Sunday, November 06, 2011

So Much Knitting

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm for Betty Jean.  She is deeply flattered, but is lying down with a cold compress on her fevered brow, so can't come to the blog right now ; )
As you may have gathered, I am having a Major Knitting Moment.

Greenery Beret
There are so many new inspiring knitting pattern books and magazines coming out at the moment.

Weekend Hats
I already showed you my Leaves Long Beanie.

This weekend's project is the Greenery Beret.  I happened to have exactly the right colour of dk wool in the stash, leftover from making my Pioneer top.  Destiny!  I have knitted one pattern repeat, and although I know I won't finish the hat today, it will certainly be this week.

Skein Queen
My first Skein Queen club package arrived and ... oh gosh, oh wow... it is perfectly in tune with my preferences!  I opted for the semi-solid option and it is a rich deep turquoise, overlaid with a warm chocolate brown.  The base is an alpaca and silk sportweight.

It would make a lovely slouchy-styled hat, if I can resist saving it for yet another shawl.

I have a very good feeling about this yarn club!  The accompanying recommended read is "When God Was a Rabbit" and my local library reserved it for me within the week :)

A Stitch In Time Volume Two

Has arrived.

It is immensely huge.
I love some things while others... others are not to my taste.  At all.  But there is more than enough love to outweigh the scary-looking garments.

"Scary?"  Well, this may be a controversial comment, but I don't think that all the patterns survived the grading process.  Those teeny tiny skinny 40's ladies looked amazing in those delicate garments, but scaled up to thicker yarn to fit larger ladies, I think that in some cases there has been a loss of design integrity.

Scaled up, there is an element of "fancy-dress" about some of these patterns, rather than the wearable reproduction of a garment for a larger size.  Something has been lost in translation.
But there is still plenty in this book to excite me!

So you can expect to see more knits appearing on this blog. 

And if not, I need to be challenged at dawn, because it is definitely not enough just to look at the pretty pictures!


ashley0107 said...

Ooh, I can't wait to see your greenery beret! I want to the book just for that pattern! Although of course, there are plenty of other gorgeous hats in it. But the greenery beret was the one I saw first :)
I've been mostly knitting for xmas, so sewing has taken a back seat. Plus when its cold outside, knitting just seems cosier :)
Ashley x

Sadie said...

I do agree that some of the Stitch In Time patterns just aren't things I could see anyone wearing now unless they were going for a full-on vintage look (the little checked jacket and hat you've included a picture of is a prime example!) but there are lots of very lovely things there - I feel spoilt for choice!

didyoumakethat said...

Interesting comments about scaling up. When I went to see Debbie Bliss talk she was really interesting on the topic of scaling up patterns. She was quite adamant that you can't just make a knitted item bigger, and bigger and bigger because then something is lost and you end up with a deeply unflattering and boxy object. She was a big fan of the ease in knitting and that often things don't just need to be scaled up, up, up!

Paula said...

I'm hearing more & more about this stitch in time sounds intriguing. Love the hats by the ways.

Alessa said...

Both the green and teal wool are so pretty! Happy knitting!

Urban Rustic said...

I have just received my copy of Stitch in Time vol 2 and I must say I was not that bowled over by it and agree with your comments.I think there are only two of the patterns I want to attempt out of this one so a in all not really worth the expense of buying the book.Still making from the first volume though.

Minnado said...

I love the green beret and the teal wool looks lovely too. Maybe some of those Stitch in Time pictures are styled in such a particular way they could still be okay once made up? Does that make any sense?

christinelaennec said...

How interesting to have a peek into the Stitch In Time vol. 2; and your wools are mouth-watering!

faeriecollege said...

You appreciate that YOU ARE a teeny tiny skinny little lady, and needn't worry about pattern grading, don't you?

But I agree. I haven't got my copy yet, but the previews all look a bit... costume-y. But I'll love it anyway, I'm sure.

Sarah said...

ha! I did a similar excited blog post when mine arrived! No klingon style green pointy shoulder jumpers in this volume :-)