Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Crafters' Ceilidh: 100% Various!

Today I was up at 6am to travel to Edinburgh for a very special gathering:  the Crafters' Ceilidh!

Please note that I used my travel time wisely to cast on my Bettie's Pullover.
The event was organised by this trio of creative ladies:  Debi, Kerry and Kristen.

We met at Frederick Street Coffee House:  bloggers and stitch-ists from as far afield as Bath and London, with a fair smattering of locals too.

Our wonderful hostesses had planned a whistle-stop tour of the best Edinburgh could offer lovers of vintage, knitting and sewing supplies.
We visited Armstrongs, Edinburgh fabrics, Mandors and The Cloth Shop.
Lets's all shake hands!
I met old friends and new.  I was absolutely delighted to finally meet Karen, Melizza and Scruffybadger.

I was really sorry that Miss Dibs couldn't make it.
Be well, missus!  We missed you!

You know how you feel like you "know" people through their blogs?
And how easy it is to chat away when everyone shares the same language of "Meringues" and "Beignets" and "Taffy"!
Isn't it clever of Colette to name their patterns like this?  "Simplicity 1234" just isn't as memorable or evocative of a sewing treat!

We had a group photo session in Princes Street gardens.

There was lots of grinning!

I am looking forward to seeing the "official" group photo by the fountain on Debi's blog:  her husband kindly offered to pander to the vanity of 22 (or so) sewing-obsessives and take over point-and-shoot duties.
And we all got a chance to view THAT coat up close - oooh!

Can I just say:  it is even more impressive in real life.

My home-made coat sighed a little sigh and flashed its red buttons in humble recognition of something rather more sophisticated!

As well as the social whirligig, I did a little shopping :)

On my list was:  skirt lining, coat lining, tailor's chalk and woven interfacing.  I got them all!

I also may have succumbed to a remnant of purple cotton velvet to make a pair of winter shorts - hee hee hee!  And 2 metres of a red and green warm plaid seersucker-ish fabric.  This is destined to be some sort of bias-cut assymetric Westwood-influenced skirt.  Listen - they made me do it! 
Believe that and you'll believe anything...

It was SUCH a great day!  Yay - I kept my Resolution to Get Out There!

Next time I will plan to stay for dinner.  I felt like a manic Cinderella as I power-walked up Leith Walk trying to get to the station in time to catch my 5.40pm train.  The perceptive among you will notice that my train ticket was for Haymarket station... which is nowhere near our final shopping destination!  I tried to catch a bus back to Princes Street, but missed the only one I saw - nooooo!  So I ended up half-jogging to Waverley station and begging the guard to let me board the train a stop too early.  They were just about to close the doors - talk about a close thing!  I nearly had to spend the night in Edinburgh after all!

P.S. "100% Various" was the fibre contents description I saw on a bolt of fabric in The Cloth Shop - I wish I had taken a photo!  It made me laugh!
The only photo of me on my camera and my eyes are shut - typical! But more to the point - look at poor Tom and Debi in the background trying to get everyone to pose together for the group picture, while the three of us were messing about swapping cameras!


Suzy said...

Sounds like you all had such a fantastic day!! I'm so gutted I couldn't make it!!

And I look forward to see your purple winter shorts :)

didyoumakethat said...

You're quick off the mark! I love you, Roobeedoo!!!! Love, love, love. It was so great to finally meet you today. Didn't we have the best time? I can't wait to see the group shot either. Am about to switch my light out and sleep the sleep of the dead. I'm zonked! NB I saw that purple velvet first hand and can confirm that it is unbelievably, perfect Roobeedoo!

Tanit-Isis said...

This sounds so amazing! I'm glad I'm not the only one who makes silly train plans for the wrong stations...

When I purchased the fabric for the winter coat I made last year, the bolt was labeled "100% Fibre"


That being said, it smells distinctly of sheep when it gets wet, so there's obviously at least some wool in there.

jessica said...

Sounds like sooooo much fun! So glad you made it out there, wish there was some way to smoosh our continents together to get to meet you in person! As a very poor substitute, I would settle for seeing those purple velvet shorts made up =). Your fabric purchases made me smile!

Dibs said...

I knew you girls would have so much fun....ohh, I can feel the pain coming back now that I am seeing pictures. I was so looking forward to meeting you. Are you making the shorts anytime soon?

Tamsin said...

Oh wow that sounds like such fun! Purple velvet shorts? Can't wait to see them! Glad you had asuch a lovely time.

Alessa said...

Awww, that sounds like so much fun! Why do all of you amazing sewing bloggers have to live in Britain of all places!

Jane said...

I'm virtually sobbing with envy reading this - I'd have so loved to have been there too. Next time eh?! Glad the day was such a success. x

Kestrel said...

Yay - glad you had a good time! It was loads of fun. It was lovely to see you and Betty Jean in person :)

And happy you made it home in spite of train tickets conspiring against you! If you email me your postal address I have a couple of things to send you...

Debi said...

OMG. Sorry you had such a near call with the train...we should have called you a taxi!!! But glad you made it in the end! It was SO LOVELY to meet you!!!! I am so happy you came down for the day!!!! And let me know if you are ever down in Edi or Glasgow again!! xoxo

Rachel said...

It was great to meet you yesterday Roobeedoo! I'm going to stay tuned for the shorts and skirt - I think they sound great!

Katherine said...

Glad it went well, my pregnant energy levels are pretty much zilch so couldn't come along but really hope to make one in the future.

Scruffybadger said...

Oh so perfect was it to finally meet you oh Roo!
I loved talking and walking to fabric shops old and new
Purple velvet shorts? How so perfectly very you ! Xxx

How did I miss witnessing that fabric buying you mention. All I saw was the tartan and I marvelled at your restraint. So glad to see you did not resist too much. Yikes re train near fiasco! But glad you made it. By the way, I flagged big time in the evening, and admit my b&b lured me back straight after eating. No staying power it seems!

Sarah said... to read your stories and hear about your wonderful projects (and see the pics). Can't wait until you make...and post photos....of the winter shorts!!

So happy you had a day away with friends. Now, back to sewing!!

Hugs from afar.....

Christine Laennec said...

(Seeing if I can get this comment posted at long last!) I'm so glad you had such a fab time - and that you managed to catch your train home. It's great to see all these photos of some familiar faces.

House of Pinheiro said...

Ruth, It was lovely to meet you, hopefully next time we can chat //xx

Sarahel said...

From all the reports of all you superstar sewing/knitting bloggers this sounds like an amazing day.

Linda said...

But if you'd missed your train you could have stayed here!
I have to admit I don't have a clue where any of the shops you visited are, not being A Knitter...