Monday, March 26, 2012

Completely Kawaii in April

Look!  I have new toys!

My copy of Female 2012 arrived from Japan (via another farm with a similar address!) and confirmed my suspicion that not all of the patterns are pre-drafted on the familiar trace-it-yourself roadmap... some have to be drafted from scratch, using the drawings and measurements provided - gulp!

And, of course, the styles I like best fall into that category.
But since I actually have plenty to wear, there is absolutely no need for me to mass-produce item after item at high speed.  In fact, it would be entirely sensible to approach my sewing in the same way that I approach my knitting:  with the expectation that it takes a while to make a full-sized garment.
So I have decided to spend April exploring my new pattern book.  I bought some drafting paper, and a souped-up French Curve / Ruler / Grading Template-thingy called the  Shoben Fashion Curve.  I suspect I was sucked in by the hype, and that a simple ruler and a french curve would have been enough... but you know how it is.  I wanted the shiny plastic fashion-student-y gadget so that I could play at being A Fashion Designer.  Shrug.
Female Spring 2012
I am joining Melanie Testa in her Japanese pattern sewalong.  Everyone taking part will be making something different but the principles remain the same, and it will be great to have support when if it all goes pear-shaped.

Watching what Melanie has been doing with one of the Female Spring 2012 patterns has definitely inspired me to do more than just join the dots and sew the seams together!

What am I going to make?  Well, I really love the shape of this button-through shirt or dress.  This is one of those "get out your ruler" styles, designed by the Japanese brand Neverland

You can buy it ready-made for big Yen.  I LOVE the tie-knot styling!  Ties as jewellery! I might have to have a go at that with a charity-shop tie or two... sadly FL doesn't have a stash of old ties I can plunder!

DIY or Ready-made:  image on right from Neverland jp website
I might make it with long sleeves.

I hope I have enough white dobby dot left in the stash to make this a "free" project.

Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan
But I might start with something simpler.  There is a very 80s-influenced square-cut t-shirt which appeals to my nostalgic side.

 Very "Desperately Seeking Susan"!

Oh how I loved that look!

Yes - I did have that hairstyleWhat of it?

I will have to buy some knit fabric to make this one.  It might be fluorescent yellow sweatshirting... just saying :D
Fluro Yellow anyone?
The more time I spend with this pattern book, the more excited I become!
I want to make the big shirt that Melanie is making.

I am intrigued by a billowing batwing blouse - I might persuade The Girl that she wants one of these!
And the variations on a double-layered blouse / dress with a Peter Pan collar had me rummaging in the stash for some semi-transparent voile I bought a while back from Ditto. With a lace over-layer it could actually be wearable!

This book is blowing such a breath of fresh air through my fabric stash - so many possibilities!
And a month set aside to explore them?  That sounds like a plan!


superheidi said...

Looking forward to your Japanese adventure.
Any change of pictures of you full into the 1980s groove? I kind of regret I don't have any evidence of my outrageous looks of that time.

Doobee said...

So many choices of styles - should be a great adventure you are undertaking...

Scruffybadger said...

I feel your excitement & this feels like a different adventure. We're right behind you Roo, you have succeeded in building our anticipation :-)

sølvi said...

ties as jewelry! That's genius. i love your plans, and your new gadget looks very cool. :-)

opportunityknits said...

Looking forward to following the process on your blouse. I am sewing something for my daughter but first I need to crochet the collar.

opportunityknits said...

I forgot to mention that I like that red stripey over-sized blouse too!

Sigrid said...

I like a self-made challenge: can't wait to see some results that remind me of Desperately Seeking Susan!

StephC said...

I love a little fresh air and inspiration...! Really looking forward to you makes.

feresaknit said...

You may have been able to manage with a french curve and a ruler but having a new toy definitely makes it more fun. :D