this idea, and stitch big black vintage hooks and eyes onto a piece of the purple tape as a decorative feature, either on the outside or the inside, depending on how much of a feature I want it to be!  This would not prevent later use of the zip if it springs into life.

Bodge job?  I deny it! ; )

I am somewhat shocked to report that FL played 9 holes of golf yesterday.  This is the man who was supposed to be taking it easy!  He says he thinks the exercise "freed his chest" and that "a little breathlessness" was good for him.  What can I say?  But he must be feeling better - he could never have attempted such madness a week ago.  That's his first golf since August.

Although he was a bit grumpy about the removal of steroids from his treatment regime, his energy level has been noticeably more even.  I would much rather he went through life in a steady 2nd / 3rd gear, instead of surging from 1st to 5th and back again, shooting himself (and me) through the metaphorical windscreen once a week!

Other Sewing:
I have cut out my Betsey Johnson pattern trousers.  They are going to be amazing!  I hope to get on with them tomorrow as I have the day off to take The Girl to the airport for a trip to see her dad (it is half-term here).

And Knitting?
I am about ten tiny rows away from the end of Betty Jean's second sleeve.  After that?  Steeking, baby, steeking!  EEK!

And shoes?
Oh heaven help me, I am totally tied up in knots thinking about office-appropriate winter footwear.  I have spent hours scouring the web for something brown and something black... only to decide I want something burgundy, and buying nothing.  What a waste of good knitting time!


Ruth said...

I don't know where the idea of pressing the zip first emerged on the blogosphere but IMO it is one of the silliest 'tutorials' ever inflicted on unsuspecting bloggers by their peers. WTH would you press PLASTIC? Either it has an effect, the plastic is remolded and you no longer have a well functioning invisible zipper. Or it has no effect so you are just wasting your time. Invisible zippers were invented to make RTW quicker to produce. So I am pretty sure that they are not carefully pressing those fiddly plastic teeth just a teensy bit flat before each machinist puts each zip in at the speed of light. Just use an invisible zipper foot and make sure you put the zipper in far enough away from the seam edge (ie closer to the cut edge of the fabric) to allow it to curl the seam edge in a little and conceal itself. Forget the pressing. Total waste of time and effort. Use your fingers to press the teeth down a little just in front of the foot and bob's your uncle!

Clare said...

On shoes... check out Top Shop's Jeeves block heeled brogues. The black ones are so 'appropriate' but still cool, modern and really comfortable! Glad to hear about FL getting out for golf - those steroids have a lot to answer for.

Scruffybadger said...

I could have sworn I'd commented on the previous post, but am in such a haze sometimes maybe it was in my head... however, I am glad that you have got some great advice & your funghi skirt is nearly an FO to be styling. I was devestated for you as the invisible zip looked AWESOME. I have only sewn one, & that one's bottom edge was not perfect...so I have still much to learn.
Shoes? I have seen some wooden heeled Art lace ups here (brogues & ankle boots) & can't get them out of my head (but sadly no money, so they will stay there)

Finally - do I really need to buy the Ginger pattern? Do I? Or should I just work with an existing A line pattern? Pray share your views .....thanks!

Alessa said...

Those corset tapes look really gorgeous, it's a great idea and would be a lovely, um, (it's-not-a-bug-it's-a-) feature. :)

Also, glad FL is feeling better. :)

Sølvi said...

I am loving the corset tape idea, I say: do it! Can´t wait to see the result! :-)

Roobeedoo said...

Ruth - interesting re the origins of invisible zips! I must admit the ironing seemed a bit dangerous at the time, but I thought "all those bloggers can't be wrong"! I live and learn.

Clare and Winnie - thanks for shoe suggestions!

Winnie - YES you need to buy Ginger. It is absolutely my "go to" skirt pattern now - it's so much more than a simple a-line, it has a bit of a bell-shape going on and the high waist is my favourite!

Alessa and Solvi - watch this space! ;)

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

In my "vast" experience of two invisible zips, I pressed the first one, and it sticks a bit in the same place as yours. I forgot to press the second one, and it zips up like a lovely big zippy thing with no sticking at all.

I used this tutorial for the first one


And I used this two-part tutorial for the second one



As for the shoes; buy the ones you like and to blazes with the colour! Life is too short to wear brown shoes (unless, of course, you want to wear brown shoes)! ;)

Scruffybadger said...

Right that does it. I think it's the idea of a bias plaid ginger that's converted me, that and your verdict. Looks like it's time to join the ginger party. Thank you Roo!!

Linda said...

Roo- I have read your blog for almost two years and have never commented. I have been praying for your FL and all mmers and their caregivers. My husband also has mm. The reason for the comment is that i think i have the shoes for you! They look like you- only prob will be if you dont like high wedges. They are burgandy- and will go with black and brown and any other color. They can be worn with pants and skirts. I am waiting to see if they go on sale.
They are from ZARA us I didnt check if available in the uk

All my best-

sarahel said...

So glad to hear that there's a bit of an upward incline on the health rollercoaster. And I'm loving your various Gingers. So much so I might have to succomb too - I like the idea of an a-line skirt that isn't quite.

Roobeedoo said...

Linda - thanks for that shoe link! Those are very fab but very high! I need to get out my tan wedges and try to wear them more often as I suspect I am actually looking for THEM!

Hee - so glad to have inspired a rash of gingers!

Trish said...

I have the exact same zipper problem with my latest jenny skirt (I didn't press it but it still had the same problem with the bulky seam). I am sorry to not have read all these great comments and suggestions before ripping mine apart, but at least I have a functioning, closing waistband--I used hook and eye closures too, though I must say my solution was nowhere near as neat as yours... maybe I'll redo one more time? Or maybe I will switch it to a fabric loop and button-closure, since I found some suitable buttons in the stash. Hmm.