Sunday, March 18, 2012

Not all to Plan

So much for plans.  The weekend was bright and sunny but don't let that calm picture fool you - there was an icy wind sweeping across the valley, so I didn't fancy spending much time outdoors.  No gardening.

I made a start on building my Etsy shop, but it took an hour  to list just four patterns.  I plan to open with a stock of twenty items, and top it up once a week.... so don't hold your breath.   I may be some time. How frustrating!
After our big adventure in the city yesterday, FL was too tired to eat out.  He snoozed while I knitted.

Today, realising he was going to spend the day asleep in his chair, I thought I might as well sew something until The Girl came home.  I set to work with a vintage blouse pattern from 1964 and some leftover pink gingham from the stash.  The aim was / is to make a wearable muslin, before busting out my shiny new fabric. 

Just as well I took this precaution.  It is NOT going to plan!

I am making View 4 of Simplicity 5441, the pink pointy-collar version.  There were hazard warning lights early on when I realised how many darts I had to negotiate:  waist, bust, shoulders, back and front, they are all over the place.

The previous owner felt the need to narrow the shoulder and I agreed, but even so there is some hang-over.  There was also some awkward nonsense with the front facings which sit behind the collar.  I sorted them out, but there was worse to come.
It is all very messy at the back.  Somehow, I managed to lose the overlap at the back of the neck, where the buttonband begins.  My collar sits flush with the edge of the facing.  I may have to zip it instead of back-buttoning.
But when I tried it on, my main impression was of baggyness and saggyness.  The flipping thing just doesn't fit.  At all.
I have put it away in disgrace.
Either I attack it with the scissors and lose a few inches all over, or it's into the bucket (dustbin / trash can) with it.  Grrr.
I suppose I was due a wadder.
But I haven't given up yet...


Snickerdoodle Smith said...

Goodness! That sounds frustrating. But I do like the *idea* of this top. I especially like the long sleeved version. Sending good sewing vibes your way! :)

Lorna A said...

The view from your garden is so perfect. The simple beauty of a daffodil should never be underestimated.

Tanit-Isis said...

Wow, what a lot of darts for such a simple little shell! This reminds me of the shell-type blouse I made a couple of weeks ago, that should've been way too small but was actually almost perfect; the original was drafted with over 6" of ease at the bust, which would've been *way* too much.

Christine Laennec said...

How frustrating. What exactly is a "wadder"?

LinB said...

Shoulder darts were common in 1960-70s patterns. Somewhere along the way they started rotating the darts into the shoulder seam, as in most rtw of the time. Were I you, I'd seek out a similar silhouette in a modern pattern -- I've seen that deep V with a collar in several catalogs recently. Bodies really were differently shaped, then. Good nutrition and more-readily available medical attention have led to taller bodies, wider shoulders, larger rib cages in the general population. Wad away and go sew something more rewarding.

Stephen Greene said...

I move through my world with, I think, a fairly youthful outlook. So I came to a sudden stop when I got to the 'vintage 1964' description of your latest project. I like the design very much because my high school girlfriend and her associates at the time, were chic, on the cutting edge of contemporary fashion, wearing the very blouse.

Oh well... I do appreciate the lovely memories revived by your creative endeavors.

Ali said...

I know how you feel! I had a near wadder on my hands and barreled through on sheer stubbornness.

But with a bit of distance -- since this is your project, not mine -- I'd say life's too short to fret over ill-fitting projects.

If you're committed to this pattern, I'd just cut and sew it up til it fits and call it a non-wearable muslin. Then all that work will be reflected in new fab blouse. I've always loved those pointy collars, it'll be fun to see what you come up with :) (I've likewise been terrified of the roominess of the 60s blouses -- too much ease for my petite-ness).

feresaknit said...

And it looks so simple on the pattern!

Maybe you can get your tea out next time. :D

Roobeedoo said...

Oh Christine - you don't know what a wadder is? And you being American and all?! ;)
A wadder is a garment fit only to go in the middle of a quilted sandwich. The "wadding" of a quilt was frequently composed of worn out garments from the rag bag, all stacked up between the quitl top and the backing: items which could no longer be worn but might add a little extra warmth to a quilt.

Scruffybadger said...

Oh, Roo, I'm sorry. These vintage patterns look always so tempting, & often there lurks traps that have certainly caught me out in the past. i have faith that you'll work around it though. And since I am fighting my clovers & look I'm winning, I'm sure you can beat this one. Funnily enough I gave up on a 60s v neck dress with a strange collar. Luckily it was made out of an old sheet as I thought it looked tricksty. Good luck!