Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2011: A Year in Stitches

Ginger 1 with Portfoilio blouse

Ginger 2

 It’s that time of year, when sewing bloggers start trawling their archives to count up the Finished Objects. In 2010, I didn’t prepare an Annual Report , which surprises me. Instead, I told you what my plans were for 2011. And did I stick to them? Nope!

But 2011 was an incredibly prolific sewing year and, at the risk of blowing my own trumpet, it was the year in which I identified “my style”. Crikey!

In 2011 I sewed: 5 skirts (3 of them were Gingers); 5 pairs of trousers (4 wide-legged and 1 narrow), 10 tops (including 2 fails) and all 3 views of the Lisette Portfolio dress / tunic / blouse. Hidden in there is my first self-drafted pattern for a pleat-neck tee, and successful sewing of jersey fabrics – woo hoo!
From the sublime...

...to the ridiculous!
Ginger 3

Lisette portfolio tunic

 Right now, it is hard to remember a time when my wardrobe was not dominated by wide-legged trousers, vintage blouses, Ginger skirts and Lisette Portfolio for home-wear!
In the world of knitting, my resolution to knit a pair of socks every month fell by the wayside pretty early on. I managed 4.5 pairs. If I try, I might manage that tenth single sock by the end of the year! But my big knitting accomplishments were finishing Audrey-in-Unst and Betty Jean McNeil: two fingering-weight cardigans in one year! (OK, so most of Audrey happened in 2010 – give me a break will you!)

And latterly I became obsessed by Weekend Hats, knitting 5 patterns from the book in quick succession. There was also a Man-Shawl, a baby cardigan, a huge cowl… and a tea cosy! And I crocheted a very cute pair of baby shoes.

Betty Jean McNeil

All in all, I am amazed by how much I accomplished in 2011. Not just in terms of quantity, but also in learning new techniques. It was a good year!

With 11 days of the year left to play with, I am going to see if I can finish my Seraphine wrap and that elusive tenth sock. I am not going to cast on anything new. That’s the plan anyway…!


didyoumakethat said...

I think my favourites are your denim Lisette Portfolio and the Betty Jean McNeil cardigan which is just DIVINE.

mooncalf said...

Wow - you've achieved so much this year!

Next year, inspired by you and didyoumakethat, I'm hoping to do some garment-sewing of my own. I've been procrastinating too long!

Debi, Ben and Tara said...

So nice to see this recap of some of your projects! And I am SO EXCITED you are coming to the Crafter's Ceilidh!!!! YAY!!!

Scruffybadger said...

I love your style, you know that, so I don't think there's ever anything you make that doesn't spike my "I must make that antenna". If only I could knit like you. Both Audrey & Betty Jean are the most awesome knitwear I think I have ever seen. I'm in the slow process of making last minute presents & you know how selfish my sewing is, it's always hard sewing for others,& seeing your outfits makes me impatient to get back to my list!!

Btw I am gutted that I am missing out on meeting you for real. I see you as a blogger/friend & would be tickled to meet you at the Edinburgh meet up. Sadly, January is a traditionally skint month for me. But I am devastated!

Sigrid said...

I have always admired your unique style, but I think you are right: you really nailed it this year. The Betty Jean sweater with the teal Ginger might be my favorite outfit of the year. It has that perfect mix of retro colors and silhouette without feeling silly or dowdy. And those pink pants--they really make me smile.
Can't wait to see what the next year brings. Merry Christmas!

Roobeedoo said...

Scruffy - there will be another time! One of my New Year's resolutions is to get out and about a bit more, so if you don't make it north, maybe I will make it south sometime in 2012 :)

Alessa said...

I really love your Betty Jean McNeil sweater and all the Gingers! Sounds like a successful year! Happy Sewing for 2012!

Lynne said...

It's amazing to see just a selection of what you've made this year. It's all very inspiring! Betty Jean is definately my favourite. Merry Christmas!!

Kestrel said...

Gosh you've made loads! I do love both your cardigans in particular and would be happy to have such great knits in my wardrobe. And I really must try a Ginger, following all your evangalising (is that a word?) about it. Well done on a great year of making :)

faeriecollege said...

I think you're definitely right to be proud of everything you've accomplished this year. There's a lot of it, and, frankly, I'd borrow any of it in a heartbeat. Not sure about returning it though ;)

Ali said...

It's been wonderful following you this year -- the knitting projects, in particular, have been so inspiring (that Betty Jean! Swoon). But I also love how your sewing has been so personal and how you've embraced favorite patterns. I'm getting there :)

christinelaennec said...

You couldn't have planned it better - it's great to see all your beautiful self-made clothes together like that. It just goes to show that following your instincts is the best thing.

Linda C said...

Love those clothes1 I need to make myself a (some) Portfolio dresses. My daughter was saying today =what's with all the Boden cord dresses? So I explained- 1 a year, on sale, wash carefully, they last for years..But--Portfolio dresses-lots of fabrics- lots of colors-very tempting.

Ginger skirts--I love skirts!

Knits- that I need to learn to sew with.

I think I need to follow along with you---but, big question- those wide legged pants? How tall are you? I am 5'4'' or5'3''. My 13 year old grandchildren are a little taller than I, one of the 10 years olds is
catching up fast. Do I need to wear super high heels with the wide legged pants? Will boots or a wedge type heel work?


Roobeedoo said...

Linda C - I am the same height as you, i.e. not very tall at all! I think the higher waist makes my legs look longer in those wide-leg trousers. Ideally I would wear mine with platform soles, but I hemmed them for flats to ensure I wear them regularly - and I do!

tim's wife said...

You have been a busy little bee this year and I am still crazy about the cut of that Ginger 2 skirt. So flattering. Happy Christmas to you, FL, the Girl, and the Boy. Hero too!

Melizza said...

Your knits still have me swooning! I cannot wait to see what you knit in the new year. And sew. Can't forget that.

sarahel said...

Wow. It mounts up doesn't it? Very inspiring. Betty Jean is still outstanding for me - and a useful reminder that quick and easy is not always the best policy in the long run - and I'm sure BJ will be in your wardrobe for the long haul.