Sunday, March 11, 2012

FO: Lisette Portfolio Trousers / Pants, Simplicity 2245

Pattern:  Simplicity 2245, Lisette Portfolio, size 8

Fabric:  Gurteen stretch cotton mix from Croft Mill, here, £5.50 per metre.  I bought 2.5 m and used just over half of it.
It's 98% cotton 2% lycra and is described on the website as:  "woven in dark and pale grey yarns giving a lightly marled appearance to the surface, it's about the weight of a moleskin and in fact been sanded or peached finish to give it almost a moleskin feel". I'd agree with that!

Other:  Grey 7 inch zip, thread (both from stash).

Process:  This was a really speedy project.  I have had this fabric in the stash for several months, and wasn't sure what to do with it.  I was expecting something drapier, but it is almost a stretch denim in weight and behaviour.

Last weekend, I was all set to cut out the Audrey-esque Japanese-pattern trousers I previously made in black stretch cotton sateen.  These ones.  I wear them at least once a week, but to be honest they look a bit saggy-bottomed by the end of the day:  the stretch has no recovery and I suspect they are too big.  So I put the pattern away again.

I like the look of the Colette Clover pattern, but the level of "fitting" which they seem to inspire in so many sew-ists puts me off. 

Then I remembered the Portfolio pants pattern.

I decided to make a size 8, rather than the 10 that my measurements indicated.  This strategy has been paying off recently with Simplicity Lisette patterns.
I thought the stretch in the fabric would give me a bit of lee-way, and to be honest there was so little difference between sizes in the paper pattern, I reckoned I could adjust the seam width if need be.
I started sewing at 10.30am.
By lunch-time, I was inserting the zip.
ETA:  I didn't put the tabs on as I thought they would look too fussy.
I got so carried away with the ease of stitching that I forgot to try them on until they were done - oops!
They are very nearly perfect.
I like the way they look from the front and the side views.
However, there is absolutely no possibility of tucking anything in at the waist.  They fit me like jeans.

And the back view?

Ah yes... there's the issue!  Quite apart from the fact that I didn't iron my blouse or do up all the buttons, there is a definite hint of VPL.

They are a trifle snug.

Lucky it's stretch fabric with a double row of stitching on that back seam!

However, I am really pleased with the overall shape.

And I still have enough fabric left to make another pair!

Next time, I am going for size 10 and I am going to use the fabric the other way out, which looks like black denim.


I am almost certain I will be able to wear them to work and that they will have enough "give" not to cut off my circulation when I sit down. 

Yes, you do sense some reservations!  I suppose I am so accustomed to wearing wide-legged trousers that a jeans-type fit comes as a surprise.  OK I admit it:  they are slightly too tight. 

So very nearly perfect!  Sigh.


Anna said...

How funny, when you put Simplicity 2245 in Google the image search comes up with about 3 pictures of you!

I made these trousers and they came out too small for me (I've not blogged them yet as I made them in black and they're impossible to photograph). The pattern was nice though, although I stalled at the zip as I'd not done one in ages and ages. Did you leave off the tabs? I added another 2 at the back so I could use them as belt loops (I'm attempting to reduce in size...).

Yours look fab, and I like them full length, I am undecided about what length to hem mine so I've left them until they actually fit and will make a decision then. Great job!

Lucy said...

They look fab! I am so tempted to buy some of that cloth, though. Sigh.

One of my goals for my twelve days between jobs is to muslin a pair of trousers - any trousers. I am terrified.

Gail said...

I think they look terrific! Very flattering on you!

feresaknit said...

Seriously you have to stop sewing so much - it's making me feel inadequate! I so need to finish a dress I cut out last summer and was thinking I could wear this Tuesday night but can't get up the enthusiasm and every time you post something at the moment you seem to have made something else. ;D

Snickerdoodle Smith said...

That outfit looks awesome! I'd always thought pants were too hard, but seeing someone else do it and having it turn out well gives me hope. :)

sarah said...

I think they look good! I've made these pants a few time and prefer them a bit tighter anyhow.

Felicity from Down Under said...

they don't look too tight, they look like a nice fit. If you think they're a bit tight, then maybe you'll have difficulties with sitting all day, but on balance (and given that you say the fabric has some give in it) I think they should be ideal for work. Very nice!

Sølvi said...

I think they look terrific, and my experience with sewing stretch fabric is that it´s better to make them a bit tight, because they always will stretch out. Nice outfit too, by the way! :-)

Linda said...

You don't take commissions, do you? Seriously. Daughter returned from a dreary Top Shop/Urban Outfitters/usual boring Princes Street shopping trip at the weekend bemoaning the low quality, suspect origins of everything on offer.

Minnado said...

They look very chic! I made these last summer and they were too small with the waistband. Maybe more due to my tubby tummy! But they were lovely and straightforward to sew up.

House of Pinheiro said...

lovely oufit xx

tim's wife said...

Love those pants. Very flattering. And Miss Roo, you have got the physique of a teenage girl, my dear. Lucky you!

Stephen Greene said...

I agree with Paula. You must have a factory in a barn behind the house with a dozen or so little Oliver Twists.

You must feed them well. They produce fine work...

Christine Laennec said...

They look swell to me! Like the others, I'm in awe of your productivity. It must be the elves in your barn.

Anonymous said...

Ref VPL - I really recommend a boy-short style that Sloggi do - the Senssation Hip Brief. They come in black, white, and cognac. Jenners in Edinburgh only seem to stock them in black (whereas for fair skinned ladies the cognac colour can be more invisible under thin or paler coloured clothing). They give an incredibly smooth line under very close fitting clothing. The Sensation ones are much better than Sloggi's Invisible Sense range, I think, which has too thick a waistband to be comfortably invisible. I don't have any connection with the company, just spent a lot of time (and money!) finding the most invisible pair of knnickers that are not evil G strings...

Alessa said...

They look great! And I'm with Solvi, I think they'll probably give a little after a couple hours of wearing.

I'm also impressed that you finished them that fast!

Ali said...

Oh, I like them! And I'm sure they'll be very useful, pared down for the office and pared with sassy whimsy loveliness for home :) Think: Bright tops and tunics!

I absolutely agree with you on fabric with bad recovery -- I've made two, er, three pairs with fabric like that and none of them are every worn. Saggy butt and knees. So disheartening on an otherwise brilliant fit. Lesson learned!

Joy said...

These look fabulous. May your next pair also be fabulously comfortable (: I bought this pattern for the tunic, but will definitely have to give the trousers a try now.

Linda C said...

Love that blouse! Did you make it ---and is it a Sorbetto?


Roobeedoo said...

So many lovely comments - the elves are blushing! ;)

Linda C - no, the top is not home-made. It is a vintage blouse from the late 1960's which I found online at a shop called Love Alexandra.

Janice said...

Looks great. Grey pants are so flexible and go with everything.

Evie said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Great fit. You look amazing in these.

Scruffybadger said...

Well Roo, bit late to the party on this one, but I cannot believe they are the same pattern as my Miss Ellie trousers?! They do look amazing & the stretch surely will soothe your fear of being cut in half wearing them. Very stylish! And definitely worth another pair (on your part - me - I'm a different shape & am not convinced the cut works for me...)

Imaan said...

They, and you, look awesome:)!!!