Friday, October 07, 2011

Season of the Tweedy Shawl and a Baby FO

I have been having such a good time knitting Seraphine!

More and more I have come to realise that I have a bit of a fetish for sheepy wool and big textures:  cables you can get your teeth into and crunch.
At the moment I am stuck, awaiting news from the wild west on whether or not the spinner has any of their 2010 batch of grey gotland lurking at the back of the wool shed.  If need be, I am willing to adapt Seraphine to make an assymmetric shawl.  A big pin should hold her steady!

Meanwhile... I knitted a baby hat.  This is the Dear Baby Francis Hat from Irish Girlie Knits.  The pattern includes a baby sock recipe... and to be honest that was why I bought it, because they are so very cute and cabley.

 But I had this Shilasdair Luxury DK left over from the Demne Cardigan and a newborn baby to rustle up a gift for, so a hat happened.

Sleeve Two of Betty Jean has occupied my Waiting Room hours and I have high hopes for a FO in the next couple of weeks.  Honest.

All of which left me with an lingering itch for wool.  Payday came, and my yearning for a certain pair of golden shoes was tarnished by their lack of wooden heels, so I began fidgetting about, looking for another source of mustard glory in my life.  And I saw another shawl pattern, and I found some sale-price yarn... and a plan was hatched... or thatched.

My next Big Knitting Project?  Ashby by Leila Raabe, from the Brooklyn Tweed stable.

 To be knit in Rowan Scottish Tweed, in the discontinued colour Thatch, a gorgeous autumnal harvesty mustardy gold.

It is a colour that is probably not going to flatter my skin tone, but it is a colour I want to have around me.  This is a garment for home-wear round the farm.  An essential extra windproof layer.  And a piece of kntting therapy.  Delicious!

I hear there has been a foot of snow in the Cairngorms...  eek!

Picture credit:  Brooklyn Tweed

About comments:
If you are a Blogger user, please be warned that there is something going wrong with the comments feature. I can't leave a comment on other Blogger blogs using my home laptop unless I am already signed in and can't leave a comment at all from my work pc.  Not that I would ever read blogs on my work pc you understand...  But it has been very frustrating over the last couple of days.  If I normally comment on your blog and appear to be ignoring you... I'm not! 


didyoumakethat said...

That Ashby shawl looks very beautiful with lots of interesting and stimulating variation. I know you'll do a gorgeous job.

Anonymous said...

Blogger is being weird to me, too. I thought it was just because I switched to wordpress.

Looooove your knitting goodies. I think if you want a color near you, then that's the thing to do.


Annie said...

Loving the little hat, and the Ashby Shawl is gorgeous ... I could be so tempted!

Thanks for the heads up re. the Blogger comments ... I'd heard similar things and have switched to a pop up comments box on knitsofacto as the embedded comments seemed to be causing problems. I'm also told that the browser you're choosing to use can make a difference ... for what it's worth I've had no problems with Chrome.

Sigrid said...

The last couple knitting projects that I have loved used some really springy hand-spun yarn. Those sheepy yarns makes so many other yarns just seem wimpy and limp. And wow do your cables POP!

I have been having problems commenting too, partly because my 12 year old is often talking to me and saying "mom, MOM," while I distractedly try to type, he he.

Sandy said...

I switched over to Chrome and I find it does better for me too... and with my slow internet connections, Chrome ups the speed slightly as well. Hope this information is useful.

I've been knitting for the first time in quite awhile, but I'm a bit slow, nothing that Chrome can help me with.

Lizzi said...

Please tell me that you have enough 'Thatch' to finish Ashby otherwise it will be tears before bedtime. :-)

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Hope you manage to get enough yarn to finish Seraphine! Ashby is gorgeous, I love the edging. I thought the problems on blogger were just me!

christinelaennec said...

Sometimes when you need a colour, it makes no difference if it "goes" with your own skin tones! I'm so pleased you've found Thatch - that shawl pattern is beautiful. And the baby hat too! Hope you're having a very enjoyable weekend with plenty of stitching time.

Myrna said...

When I couldn't comment, the Name/URL option worked for me. That might do until you figure out what's wrong.

Happy Knitting.

Scruffybadger said...

I love seeing your knitting choices and shawls are something I hanker after - because if you!! I believe we are always drawn to colours for a reason and you'll work it so that it will suit you fabulously!!

Susie Hemingway said...

Adore this shawl and the colour. I am having problem leaving comments on quite a few blogs have had to go back and re- register.

It is getting chilly here in the Lincs wolds now, the farmers say snow by the end of the month!!!
Do hope all is well.

Susie Hemingway said...

PS Keeping all positive thoughts going for FL and pray he is feeling much better after the lung infection. x