Friday, February 24, 2012

Fresh Prints in the Air

Well that got you all talking to me, didn't it?  Fascinating!  There was a strong streak of "stop worrying about what other people think" which I greatly appreciated, but also lots of other people with the same fear of print as me - phew!  Of course, there are others who exist in an alternative print dimension , and to them all I can say is:  you have fun with that - I'll watch!  ; ) 

Meanwhile, back at the farm... the first glimmers of spring have sent me into a flurry of stash-diving and wardrobe-digging to try to make sense of what it is I wear when I am not cocooned in polo-necked jumpers.  A Sencha saw the light of day on Thursday!  It is definitely time to do some planning for the coming season.

The Spring 2012 Simplicity patterns were released in the States and I quickly developed an obsession with a new Lisette pattern, 1879, the Souvenir.

Because I have no patience, I stalked Etsy until someone listed a copy for sale.  The seller wasn't planning to ship to the UK but she agreed to do so for me - woo hoo!
The whole deal cost me £5!  What a bargain!
What's that you're saying?  I have plenty of patterns already?  Who asked you?

£8.95 per metre, organic cotton
View A in purple-heather-spotty organic cotton.  View B in navy and white elephant-print (as previously discussed).  I can hardly wait!  And shorts?  Shorts?!  Hold me back!

But this weekend I will be working from the stash.
I might play with a croquis
I will definitely be aiming to finish my gigantic grey knitted wool shawl, just in time to pack it away with a crate-load of mothballs.
Oh yeah... moths.  My lime green vintage cashmere cardi has a suspicious-looking hole that wasn't there on Sunday...  noooooo!


Kate said...

Oh, that purple spotty cotton is beeeeyoootiful! Though my sewing skills are limited, I am tempted to get some to make very easy skirt for myself. It's purple! And spotty!

Evie said...

Why do moths have such expensive taste? Little fiends.

feresaknit said...

I get a bit apprehensive with patterns too. Can't wait to see the shawl. :D

Kestrel said...

Argh! Evil moths! My advice is to systematically freeze everything they may find tasty (or might already be living in) for about 3 days at a time.

Donna said...

That pattern caught my eye too. I like the top - simple but with a nice neckline. :) Can't wait to see what you do with it!

Christine Laennec said...

That fabric and pattern look perfect! I can already see you in it - smock or top? Or both?

As for your vintage cardi: in our house we do not say the word M**h. Kestrel, do you freeze things at a certain time of the year, or all year round, or...? Interesting!

shivani said...

ooh, nice sewing plans! i especially like the polka dot.

moths are just too awful! I went a bit crazy a few weeks ago, and scrubbed out my whole wardrobe, washed everything that could be washed, and froze the rest for a few days. all that because I saw one moth, but that's one too many!

Annie said...

Eek, not the dreaded moth! One flew out of my airing cupboard the other day and I have no idea where it flew too. Probably a box of yarn! I may yet discover whether cedar balls really do deter moths!

I think the elephant print is wonderful by the way :D

Minnado said...

I like the souvenir top - I am obsessed with finding a simple top pattern like that which is not tooo tent like. I am fed up with all my elastcated neckbands in simplicity 3835! I looked at the Tova pattern, but baulked at $17 p&P charges. I also really like the purple dotted cotton. And the elephants too. have a good weekend, x