Thursday, March 01, 2012

Female Spring 2012 - joining a sew-along

Although it has been a while since I made anything from a Japanese pattern book, I like to keep an eye on the latest publications.

Yesterday (payday - oops!), I came across a new-to-me sewing magazine with the snappy title "Female".  Ha!  Try googling that one!  I rather liked Winter 2011, but Spring 2012 is the copy I decided to buy.
I was struck by the young-looking styling.  Other than the Gothic Lolita series, most Japanese sewing magazines seem to be aimed at middle-aged art-teacher types.  I am not complaining: it is a look I subscribe to myself!  But it was refreshing to see photos that could have come straight from some of my favourite style blogs.  The ones which inspired me to make purple velvet shorts!

Now, I have a history of buying expensive Japanese pattern books, only to have them languish in a box under the bed because they turn out to be scary draft-it-yourself designs.

This publication appears to be an interesting mix:  some patterns are traceable from a giant road-map insert (like a Burda magazine), while others are self-drafted using complicated line-drawing adaptations of a basic "sloper" (which of course, every sew-ist has to hand... or not!)

I like this mix!  It makes me think I could progress through the book, learning as I go.

So it was the cherry-on-the-cake when I found another blogger who is planning a sew-along of one of the patterns in this book.  Melanie Testa is a very interesting woman!  She has written a book on art-journalling which looks incredibly inspiring.
She has chosen the shirt on the left as her sewalong project.  The details are here.

Hey - you could join in too!?

I purchased my book from Simply Pretty at eebaay.  This seller also has an Etsy shop but it worked out cheaper for me via eebaay, where she offers free shipping worldwide.  No, it wasn't cheap.  But I could imagine building an entire wardrobe from this one magazine.  I could even imagine my daughter finding things she liked in here!
More pictures?
OK then!
I borrowed tham all from Simply Pretty.


Evie said...

I have a copy of Mrs Stylebook that a friend bought for me a couple of years ago and I still haven't made a single thing from. I do find it quite daunting, but I shall follow the sew along with interest and maybe that will encourage me to make a start.
Looking forward to seeing what you make. Thanks for sharing this link.

Urban Rustic said...

I love Japanese books and am always looking to buy more.They are expensive but you do get quite a lot in them.I mostly make the clothes for my daughter rather than myself though. I will have to look up Simply Pretty.

Linda C said...

I remember many years ago finding a Japanese pattern book- really cute clothes, directions I couldn't read. One section was The Bride On Her Honeymoon – darn it- I think I threw it away or passed it on many years ago. Maybe it is somewhere packed away- I might find it some day. If I do- I might post it on ebay = or send it to to a friend.


two hippos said...

I love Japanese craft books although never made any clothes from one.

Tracy - The Material Girl said...

Oh no! A Japanese magazine I didn't know about - I see an expensive trip to eBay coming up. I've tried Cotton Time and Mrs Stylebook before but these designs look a lot fresher.

Alessa said...

I really like some of the outfits, you're right, they do look very Japanese-style-bloggy. Sadly, I really don't have the figure for most of those...

Melly Testa said...

I am soo happy we found each other! Wow! You are across the pond and all!

Joy said...

I have way too many Japanese books, if that's possible (: But it's nice to have the variation from Burda or whatever else we have. I've tried the the two magazines like Female aimed at the other age groups (Mrs. Stylebook and Lady Boutique) but haven't tried this one yet. Good luck! It's great brain exercise, anyway (: