Thursday, January 26, 2012

Half-Finnish-ed Pair

One sock down, one to go

So... half a pair

I am using the Portti Sukat charts:  3 rows of pigtailed girls, a garden of airy flowers, another 2 rows of girls.  Alternating colours underfoot with picket fences crossing the foot and leg for good measure.  Plain heels and toes.

The yarn is plain navy Online Supersocke 100 with Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in "Hula Kolili" for the colourwork.  2.5mm dpns.

For me.  My mother asked me how old I was.  I guessed about 12.


Diana said...

LOL, that's exactly what my mother would ask me. (And I'm 47.) Love em!

Stephen Greene said...

Fun warm wonderful blend of colors......ageless!

I for one am a huge fan... (Meaning I love the socks.. I'm not that big)

Urban Rustic said...

I think these are gorgeous.Why shouldn't they be for yourself...I think Mother is just jealous!

Donna said...

Oh yes, 12 is a wonderful age to be ;)

Scruffybadger said...

Ha ha! Sometimes mums bring something quite undeliberately that reinforces that mother/ daughter relationship even if the daughter is kind of full grown and 40. I still say space invaders! And fab.

Lorna A said...

Scruffybadger is right, the colours are definitely space invaders, so that makes them..... 1978. I know this because I knew someone (not me!) who spent all their wages from their Saturday job playing on a machine in the chip shop. I digress.

They are fab and officially as they are "1978" you are allowed to be 12!

tim's wife said...

Love these. Really shows off your knitting talent with all those colors. Wouldn't mind being 12 again right now. Maybe I would be whooping it up on the thrill rides in Disney next week 'stead of playing it safe with the old vertigo and icing down sore body parts at day's end. :o/