Friday, March 09, 2012

When a Lemon is a Lime called Miriam

You probably already know this about me:  I have an obsessive streak.
This week, I have mostly been obsessing about a cotton ribbed sweater, the colour of a sharp zesty lemon sorbet.
I spotted it on a style blog that I have never visited before or since, but saved the picture.  If you know where I saw this, please let me know!

Lola from Victory patterns

I have spent far too much time trying to source a similar colour of sweatshirt-fabric to make myself a great big neon-bright tunic / dress for homewear.

To be honest, I am probably thinking of the Lola pattern.  Ali's version has fixed it in my head and it won't be shaken out.

Now, I do have a history of making clothes in bright colours.
I have even been known to wear them afterwards!

But a hi-viz road-sweeper-yellow dress?  That's pushing it, even for me.

I was looking for fabric in the coldest possible shade of yellow.  A frozen lemon caught in north light, absolutely ice-sharp and uncompromising.  Could I find it?  Nope!  I searched: lemon, yellow, sorbet, citron...
OK, kids, get out your paint palette.  What colour do you mix in to make a colour colder?  Blue, miss!

And what do you get if you mix blue into yellow, kids?  Green, miss!

Exhibit A:  the Boat-Neck Jumper from Cos. Colour?  Lime Green! 
Not yellow.

My LEMON is actually a LIME.

And how did I find out?  Well... I may have forgotten the source of the photo, but I at least had the sense to label it "Cos Sweater"... and only just now thought to check their website for more info.

It is 100% cotton, in a gorgeous chunky fisherman's rib.

And that colour, that COLOUR  is like nothing I have seen before.  It is, to my sunlight-starved brain, the repository of all that is perfect about spring-time.

Sometimes I think I must have borderline synaethesia.

This is the colour of the name "Miriam":  it shimmers and dances across my imagination with such clarity, to the accompaniment of a solo flute and a blast of freshness like stepping under a cold shower on a hot sunny day.  It is like drinking a glass of chilled white wine while squinting at a book in the shade of a tree.  And I swear I have not been drinking.

I can't buy the sweater... that sign I thought was a Euro is actually a GB Pound.  I may be obsessed but I am not insane.  But at least I now know what colour it is!

Which helped me find this fabric, which isn't quite perfect, but it's heading in the right direction... and it's organic!  Still pondering...

But it also led me to scour the interwebs for yarn... and as luck would have it I was also having a simultaneous pang for a scarf pattern in the latest Knit Now - a tiny little scarflet knit in Sirdar superchunky yarn.

I don't tend to get on well with Sirdar (it's a family  problem - my mother always knit Patons not Sirdar, just as she would only buy Clarks childrens' shoes and not StartRite), but when I came across Big Softie, in the colourway "Souffle"...  sold!

Look!  It's my colour!!!

So watch this space... there's a quick knit on the way :D

And now perhaps I can stop lusting after impossibly expensive knitwear.


Minnado said...

This colour reminds me of refreshers sweets. It is a great spring brightening up kind of colour. I also think it is a colour that looks soooo good with navy or grey. Good luck with the quick knit project.

Tanit-Isis said...

You are so funny! Also, I am digging the Lola pattern, too. My main holdback is the near-impossibility of finding decent sweatshirt fabric around here that doesn't cost an arm and a leg...

Sigrid said...

There is pretty much nothing worse than seeing a color, wanting a color, remembering the color, and then not being able to find that color. In this case there is a fine line between sorbet and hi-vis. Alas, I don't think the fabric is going to be just right, but the yarn looks darn close. Time to start a dye pot?

LinB said...

I want a fluid cotton or linen or silk, in the color of the sea just before the breakers hit the sand -- that greeny-bluey-greyish browny translucent color. Have been searching for over 10 years. Perhaps it is just meant to be a dream dress, worn only while I am wandering about inside my head, asleep. Sigh.

Linda C said...

I just finshed wasting 10 minutes and it's your fault. The COS site was al new for me and fascinating interesting clothes. Did you see the straight jumper in blue red, I think. It caught my eye because there was a resemblance to the Lola dress.

That is a cute pattern! I'll have to add that dress, plus the great t-shirt that Ali was talking about- I wish I had remembered to enter the giveaway. That should teach me that the mantra is "Do IT NOW!" Then I won't have to say-" I wish I had."

I will look forward to seeing the scarf and t-shirt when you find the "right" color.


Ali said...

Ha! Cozy knit things have a way of inspiring longing! And the great thing: They're so useful too.

I can see you loving the Lola. It's so comfy. I keep telling everyone what you said -- you can put it on on Friday and wear it all weekend! It just feels good on the body. I think I wore mine most of last weekend.

And that color! I've been after some lemon yellow yarn and can't find it. Every other shade makes me look dead and everything else is mustard or butter or champagne or daffodil or whatever. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for what you come up with :)

Annie said...

Gorgeous green, the colour of chocolate limes :D

Scruffybadger said...

Oh yes. That is the freshest springiest colour! And knitted sounds amazing I can already visualise it.....
BTW I was start rite.... Narrow feet....

Emma said...

Refreshers! Exactly! Fizz...
I still think you need to buy some dirty lime jersey. Maybe a little short sleeved top would satisfy the pang?

Christine Laennec said...

I'm fascinated by how sensitive you are to colours. I think colours affect us much more than we imagine. Did you know that apparently some people who have been blind from birth can "feel" the different vibrations of various colours when they run their hands over them? Interesting to know if they would be classified as having synaesthesia. Perhaps we all do to some extent.

It's great that you at least know the colour that you're needing at the moment!

feresaknit said...

I know you've got a job and all but this is where Pinterest is invaluable - you know where everything came from. I'm not one for yellow but I LOVE 'Souffle'. :D