Monday, November 21, 2011

Old Splurgey MacSplurgepants

from Swedish Elle via The Needle Diaries
First of all:  SO many comments!  Thank you so much to everyone for all your lovely hat compliments and votes of confidence on the aging process.

I definitely like the idea of going silver instead of grey - thanks to DaisyDonut for that one!

I have been knitting such a lot recently that there has been no time for sewing, but there are a gazillion projects buzzing around my brain.  The navy dress with a white collar is top of the list.  Especially after I saw this image (left) over on The Needle Diaries blog.  Ooooh!  I bet you it is the work of that Vuitton chap again!

Since my son left home, we have experienced a conspicuous drop in our electricity consumption.  As I pay a set monthly sum to cover our energy costs in advance,  I had started to build up a sizeable credit on my account.  The electricity company was happy to let me leave it there, but why should they get the benefit of my money?  So I requested a refund of the excess - woo hoo!  I popped most of it into my savings account, but as it was my birthday, I had a bit of a fabric splurge at Croft Mill. :D

May I present: The Investment in My Future Wardrobe, 2011-12 Edition?

There WILL be a Betsey Johnson coat.
There will be a Betsey Johnson dress.
There will be MORE Betsey Johnson trousers.
There will be something practical for everyday work-wear... and there will be something fabulous that I will probably never wear!

Can I suggest that you avoid CroftMill for the foreseeable future unless you are in the market for serious fabric-buying?  They have got some amazing stuff right now.  I am still not sure how I escaped without a couple of metres of sequin-embroidered, quilted-back fake fur. 

Especially since I spotted this Betsey Johnson (who else?!) pattern  over on Etsy!

A cardigan with fake-furry body or sleeves?

Errr maybe not... ; )


shivani said...

What a treat - looking forward to seeing the new wardrobe!

Oh how I wish I hadn't clicked through to CroftMill.

Suzy said...

I look forward to see your new projects! Do you have an email address I can contact you directly? I have a little request for you. I tried looking on your profile but couldn't find anything. Or email me it at suzysewingblog[at]yahoo].[co].[uk] If you rather not, I'll understand.

christinelaennec said...

Oh I'm so happy for you! (Now that I've finished laughing at the post title.) Enjoy every minute of your electricity-inspired splurge.

Scruffybadger said...

Ooh I am loOking forward to seeing your winter collection. I saw coco before Chanel at the weekend, speaking of white collared "orphan" dress. By the way I'm sorry I wasn't able to say happy birthday on your special day. I had some strange blogger error with its own reference number! But a day late hope you enjoyed recognising your inner ( and never to disappear) youth by seeing twilight. I like the " silver" description as well, having never been tempted by the dye bottle for the past decade(s). Worst thing in my mind is a silver stripe at hair parting! The fear of that had allowed me to accept the lesser evil that is lightening hair. By the way I too am tempted at croft mill - the flannel is mucho tempting for Xmas pj pressies!

Lynne said...

Lol!! Love the title of the post! What a great windfall, and a great way to spend it. :) said...

I know I am a little bit late...sorry....but "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"!Sounds as though you had a lovely birthday and how nice to be so wonderfully spoilt! What great presents. I can't wait to see your new winter wardrobe! :-)

faeriecollege said...

Croft Mill is eeeviiiil, EEEVIIIIL I say. So many pretty things. That said, I hope you enjoy your purchases :D

Alessa said...

Ah fabric shopping. What happiness. :) That dress is lovely!