Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Midweek catch-a-goo-goo

Beige - the colour of cardboard boxes.
I am insanely busy at work this week.

Getting home just that half hour later (after finishing Report Number 9 of 10) is enough to throw me out of kilter.

Too busy to knit. Too busy to sew.

On Monday I got home, cooked dinner and baked a cake... and then had to go out looking for FL and the dog.  Instead of "walking" the dog, these days FL drives the car across the fields with the dog in hot pursuit.  He parks for a little while with the radio on, to let the dog catch his breath and explore the woods, and then drives back home.  Except... sometimes he falls asleep!  That's what happened last night.  Luckily he had kept the car lights on so I was able to find him in the dark.  It's not so easy if he switches the engine off.

P.S.  FL is doing really well, jaw-wise, with no pain or trouble now he is on antibiotics.
So after that little adventure there was just time for a herbal tea and some quiet reading before bed.  I finished Jane Shilling's book, The Stranger in the Mirror.  It was really worthwhile.  So much to think about.

In the Land of Knit, I am working on my second Finnish sock.  I thought about reversing the colourwork and having navy space invaders girls on a multicoloured background, but decided against it.  Too crazy!

In sewing news, at the weekend I made a start on a "muslin" of the Sweet Scalloped Shorts.  The designer sorted out my pdf problem straightaway and even offered me a free pattern for the inconvenience - how kind! :)  I was planning to just throw them together quickly to check the size and then get going on the "real" velvet pair.

But then I remembered my resolution about slowing down, and decided to take the opportunity to practice sewing them properly and well.  So even though I know I don't want a pair of beige twill cotton shorts (soooo not glamourous!) I am doing the whole topstitching / nicely-finished thing with them.

An odd decision, which is not in the least bit photogenic.

Oh - and my Renfrew top pattern arrived - woo hoo! 

What a shame I don't have any knit fabrics in the stash, or I would be rushing to get on to this project.  I am pretty sure this is the "staple t shirt" pattern I have been looking for, after seeing Ali's and Karen's and Jane's versions.

I have 26 garments'-worth of fabric and nothing suitable for this pattern - there is something wrong somewhere!


Evie said...

So glad to hear FL is feeling better.

The shorts and Renfrew are on my to do list too. Such great patterns. Pattern Runway is a new designer for me, so thanks for sharing! It might be a while before I get to them though!

Donna said...

I really want to make a Renfrew too - that will be my first knit experience.

It's amazing how small things can get us off kilter like that. Even just 15 minutes more of class sometimes and I'm exhausted!

Christine Laennec said...

I'm really happy to hear this news of a bit of improvement for FL - although perhaps you should install some kind of homing beacon on his car? I admire you for taking the time to sew the shorts properly as a practice run. And - of course you don't have the right fabric for the t-shirt in your stash! Isn't that Rule Number One about stashes - of fabric, wool, greeting cards, spices, etc.?

Twelfthknit said...

So glad to hear about FL feeling better

greenmtngirl said...

So, so glad to hear that things are improving for FL and his jaw. I have been following the story and wishing good things for you both. I'll still keep my fingers crossed.

laura said...

make dinner AND bake a cake AFTER, I am impressed!!and good news re: jaw

Felicity from Down Under said...

You know, if you've put that much work into shorts and they work AND you're on a farm, there's going to be opportunity for us, however unglamorous you might think them. Why waste all that effort??

I'm not sure if I've commented on your blog before, though I've been a reader for some while, but wanted to add my voice to the chorus of well-wishers re FL. You're both amazing, so keep it up.

Linda C said...

I agree with Felicity about the shorts- however, unglamorous they may seem, I am sure they will come in handy with messy stuff when you don't want to mess the velvet ones. Or ado you wear aprons. I have actually started wearing aprons when I cook or do kitchen work- to save my clothes. Amazing for me- it does keep the clothes unspotted. Of course I very often forget to remove the apron before I sit down to the table,.

Thinking about FL sleeping with the car lights left on - with my luck, the battery would have died. Could he take a cell and you call him- or would he have trouble hearing the ring? I am so glad that he is feeling and doing better with the tooth, etc. than might have been expected.

Poor FL- sympathy. I have tripped over some things recently---but, as my sister kindly reminded me, "You have been clumsy all your life " and I said "I know that that"--so she cranked it up, hoping to get a rise, I assume, and said "I mean you have been clumsy and uncoordinated all your life>" and I said, "So", biting my tongue and not saying "but I'm really good at art and literature - and I can sing - and am easy to get along with - and have many friends." I didn't say it. Amazing how the sibling stuff can last a lifetime, if you let it. I am a klutz and I do not pay enough attention . I need to look down and around- and I'm trying to.

My love to you both.


Roobeedoo said...

Felicity and Linda - yes, I will wear the shorts around the farm, though only with thick wool tights or maybe leggings underneath. Thistles and nettles do not mix well with bare legs, never mind the cold!
Linda - sisters sound like a bundle of laughs! I think my mother fulfils the spiteful sibling role to compensate for me being an only child!
Thanks to all for your good wishes for FL :)

Alessa said...

I'm glad that FL is feeling well. Crossing my fingers that it keeps! :) Huh, we're having -15°C around here. Not the right temperature to fall asleep in the car but sounds like your temps are higher. I think I need another Renfrew in my near future, too - I'd love a striped one with the cowl! Haven't found the right fabric yet, though...

Scruffybadger said...

Good to hear about FL too, & the dog walking-with-car just cracks me up - I love it!!
I am sure that even when you show off your cardboard-box colour scalloped shorts I will need to be restrained from seeking out the pattern .... I am mid Meringue, scallops sewn, but not yet turned. And yes, I got Renfrew too - super excited as it's possibly the most useful pattern for this time of year.