Monday, January 02, 2012

Gathering My Resources for 2012

Slowly, slowly I am waking up again.  This is what happens when you run headlong into bright sunlight:  at some point you have to open your eyes, and that's when you fall over. 

Yesterday I had a little more energy than the day before and I finished knitting a sock.  I tidied the linen cupboard (threw out scratchy threadbare towels and ancient grey pillowcases).  I finished reading "The Marriage Plot" (Yes, definitely worth it.)

Today I will paint the two small bedroom window-walls (there must be a proper word for the part I mean - the box of wood between the outer frame and the interior wall?) and order paint for the larger two.
I will measure up for curtain poles (the window fitters managed to destroy the old ones, so we are still watching the stars from bed at night).
I will order curtain header tape so that I can finally replace the charity-shop curtains I bought 7 years ago when I first moved here. 

Remember this fabric?  Purchased to make a dress, I now admit that my family was right and it will be far better as curtains.

FL and I managed a short dog-walk yesterday. 
He is immersed in his Key To All Mythologies.
Soon it will be my job to transcribe the hundreds of handwritten sheets into Word.  Gulp.

But for now I am enjoying the freedom of gentle pottering, organising, thinking.  I have the whole of this week "on holiday" at home to make my plans.  To swatch for future knitting.  To load up my online reservations list for the local library.  What a treat!

Right now, I am reading "The Years" by Virginia Woolf.  It has been on my shelf for 30 years and this is the first time I have read it, inspired by Alexandra Harris.

There is even a knitting design on the back-burner, simmering away in my head.

If only my life could always be conducted at this pace, think how much happier I would be!


didyoumakethat said...

That sounds blissful! Thanks for recommending The Marriage Plot.

Annie said...

It sounds like a wonderfully gentle way to start the New Year. Enjoy your quite time Roo :D

Clare said...

I wish you all the best for this year and hope your week off doesn't pass too quickly!

Sigrid said...

Sounds lovely. I have been wondering about that book ( I loved his first) so thanks for the recommendation.

Alessa said...

Sounds like you're having a lovely, relaxing time. :)

Scruffybadger said...

I am so envious of you! What a wonderful week ahead. I had the week off before Xmas and feverishly used it to finish making Xmas pressies with subsequent depletion of energy for me-making. I think you've got it the right way around!! By the way thank you for all your wool shopping recs- cant wait to splurge!!

LinB said...

The photo of the sun streaming through the trees onto a frosty field looks very like what I saw as I drove to work today, in central North Carolina, USA. (I am thinking that you have more frosty days than do we.) Just found your blog, and am so enchanted by your enthusiasm. I so envy your pink corduroy trousers! I have a remnant of bubble-gum pink corduroy that was going to be a dress for my adult daughter, but ... we'll see. Happy New Year.

Sandy said...

I loved the photo of the frosty fields and think the blue and white will make lovely curtains!! I am reading "A Week in December" by Sebastian Faulks - quite intense reading about the world monetary crisis and how it MIGHT have been constructed by a British fund loader... thrilling, actually.

Sandy said...

ooops, I meant to add... glad to hear you and FL are on the upward edge of the health things. I got that nasty cold over Christmas as well but am pretty much over it at long last.

Linda said...

I enjoyed 'Romantic Moderns' by Alexandra Harris, in fact must re-read it soon to follow up other books mentioned in it. Have just taken her 'Modernism on Sea' out of th e library, but discovered too late that she was only 'Ed.', and some of the articles are a bit contrived for my liking. Still, there are some nuggets.