Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stripes with Everything

So... you know how I am supposed to be "knitting from stash" this year?  I said exactly the same thing in January 2008... and then on 23 January 2008 (I know, because I checked the blog!) I ordered 8 balls of self-striping sock yarn from Germany.

That was four years ago!

And this is what I did with the yarn:

Pippi Longstocking!

Colonial Rib


Undulating rib

self-striping baby

Metropole in a Sidewind

Oh -  hello!  Still in the stash, eh?
I am really pleased to see that I made good use of the yarn.  All of those socks are still going strong, despite male feet and studenty washing-machine abuse! I can therefore highly recommend the purchase of Online Supersocke yarn!

With just one ball left lurking in the stash, I was thinking it might be time to renew my supply, when I noticed that my drug dealer   supplier has some new ranges in stock - ooh!

I don't really like the sort of self-patterning yarn that tries to be fair-isle.  I prefer plain stripes.  In fact, most of all I prefer "colours with black" stripes.  That was why I signed up for rather-pricey Goth Socks Club in 2009.  Ah - that Goth Socks yarn is so pretty!  But sadly it has not survived the washing and wearing experience.  I have reserved my last skein for a special treat, to be hand-washed in lavender water ; )

So... when I saw that the gurus of hard-wearing-yet-soft-enough sock yarn had come up with a "black and..." stripe, with added aloe vera and jojoba (like FL's favourite Austermann socks), I was sold.  IT was sold!

Online Paradise Sock yarn
So much for resolutions, eh?


Kate said...

Those colours are gorgeous. :-D I like sock yarns that make stripey-stripes, too. Opal did an amazing one a few years ago that did thickish stripes of colour and I regret not stocking up at the time. :-(

Kat said...

Ooh self striping yarn...what a fantastic invention! Off to much for stash-busting...!!!

Donna said...

I LOVE striped socks!!

Annie said...

I have come to the conclusion that any resolution not to buy yarn is doomed to fail! I think all we knitters are destined for SABLE - stash acquisition beyond life expectancy - it's genetic!

Nice socks :D

Alessa said...

They look great! Hum, the last pair of socks I gave away to a male survived all of 9 days before suffering from holes. Maybe I should check out that super strong sock yarn...!

Lynne said...

Oooo!! That yarn is gorgeous, and I love all your socks.

Scruffybadger said...

Oh my word!! Stripes galore. Fabby! The name of this tempting yarn sums it up: paradise indeed.

Debi said...

Wow...look at all those things you've made...they all look so comfy. I love stripes and the new yarn looks really fun!!

Melizza said...

Amazing! Those are some lovely stripey makes. I love them!

Also, great meeting you this weekend!