Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dear Santa

It is probably too late to send a letter up the chimney, but if you are still looking for presents for some of your special people, I have a couple more ideas to share.

Sleepy Owl from Ruth Robinson at Etsy
While scouring Ravelry for other Millwater cowls, I found a lovely specimen by a French knitter, Bergamote.

Best of all, she had a link to a UK-based Etsy seller of handmade ceramic brooches and buttons, Ruth Robinson.  Owls!  Whales!  Trees!

I can imagine these characters appealing to a wide age range and the neutral pallette means they would work well with so many colours.

Any of them would look great on "my" grey-green Millwater cowl (10 cables out of 17 done so far.)  I fancy a whale myself, Santa, if you are still pondering ; )
Except... I am going to have to give away my Millwater cowl!  I had not remembered "female teen cousin" in my Christmas gift list.  I think I thought we were quietly stopping that particular exchange now that she and The Boy are 19.  I was mistaken - eek!  Unless she has been lying through her teeth all these years, she is someone who appreciates hand-knits, so the cowl will be sent her way.  I should finish it this weekend.  Phew!  Don't worry - I will take a picture before I package it up!

Picture from Amazon
Something which I have already bought for someone else is a new recipe book called "Cake Angels:  Amazing gluten wheat and dairy free cakes".
Although I am fairly experienced at substituting ingredients to cope with my family's allergy to cow's milk, I know that it can be bewildering to a newbe.  The Boy's Girl has expressed a wish to learn to bake cakes, to which he added an indignant "That I can eat too!", so I was looking for a beginner-friendly book containing edible-sounding items, rather than recipes that sound like science experiments including weird expensive ingredients.  
Some recipes from the book can be found on the web:
Tempted yet?

And if you can't be bothered baking your own, and have a higher budget than me, you can mail-order Julia Thomas's ready-made cakes from her website here.

I sincerely hope that my Christmas list is now complete.

I just need to write some cards, buy some food, wrap the presents, send The Boy out to cut a Christmas Branch.... oh my!  Nowhere near ready!


Dibs said...

Don't worry you'll get there . You've got a week left, so I think that should cover you. That cake looks yummy.

Kat said...

Ooooh I just adore that owl! I am off to check out the website right now :D

Sigrid said...

The owl is lovely. My brother is a celiac too. . . hmmm he might like that cookbook. Thanks for the tips. Time is running out FAST!

Alessa said...

Ah, Christmas always comes way faster than expected... That book looks yummy, I'm sure the boy's girl will appreciate it!