Thursday, January 05, 2012

What If Knitting Ended and you missed their Last Tour?

The Girl is back home from her London-family trip.  The Boy is back in Dundee.

The Christmas Branch is on the compost heap. That's better - it feels like we are getting back to normal now!

I have almost finished FL's socks.  They are pretty ugly but they will keep his feet warm.  I really really need to finish these today or I never will.

Yesterday I sewed a pair of curtains for the bedroom, which feels pretty good:  4 metres of fabric out of the stash and on daily display... once I buy curtain poles to hang them on!

And I have been knitting up my design-idea.  Oh yeah!  It is going well :D

And most unbelievable of all:  I did a 45-minute exercise dvd session without falling over.  Do it again!  Again! Again!

I picked up a recipe magazine at the airport while waiting for The Girl and am feeling quite inspired on the food front too.

Dare I say - I am still sticking to my Resolutions 5 days in to the New Year?!  I hope you are impressed.  I know I am!
But sewing really sucks today.

I spent two hours cutting just the front of my Betsey Johnson pintuck tunic.

I vacuumed the floor and ironed the fabric before I started, but still it is a hairy crumpled mess.  The plaid has no stability and was skidding around as I tried to pin the tissue, making check- matching almost impossible.

I was about to cut the back when I realised I  only had enough fabric left for one sleeve.  How many arms do you have, Roo?  Count them?
It is retrievable if I cut the back out of the section I had left for the sleeve and the sleeves (plural) out of the piece meant for the back. 
But not today.
Step away from the sewing with those scissors, girl!
Let's just finish that sock...


sarahel said...

Just catching up with commenting - your black and red get-up looked fabulous. I too fell for the charms of Bettie's Pullover. I LOVE what can be seen of your knitting design.
When I first saw you say you are going to the Crafters' Ceilidh I wanted to say how I'd love to go just to meet you. But I feared that would sound a bit stalkingly creepy! I'm not sure if a non blogger could gate crash it, and anyway I couldn't make it, so you're safe, but I'm sure you'll be much in demand wherever you do 'get out there'.

Annie said...

That design idea looks jolly intriguing ... I'll look forward to the reveal :D

And yes, I'm impressed ... I haven't made any resolutions yet!

Urban Rustic said...

Sometimes it just goes like that.I still haven't had the chance to get my machine out,but one returns tomorrow and the other on sunday, so on monday after a quick clear up I will be desperate to get going.But I know I should just hang back and take my time to avoid mistakes.
Impressed with the exercise...I still keep putting off going for a swim although all my other resolutions I am keeping up with.

Lorna A said...

I too am intrigued, I love the choice of colours, whatever it is!

Happy New Year to you all.

Lynne said...

Good grief!! How do you find the time!!! I love your knitting design, and shall look forward to seeing how it turns out.