Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wilma, or the Perils of Web-based translation...

"When planning a "D" in the part number is designed to be worn as a mini dress.

(Clarity of the time of sale in favor of "C" has been moved to No.)
I originally designed as lounge wear,
The article "garbled", an interesting pattern.

Bottlenecks and cut out, point by floating with a patch pocket.
Use a simple apology underlined finger hole sleeve.
Therefore, it is also twisted sleeve design point is underlined.
Collar is just a simple apology wraps
Slap on the back facing the stitch.
Length comfortably sit in cover, winter warmth.

Material has a relatively firm is facing second-knit place.
Fleece, wool knit compression, such as fleece.
Epidemic "can also Fuwa," as well as material, the design would fit.

I saw cute toile collar Guriwohasamidejokijoki off,
Collar B (de scoop neck) also put information on line.
When you arrange short sleeves, also make like a big T.

Deliberately dropped shoulders, and your cute tank top to show patterns.
If you are concerned about the visible bra straps,
Please pull back slightly inside the shoulder line.
(Personally, a little too stuffed collar,
I think I have devised an inner nice)"
This is Wilma.
You can buy the pattern here.
Photo credits:  Tamanegi-kobo


Sølvi said...

Hahaha. That´s too funny! :-) But Wilma is surely one good-looking dress!

Annie said...

Perhaps the inner nice is to compensate for the epidemic? And does the slap on the back come before or after the apology? Wilma, you are clearly an 'interesting' girl to know ;D

Sigrid said...

There is some wisdom here that one does not usually find in sewing patterns eg. "Use a simple apology." But I can most relate to, "Slap on the back facing the stitch." This seems to hint at some of the deeper aspects of sewing.

Ruth said...

Wilma could teach Burda a lot.

phnip said...

Hilarious! I recently made some baby shoes and the only bit of the web based translation I DID understand was to cut the fabric "in the condition of an old person's teeth".
Thank goodness for step-by-step photos.
I'm loving Wilma, whatever language she speaks.

Joy said...

Now, I want to see what happens when you actually follow the instructions!

Scruffybadger said...

Fabulous, or should I say " inner nice". Great pattern - are you taking the gauntlet?

christinelaennec said...

Oh me! So good to have a real laugh. I agree with Sigrid, there is some wisdom here. Lots of inner nice still in me after reading this.

faeriecollege said...

Laugh. Out. Loud. Funny. Absolutely hysterical. With those instructions it can only go really well.

Nadine Urquhart said...

I absolutely love this dress, but I couldn't even decipher the website, so there's not hope for me with those instructions!

I'm sure we all agree, that we can't wait for you to make Wilma, so you can put together step-by-step instructions for us... hahaha!

Good luck!

Roobeedoo said...

language really is a barrier to me buying this pattern, never mind making the dress. However... it really is very cute, isn't it? maybe I could use the description to draft my own version - I mean the description is pretty clear isn't it?!

feresaknit said...

I think it may have been easier to understand in the original Japanese! :D