Saturday, November 12, 2011

FO: Another Weekend Hat, the Greenery Beret

Excuse tortured expression - my photographer was getting shaky!
I am on a hat-knitting roll right now!

This is the Greenery Beret from Weekend Hats, which was a very quick knit, though not an easy one.

"Knit 4 together" is much more easily said than done, let alone "yarn over, slip one, knit three together, pass the slipped stitch over" when your stitches are at the end of a slippery blunt-ended dpn.

How many times do you reckon I passed the yarn-over over, instead of the slipped stitch...? Or dropped the whole lot off the needle? Yeah.  Choose your needles with care!  A circular needle would have been sensible, but I didn't have one small enough.

This hat is peppered with mistakes.  I know this because I had to do some... fudging (see reference to yarnovers above).  But even though I know that to be a fact, I can't spot the errors - bargain!

I used a leftover skein of handpainted dk wool from Uruguay.  I used it to knit my Pioneer top.  It is soft and pretty with amazing yardage.  I had 50g of yarn left in the ball even after knitting this hat.  It might be enough to knit another one! This one is a gift. 

Before blocking, this was a fairly close-to-the head tam and you couldn't really see the fan pattern.  After a soak in wool wash and a few days stretched over a dinner plate, we have an actual lacey beret-shaped hat!  I love the way the decreases were worked into the pattern on the crown  - like a kaleidoscope!

This pattern would be amazing in a self-striping Noro-type yarn :D

So what's next?
You don't think I've stopped knitting hats do you?

I am already deeply engrossed in the Topiary Beanie, also from Weekend Hats.  I am working to a deadline on this one, with a friend's birthday looming at the end of the week.  I was going to gift her a pair of socks but realised I was more likely to run out of time on a sock project than a hat.

Only having one head helps.


ashley0107 said...

Ooh, its gorgeous!! Such a pretty pattern, and the perfect yarn :)
Ashley x

Sadie said...

Pretty hat!

I am a confirmed Magic Looper, much easier than facing around with dpns.

Lynne said...

That's gorgeous!! I also love the yarn and the colour. I LOVE knitting hats, I fear it's an addiction! I may have to have a look at Weekend Hats...

Scruffybadger said...

Another wonderful hat! How will you be able to part with it? I've been catching up on blog reading after a week or so of abstinence and send big hugs for all you are going through. I love the idea of the besty velvet collar Xmas lunch outfit. I think something that special is called for! X

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I've been resisting, but I am dangerously close to buying that book! Love this hat :D

christinelaennec said...

A gorgeous hat that lives up to its name. You are obviously such a pro because any "mistakes" are invisible!

StephC said...

I love this, you do such pretty pretty work. Well done. :)

I wonder how this would look in a finer yarn with larger needles... Snood-like perhaps?

Paula said...

How about wood needles &or maybe lace needles? Do it in the round(magic loop)..or not depending on the pattern? It turned out beautifully despite your troubles.

Alessa said...

Pretty! The color is wonderful and the lace pattern is a beauty!

faeriecollege said...

Another stunner, mistakes or not! Go Roo!

sarahel said...

I'm all for hat gift knitting, but this is so lovely I might be tempted to keep it.