Friday, December 30, 2011

These are NOT Resolutions

Oh go on then – let’s make a list for the New Year! A plan?  Resolutions? Hmmm… a list of intentions may be a better way of putting it.

I have some very clear ideas about what I want to achieve in 2012... and a lot of mental fog.

1. To make up my remaining vintage Betsey Johnson patterns. Me and Betsey have something special going on.
So: the coat, the dresses, the skirts? Yup – all of them.

2.  To heed the advice of the Colette Sewing Handbook and slow down a bit:  to think a bit harder and make clothes that fit a bit better.  I am too lazy and expect patterns to fit me, straight from the packet. 

3.  Not to avoid things I have to learn to do:  bound buttonholes and piping, I am looking at you!  As above, laziness and the desire for a quick fix often lead me to rush my sewing projects.
That’s the hardest bit of my plan for 2012. Everything else is just candyfloss in the wind.
4. To sew from stash. No, really. It’s essential.

Bettie's pullover, IK Winter 2011
1. To knit at least one garment from a vintage pattern.

2. To get myself in training for (1.), I want to knit Bettie's Pullover from the latest Interweave Knits. Perfect in Albayarn from the stash!

3.  To knit from said stash. I am not saying I won’t buy yarn (because I know I will), but I am giving myself permission to use my best stored-away yarn instead of saving it for the apocalypse. This should mean some socks. No point in pretending I can knit 12 pairs in one year. 6 would be amazing.

4.  To design something and knit it. Because it is crazy that I don’t.

 Life, the Universe and Everything:

1. Try to plan further ahead than one month at a time. We lurch from hospital appointment to hospital appointment and it is dragging us down. We need to plan for some fun. Even if it is just me agreeing to eat a meal out at Wetherspoons.  FL and I went there last night and it was OK.  (Note to self:  you don't live in London now Roo, so put your great restaurant expectations awayFood snob!)

2. Healthy eating. Whatever happened to vegetarian meals? Experiments with the extreme vegan cookbook destroyed my credibility and scared off the diners. But we are in a rut again. I need to get back to baking bread (and the occasional cake) and spend some time planning interesting meals with a higher percentage of vegetation.
3. Exercise. This is the big one. I have got to do it. I am seizing up. If I leave it much longer it will be too late. I lack stamina, flexibility and energy. Sigh.

4. Get out there. Anywhere. Particularly if The Girl moves to London in 2012, I will have to boot myself out of the house and make connections with Other People. And travel south occasionally. Gulp.  I am making a start on this on 21 January with the Crafter's Ceilidh - woo hoo!


Twelfthknit said...

I can't comment on your neck of the woods, but there really is amazing Scottish Cuisine to be had, Yep, really. Cuisine. ;0)

Kestrel said...

I with you on the using the stash, for fabric, wool and patterns too. I love the Bettie jumper, that will look fabulous.

Look forward to meeting you at the Crafter's Ceilidh - I did pick up a 1971 Simplicity pattern at a charity shop yesterday that I am going to bring for the purposes of swapping, and I had you in mind for it! Mind you, you probably have plenty of patterns to work through already, by the looks of things. :)

blue hands said...

Your ambitious sewing and knitting plans leave me standing. But I'm cheering you on for the getting out and having some fun plans. If Wetherspoons is what is available it is at least going out with your dear FL, the sort of opportunity for conversation that never happens at home. Also the plans to go out and about on your own. I know from my own experience of a couple of years when I was alone during the week (husband commuting, me working from home) that the less I went out, the less inclined I was to go out and it was generally only completely running out of cat food that made me leave the house. It's not a good way to live.

Urban Rustic said...

Good luck with the resolutions! They seem to be quite in tune with the way I am thinking about things at the moment.
Enjoy the Betsy Johnson's and Happy New Year!

Dibs said...

Looking forward to seeing you Roo, I am so happy you are coming. As for the new year, I've also decided to sew better things, and be more creative, doing more stuff like jewellery making, millinery and other crafts.

Jane said...

These are good intentions, definitely doable. One of my resolutions/intentions is to slow down and take more care over what I make too.
I'm absolutely gutted that I can't make the Crafter's Ceilidh, one of the biggest reasons being that I'll miss out on meeting you. So really, you HAVE to get out a bit more in 2012, preferably to London! x

Annie said...

Good luck with it all Roo, especially the making time for fun bit!

I want to knit Bettie's Pullover too but will put it off until I've dropped some weight (the side effect of steroids for the RA). That's another for my list ... shrink myself a bit! I can just picture it in Alba, perfect!

Anonymous said...

I fear the 'comfort trap'. Finding refuge in the home is instinctual but too easily draws one deeper into a rutted path, a merging of one's self with the dark shadows in the corner.

Like Odysseus's lotus eaters, the desire to return to the ship of life and adventure is extinguished.

The caretaker in my life, as children left her for school, subsumed her needs and assumed an identity defined by the mission of saving my life. As if I would die sooner without her commitment to suffer by my side. She suffered, I did not.

I'm reflecting not lecturing. You dare us to witness while you remain alert to life force connections that spark and burst in exciting, edgy and classical directions. It is a brisk wind will carry you forward, always, beyond the boundaries of the never ending beauty you watch from your fields.

Linda said...

I'm with you on the healthy eating, exercise, going out. (Can't comment on the knitting and sewing, since I can't do these).
Oh, just to update you on real-life English university offer-making - my daughter had an offer from one of her English uni choices just before Christmas: AAB in her Advanced Highers, with an A in History, for a BA History course. Meantime she's had an unconditional offer from a Scottish university for the same sort of course.

Roobeedoo said...

Linda - thanks for that update! As I suspected, Advanced Highers actually MATTER for an application to England, Time someone told the state secondary schools!

Anonymous said...

roo, some really good reolutions that i am sure will resonate with many of us MM caregivers. it's so easy putting off going out with all the medical things. when get back, we just want to put our feet up and savor the relief of being "home". also often a chore to plan ahead to meet up with friend - often we are not able to make firm plans. but just realizing there is so much more to life is a good boot in the pants to do whatever is needed to have things to look forward to. it really drags your prospective outward and upwards to be able to have a respite from all the medical rigamrole. Happy New Year to you and your First Love! hugs, karen

Maureen said...

Think I'll just say ditto to your resolutions as mine are awfully similar. I'm adding "switching off the TV and listening to the radio instead" to my list. time for less bubblegum and more engagement of the brain!

Linda C said...

Roo- I like defining it as "intentions" rather than "resolutions." I have similar issues and goals for myself.

SEWING: I have some UFOs I want to finish. If they don't work, then I'll chalk it up to practice and donate my work.. I need to work on fit for me. I do understand the laziness and desire for a quick fix desire.

I do not knit (yet) but I do have very badly neglected drawing and painting, don't know if I should say talents mor desires. It's just sitting down and working at it. I need to get back into carrying a sketch pad with me and just draw anything whenever I have to wait somewhere.

We do eat healthy and lots of veggies. My problem is I feel like I have to fix something new and different every night that we have never had before.

Exercise---score very low. There is a website called FLYLADY which recommends to start out with 15 minutes a day. You can take a timer and walk outside for 7 1/2 from you home. Then, when it rings, turn around and walk home./ Start, I say, don't sty there.

blue hands - sometimes I might give the cats our canned tuna to avoid going our.

ANONYMOUS- I love the lotus eater comparison.

These days, in addition to my natural inertia, I find I stay in maybe because of guilt. My special ed son has been depressed since February. Fr5om being someone who was involved in sports, clubs, attending dances, movies, etc., he now spends many days in bed. He is taking medicine for this but I am not sure it helps much. I stay in because he does. I guess I hope, if I am there that maybe he will get and want to go somewhere - and sometimes he does. But I need to get myself out. I need sunshine too.

I'm cutting down on my radio listening and switching to music and books on tape. Our political situation (a pox on all their houses) depresses me and is too stressful. Far better to listen to Harry Potter or Jack Aubrey or Percy Jackson.


Joy said...

"Intentions" is a good substitute for "resolutions"! Happy New Year!

jessica said...

Happy new year! I find that many of your intentions ring true with me (not Betsey Johnson unfortunately although I love seeing what you make with her patterns) - but design/knit something? Heck yeah! (although I need to stop scheming stuff in fingering weight yarn, I feel like that's just too delayed of gratification). Also, exercise needs to be ramped up around here, and Get Out There is a big one. I'm naturally shy and introverted, which makes it tough, especially since I find such comfort in activities like sewing and knitting or even cooking - which, unfortunately, also tend to keep me glued to my house. Intuitively I know that getting out and being with people is rejuvenating too, but in a different way and that it complements the creative/introverted activities ... but when it's not your natural inclination (at least its not mine) its so easy to not push yourself ...

So anyways, here's to a good 2012! And if you happen to like accountability partners (that's always helped me the most with writing, and I suspect it would help me with just about anything I'm trying to do that is out of my comfort zone) ... I'm just an email away!

Alessa said...

That's a good list! I really like the designing something to knit part. And I'm with you in the cooking and exercise department. And the working on better fit when sewing. And bound buttonholes... :)

Good luck with your resolutions and happy stitching in 2012!

Sarah said...

Love that jumper, look at the waves whoooosh. I think all resolutions are a bit punative. I think we need to be more positive ie; 1. I am a amazing knitter and will further my creativity my designing my own. 2. Continue being strong, loving, amazing and well - great 3. Equip self with further sewing skills as I should not be daunted by what I can master ;-)