Monday, December 12, 2011

The Purpose of a Stash

Every so often I participate in seasonal self-flagellation concerning the size of my stash.
Ravelry tells me that I currently have over 22 thousand metres of un-knit yarn squirrelled away for a rainy day.
But this weekend I had an epiphany of sorts:  my stash serves a purpose.  It is the repository of knitterly dreams.  OK, I am not going to knit 23 pairs of socks in the next couple of weeks, but I might manage it in a couple of years.  And rather like my collection of Great Novels, it is lovely to be able to go to a box and pull out an old favourite, settle down by the fire and become absorbed in the words or the stitches.
All of my recent knitting has been "from the stash".  I have been hammering through the stored skeins at a most satisfying rate in the approach to Christmas.
On Sunday, grumpy with the Pinkness of the Man-Shawl, I needed to knit something to make it better, pure comfort knitting.
So I reached into the top box of yarn, now serving as my bedside table, and pulled out my last 5 skeins of Rowan Cashsoft Aran from a Kemps lucky bag.  I only paid £5 for ten balls of this yarn and it has provided 3 gift-hats already!
Millwater Pattern picture from Beth Kling
This is my gift to myself:  the Millbank cowl.  I could have improvised it without paying for the pattern, but that felt sly and underhand.  This was not my idea, and I wanted to acknowledge the designer:  Beth Kling.  I am sure it could be easily "made up" from looking at the pictures and descriptions on Ravelry.  I won't criticise you if that's what you choose to do.  Just saying.
That effing enormous cable has to be an inch deep in squooshiness.  I can't wait to sink my chin into it on a snowy day!
I really wanted to buy some ridiculously expensive MadelineTosh yarn to make this.  But I had £3-cost of £15-value yarn just sitting waiting for me to notice that it was in fact perfectly good.  Fit for purpose.  Here and now.  Instant gratification.  That is the purpose of a stash.

I mentioned that FL had a headache.  It took him two days to confess that the problem is not what he first described.  It's an issue with his mouth.  His gums hurt.  His tongue hurts.  His lips hurt.  He is taking Paracetamol but eating and speaking are both painful.  He winces if I try to kiss him.
He is due to see the jaw man on Friday, so it is ironic that this should boil up just ahead of the appointment.
He has self-prescribed two vaguely-likely medicines from his own "stash":  Daktarin in case he has oral thrush, Acyclovir in case he has cold sores... but really we both know he has neither of these.
I have instructed him to visit his GP this week.  But he will probably wait until Friday.


Anonymous said...

Hello Roo! I wanted to write to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I found it because I sew, but I have a teen-age away to college daughter who knits. I have picked a couple of her Christmas presents from books/patterns you have blogged about. Thanks! (I don't get the whole "choose an identity" to leave a comment, so I went with anonymous and hope this works)

mooncalf said...

Can't wait to see your FO because

a) I have been eyeing that pattern myself
b) I got the exact same yarn in the exact same Kemps sale so I've got 10 balls of minty-green-but-i-think-they-call-it-eau-de-nil aran waiting to find a good home

Emma said...

Fabulous, squishy cowl. Lovely.

FL. Well, I know he is, as most men, hard to shove in the right direction, but a visit to the DR. would be a good idea. My DH, without FL's health issues, developed Trench Mouth after a particularly nasty bout of flu last year. He didn't lose teeth, but lost over a stone as he couldn't eat. Horse pill antibiotics were the answer, and Corsodyl mouthwash, without alcohol.
It's such a worry for you. Which has to be one of the biggest understatements I've ever made.

Annie said...

Ooh I've been eyeing up that pattern too. I shall watch with interest to see how you get on.

Every good wish to FL x

Urban Rustic said...

You have just made me feel so much better and guilt free about my "Stashes" as I am in "Thrift/Austerity" mode.Thank you.

Rubybamboo's said...

The purpose of stash...because it isn't just a collection. I love this pattern but want to make a shorter version.

Sadie said...

I think of my yarn-stash in a very similar way to my book-stash; both are very comforting and cheering things just to have around, even if I'm not going to read or knit them straight away.

On the other hand, both do have a tendency to spiral out of control very easily, and I only have a finite amount of house!

The cowl looks lovely :-)

Scruffybadger said...

It looks like a sumptious cowl to be .... Bravo on your capable stash. I'm not prolific enough to have a wool stash ( yet).... Judging by my fabric stashing it is maybe something I have to watch out for- but then as you are proving having a yarn stash allows you to be spontaneous. Sounds like a terrific bargain too!
Good luck at the doctors by the way

Anonymous said...

roo, i am so sorry about FL's mouth pain, and the worry and concern that accompanies it. perhaps a call to the dental people to alert them, say "emergency", would bump him up to get in sooner than friday. but perhaps i don't know enough of how things work across the pond. just hoping for the best for both of you, Fl to have relief of his affliction, and you to at least feel something can be done sooner than later. keep us posted, you and FL have legions of people who truly care. hugs, karen

sarahel said...

I've not spotted this pattern before - it's gorgeous. And both the colour and squashy softness of the cowl look suitably soothing, which sounds just what you may need this week. Do hope the appointment on Friday is positive.