Saturday, December 03, 2011

KitKattery, Betsey-fication and a Book

My Stephen West Man-Shawl for The Boy is progressing well.  The two colours of Zauberball are fading in and out in a most pleasing way.
I could probably finish it this weekend if I dedicated myself...  but I'm sure you know how it is!   I might just cast on a little something for The Girl while she is away.  I could make serious in-roads on her Christmas knit before she returns on Sunday night.  Hi Girl!  We don't read each other's blogs, remember?!

Yesterday's talk of sewing a Jasmine blouse has once again come to nothing.  There is some kind of mismatch between fabric and pattern which causes me to pull this project in and out of the cupboard on a weekly basis.  I'm just not feeling it.
Meanwhile, my daily check on Etsy for vintage Betsey Johnson patterns paid off (late) last night, with the purchase of this little number:  Butterick 4088.  THIS is the pattern to use for my teal and brown plaid fabric!  I might de-puff the sleeves, but I love the front pleats, that little stand-collar and the fact that this dress / tunic is not just a shapeless smock - it goes in and out.  Yes, I am a Betsey Johnson addict - it's official!
And this month's SkeinQueen Club yarn arrived - look away NOW if you are still waiting for your package!
This is Stormy Seas, the semi-solid option.  It is a British Falkland Merino / silk mix and has an extraordinary ability to catch the light and shift before your eyes - truly beautiful!  My picture does it no favours.
This month's Club reading inspiration is Jamrach's Menagerie by Carol Birch.  Once again my local library rose to the challenge, and book and yarn arrived together - woo hoo!
This is not a book I would ever have chosen for myself, but I have been totally swept up by the powerful story-telling. I read Part One last night:  it is an absolute riot of Dickensian characters, an all-five-senses immersion in time and place.  It has all the rush and verve of the very best of children's literature, a certain fairy-tale quality...and yet it is definitely not "childish".  I have ordered a copy for The Boy. He is not a great reader, but as a lover of Moby Dick I know he will totally "get" this book.  I will say no more for now... except "Read it!"


Twelfthknit said...

I started reading it and then....and then.... a bit like you said in your blog...I just wasn't feeling the love for it. So it is in my 'half-read' pile.

Alessa said...

Such pretty yarns... :)