Thursday, March 29, 2012

In which I drop the ball

Last night I got home from work to find a "final reminder" to renew my car tax disc... which is odd, because I never received a "first reminder".  That'll be my mail going missing again I suppose.  Sigh.

So I tried to ring up to renew it... and was refused because I was told I did not have a valid MoT certificate.
I dug out my paper work, and sure enough, I have been driving for almost a month with an out of date MoT.  Is there no reminder service for those?
Which means my insurance is in-valid. 
Which means I have been driving with no tax, MoT or insurance for almost a month.  I could have been jailed!

So today my dear FL has the job of taking my illegal car for a "while-you-wait" MoT test (fingers crossed it passes!), then on to the Post Office to apply for a tax disc.  Luckily, he is still medium-high on Dexies.  If this had happened a day later, the thought of doing this would have sent him into a flat spin and I would have had to take the day off work to sort it out myself.

Clearly, the man is a superstar.

But what the funk is going on with ME?!

Formerly known by FL as "organisation woman", my home-filing pile is beginning to teeter.  Yesterday at work, I was so confused and tired I had to go for a walk to clear my head.  I hoped to find a coffee, but all the shops were closed.
I haven't been sleeping properly for weeks and it's finally catching up with me.
It's nothing I can put my finger on.  I am just... muddled.

Ullapool,  a place of calm, May 2007

The good news is, we are going on holiday soon.  I am hoping that getting away from it all for a week will help me regain my equilibrium.

We have sold it to The Girl as a Study Retreat.  She has not been on holiday with us for years and this could be our last trip together if she decides to go to London for 6th Form (decision imminent). 

We have booked a cottage near Ullapool.

Ironically, this was the last place we went before FL fell ill.  This time, I had to be sure it has no stairs, allows a dog, and has internet access (for online exam past papers and entertainment purposes!)  All boxes have been ticked.  You see - I can do it if I try!

I will be taking Bettie's Pullover and my Porrti Sukat socks, my Japanese pattern book and drafting paper.  But we hope to get out and about for walks with the dog.  FL hopes for one game of golf, probably on Dexy Day.

With a bit of luck, I'll get my brain back.


Laura said...

These things happen, don't let it get to you. You'll feel better after the holiday and I bet you'll get back to being your normal "organizing" self.

I get the fatigue/weakness thing in both spring and autumn. We even have a name for it in Romanian, spring asthenia. It goes away as spring progresses (or with a holiday).

Gail said...

Hmmm . . . a similar thing started happening to me when I was in my early '40s. It starts with meno . . .
The cognitive effects REALLY threw me for a loop - I had no idea what was going on!

Your vacation spot looks lovely. I hope you can all unwind and spend many lovely moments together.

LinB said...

So glad you are all getting away together! A change of scenery will be nice for all of you. Boost up with zinc and vitamin B-complex. Take lots of naps. "Forget" to turn on your cellphone when you go on your long walks (but take it with you, in case of a sprained ankle, attack by wild Druids and/or wandering sheep, etc.) Valerian capsules help induce sleep. Ditto melatonin. Signed, Your Friendly Drug Pusher.

Unknown said...

Don't beat up on yourself - I am a fairly new reader - but I still have noticed that there is a ton of stress in your life. Stress tends to sneakily hit us where it doesn't seem connected. Your mind will clear when the stress either resolves or you acclimate to it. Enjoy your holiday - it should help.

Myrna said...

Nothing you can put your finger on? Seriously? You're under tremendous amounts of stress. Give yourself a break. Try to move slow and have a shorter to do list and spend time every day doing something you really enjoy AND... make the most of that holiday.

Snickerdoodle Smith said...

Best wishes for your holiday! We all need a break every now and then!

Christine Laennec said...

I would like to echo those who have pointed out the obvious, i.e. you are having to handle a lot of stress! Also, I know people for whom these kinds of slip-ups are just par for the course and part of life. I find it hard to imagine not being a perfectionist, myself, but sometimes it's good just to pretend that I'm an easy-going person...

Linda C said...

My sympathies - I'm glad you are going on a holiday. I hope it is wonderful for all.

As to the exhaustion - do you have the pollen where you live. Ours came in with a bang - one day around 300 jumping to 9,000 in a few days. My allergist said that overload to the immune system can cause fatigue, even with those who normally have no problems.

Has daylight savings hit you? It is still midnight dark until nearly 8a.m. these days, at least on the side the bedrooms are. I have never been sure of the purpose of DLS. My mother who worked on a military base said it was so the officers could finish work early and get in more golf, bit of a cynic-my mother.

I got us a cabin for from tomorrow afternoon until Monday morning in the mountains. We'll have my husband and I, four of our children, two spouses, three children. (one son and his family had made other plans)- oh, and three dogs.

There's a pool, but I cannot imagine swimming in the mountains at the end of March, can you? I find it hard to imagine swimming in the mountain in the summer, although I did when I was a child, slowly turning blue until my mother dragged me out.

I hope none of the adult children fall out with each other. You were smarter than I - you thought to request wireless. I didn't - and one of my children is getting an advanced degree online. Well, it's just for four days.

The picture of your children in 2007 is wonderful. Amazing how much older your daughter looks.


blue hands said...

Have a great holiday. xx

opportunityknits said...

It happens to me too. When it does, I feel like crawling under the bedcovers and hoping that things will straighten themselves out :)
Have a good holiday! It's good for the soul to take a break now and then.

Scruffybadger said...

I think everyone had said all the sensible things, and I hope you all have a well deserved break. But it tickled me to think of what you'd be pictured wearing in your "wanted" poster plastred all over the nation's police stations. Various outfits popped into my head, but most enduring has to be the pink jumbo cords!!

kristenmakes said...

I'm sorry you are feeling muddled. I understand those times. I think this holiday is just what you need! Have fun!!

Lizzi said...

Ditto to all of the above - remeber tho', being perfect is nigh on impossible but being good enough is all you need to be. Make sure you have lots of laughter on your holiday.

Lizzi said...

I meant 'remember' -

........ good enough is not always good enough.........sigh!

Anonymous said...

Don't want to add to the drug-pushing even more - but what about vitamin D? My level was so low, the dr asked if I was a vampire! Three days after taking the first megadose ampoule I noticed a real improvement. And Scotland isn't full of light in the winter...

Minnado said...

ooops - I once forgot my MOT for a month. You do have a lot of balls to juggle so don't be too hard on yourself. I think poor sleep has such a debilitating effect on us. I hope the holiday helps you to relax and get some better sleep. I like how you have to "sell" it to the girl. I haven't been to the Lakes for about twenty years! You have me feeling nostalgic now. x

Roobeedoo said...

Thanks for all your wise words!
The funny thing is: my "middle-aged madness" has inspired a new level of helpfulness in FL this week. It is as if he has realised I actually can't do it all myself. Maybe I should have dropped the ball earlier!

jessica said...

I do hope you all enjoy yourself on the holiday. Sounds like it could be a welcome break for all. With everything going on, don't be hard on yourself over this!

feresaknit said...

At least I can blame the meds - which is no consolation to Bud when his water dish is empty or missing! ;D

Linda said...

Vitamin D. Seriously. That and a holiday. If there's sun in Ullapool, be outside in it.
Sympathies about the on-line past papers - both for your and your daughter! It's interesting how school 'holidays' have now turned into 'more schoolwork periods'. My daughter gets set a whopping amount of work for the 'holidays', on top of her personally scheduled revision.
Good luck for the S6 decision. We have finally emerged from the maw of UCAS - it's St Andrews! (Glad she turned down Durham and its £9,000 a year fees!)