Saturday, November 05, 2011

FO: A Weekend Hat ( Leaves Long Beanie)

This week's Waiting Room entertainment is brought to you by Weekend Hats:  25 Knitted Caps, Berets, Cloches and More. (You can see a Preview and Table of Contents on that page.)

I came across this book in the News Section of the new UK knitting magazine, Knit Now.  Mooncalf wrote about Knit Now yesterday and I totally concur with her assessment, right down to the need to knit the Forest Gloves!  Read her review here.

Back to Weekend Hats...  it is fab!  I want to knit almost everything in this book, and that doesn't happen often.  I particularly like the Wanderer Cap (which is by Jared Flood but looks like a Stephen West design) and the Greenery Beret (by Melissa Labarre).

But I had this stunning blue PoshYarn superwash merino aranweight in the stash which I wanted to use for a Christmas hat for a shocking-pink-haired girl.  The Leaves Long Beanie pattern calls for worsted weight (same as aran) so the decision made itself.
It was a quick and easy knit.  The only thing I changed was that I added a tassel :D

I was slightly worried that it was looking too staid for its intended recipient. It wasn't slouchy enough to call a rasta hat or fitted enough to call a beanie, so was treading an uneasy middle ground.

I suddenly remembered a favourite hat from my childhood which had this plait and tassel feature.  I loved to skip along feeling the plait bounce off my shoulder!
Some members of my household suspect that I do not intend to give this hat away.  But Christmas is fast approaching so now is not the time to be selfish!
And I take my hat off to people who take the photographs for headwear-knitting books.

It is so hard to get the pictures to show the colour, the shape and the fit in a flattering light!

I was not helped by our fabulous new windows.  You can see through them!  The wind no longer whistles through the cracks in the glass!  But... gone are my lovely (grubby) white gloss-painted window-ledges!  Now I am surrounded by unfinished plywood and I have no curtain-poles in my bedroom - eek!

Now I need to factor in the whole diy / painting palaver to my pre-Christmas weekend crafting schedule - ugh!  This was definitely not part of my plan.  Maybe I will wait til The Boy comes home for Christmas to help me - now that really IS a good plan!

Meanwhile, I'm off to knit more hats!

P.S. I am rather enjoying seeing the stars from my bed at night.  And getting up with the birds certainly frees up more knitting time!


christinelaennec said...

That is a very lovely hat and suits you so well that I think you should keep it, or at least make another just like it for yourself. The plait/tassle is fab!

Your new windows will be worth all the hassle. And I think your plan of getting help from returning children with the painting sounds excellent.

Tanit-Isis said...

Cute! I have a similar cap (we would call it a toque, although a proper toque has a fold-up edge) my mom knitted me when I was, oh, five or so, that my daughter now wears with great glee. (I think she looks way cooler in it than I ever did, anyway). I think that blue yarn will set off the pink hair wonderfully. :)

Scruffybadger said...

Oo lovely- colour blue is wonderful. I like the tassel cord too. Is there a danger with knitting that you end up with a drawer overflowing with hats and scarfs? Maybe that's why I see so many knitting socks? Or is hat knitting something that increases per Christmas? Just interested as I can certainly predict too many hats in my drawer, especially if I had such a book of lovely hats!

Roobeedoo said...

Dear Scruffy - absolutely, that is a major danger! Christmas is my excuse to indulge in a series of instant-gratification projects: hats, scarves, gloves... and somehow I have to give them away when I have finished!

mooncalf said...

ooh great minds think alike etc etc :)

I'm interested to see how you get on with this book. I love hats and if my current garment-knitting plans work out (what are the chances?) I'll have quite a few leftovers to destash.