Thursday, February 09, 2012

Velvet Polka Dot Inspiration

This week in two words:  grey wool. And even I would admit that's not very interesting.  I could show you the effect on my hands, but that ain't pretty either.  Thank heavens for Nuxe Reve de Miel hand cream!  ; )

So how about some fashion inspiration?

Black swan print!

Ooh - orange!

TheGirl wants this
Jacquard pinafore!
I have lost the trail of how I came across Dahlia Fashion.  It is a small UK company which designs rather quirky floaty polyester dresses for the super-young and super-skinny.  Some of their designs are sold on ASOS, where it says:

Sister duo Tracey and Leigh’s fashion label, Dahlia , first caught the eye of its global following selling homemade designs at London’s Portobello and Spitalfields markets. Teaming clever cuts and bespoke detailing with playful prints; dresses and playsuits reign as designs reference vintage, lady-like imagery as ever present inspiration, delivering a hit of offbeat personality with each individual collection.

A few celebrities have been spotted wearing their clothes.  They have a team of "Girlfriends" from around the world, who blog about how they wear the clothes:  style ambassadors, I suppose.  Sarah, the UK-based girlfriend also has her own blog here.
cat print blouse(ASOS)

Dot mesh dress (ASOS)
Now, you would be right in thinking that I just don't "do" polyester... but some of these styles are just so darned lovely!  And if I was in the market for buying clothes, their sales are extraordinary, with just a few of each item coming and going as fast as you can blink for a fraction of the original price. 

So I pop over there quite regularly just to see what's new. 

Image credit:  temporary secretary blog
This dress in particular caught my eye.

Peter Pan collar!  Image:  temporary secretary blog

Sarah looks amazing in it!

I asked her permission to share these photos, by the way : )

So what do I like about this dress?
  • The layering of fabrics:  sheer black velvet polka dot over a crisp white cotton under-dress.
  • The over-sized white cotton Peter Pan collar with lace edging and embroidery
  • The black satin ribbon tie at the neck
  • Little puffy sleeves
  • Nipped-in waist
  • The length:  and the fact that the sheer layer is longer than the under-dress
It's on sale at ASOS for £55.

Certain could be done...
But in these days of Sew-Your-Own, there is just no way I am going to lay out that sort of cash for a dress I don't have the lifestyle to support.  Although I wore my navy shorts to work this week and wasn't sent home with a de-merit and a note for my mother, I really can't see me having an excuse to wear a dress like this.

Which is a pity... because I have found that amazing fabric!

Look!  (Link to Ditto Fabrics in Brighton)

Picture credit:  Ditto Fabrics

Width: 148cm.
Composition: Polyester
Black tulle printed with with a flocked velvet polka dot.
Polka dot size approx. 4.50cm.
£7.99 per metre

Could someone do me a favour and make something stunning out of this fabric, and show me the results?  Extra love for a Peter Pan collar!

Back to my grey wool...


Temporary:Secretary said...

This is a fab post, Ruth! xxx

Ali said...

The question in my mind is, Do you have that amazing Betsey Johnson pattern in your stash?? AND if so, wouldn't it be a terrible waste to not give it it's day? :) I know, for someone who keeps giving things away, I certainly encourage lots of hoarding and making. But hey, I have to live through all these Betsey Johnson patterns and that is a particularly fun dress. I also love the sheer layering.

So much going on! Knitting! Sweet scalloped shorts (you might have sent my dear friend Jessica to make her own -- if she hasn't told you already!)

I'm knitting my first sweater and am in sleeve hell. Happy knitting/sewing :)

Linda C said...

How about using that wonderful sheer pattern with the black velvet big dot and the oversized big white collar and make yourself an EASTER dress? That dress needs to be made- and to be made for you.

Last year I bought a spring dress that was purple or violet silk with a sash which I decided was definitely an EASTER dress. The first one for years. Growing up I always Had an EASTER dress ( and often an EASTER purse and -tam, crocheted by my mother) and likewise my children had EASTER outfits. It has been years since I definitely had something that was definitely an EASTER dress.

By the way, I wore the violet dress with a yellow spring coat- again shades of my youth, a spring coat. I remember one year my mother made my daughters Spring or Easter coats of white pique with big white collars. My husband said they looked like what the Kennedy children might wear- and now I am dating myself for sure.

Really I do hope you will make that dress for your self because it will be wonderful.


Minnado said...

Go on Roo, make it! With a detachable collar so you have black and white collar options. x

Clare said...

At least your week had grey wool in it! This week has been so vile that I haven't had a chance to wash my warm, wool jumpers and have been reduced to wearing acrylic. The best handcream I've ever used is Kiehls. (sp?) Very expensive but a small price to pay to not have bits of rough finger skin catching on every surface I touch!

Scruffybadger said...

Yay- go for it! This is the natural progression from the navy dress with white pique's the birthday party dress! That collar is particularly spiffy

Alessa said...

Go for it! I'm sure you'll find an occasion (or ten) to wear it once you made it. :D

Roobeedoo said...

Oh dear oh dear! This was not what was supposed to happen! Someone was supposed to say: "Oh Roo what a good idea, I will make that dress and blog about it and then you will be set free to think about more practical garments and stitchery"...but instead of that you all egg me on to create a polyester storm!? Tsk! You commenters are sacked, do you hear me? (um... not really... but seriously have you any idea how totally impractical such a dress would be for a gal like me?)
Back to the grey wool...

LinB said...

Impractical for you, maybe. But, for the girl? It seems from your last photo of her that black is a favorite color; and her "personal thermostat" will probably let her wear polyester without overheating or freezing. She could take some yardage, cut a chunk out of it for her head, slash and burn some parts, belt the whole thing and have a Goth Princess dress -- all without any work on your part.