Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Alabama Shakes Inspiration

 Did you see Later with Jools Holland on BBC2 last night?
 If you missed it, there's always YouTube, here.

And there will be a longer version of the show on TV on Friday night.

OMG -  The Alabama Shakes!

Brittany Howard is my new inspiration.

And is she, or is she not wearing a Darling Ranges pattern dress?

Probably not... but she has given me a serious Style Crush.

I want to power across the stage in leggings, sneakers and a Darling Ranges dress.

Failing the stage, I'll settle for work, every day.

Might have to omit the leggings and sneakers though...

But "powering" would be good!

Energy!  That's what we want to see around here!


Anna said...

that pattern is in my pile of things waiting to be made with some fabric. I'm a little scared to get going on it as I'm hoping it will be the answer to my ideal dress longings and that's a lot of pressure to put on one pattern... I will probably sport it with trainers at some point but having worn leggings last time around I just can't get the love for them this time.

Lynne said...

I didn't see it, but I have it recorded - it's on a bit too late for me! I have to say I haven't heard of Alabama Shakes, I was more interested in Jack White. That dress is lovely though! :)

Minnado said...

i had been tempted to buy the darling ranges pattern - such a cute dress,but need to finish up some stuff first. I can't stay up late enough for Jools Holland but am going to check out you tube!

Linda C said...

That is a really good looking dress. Sadly, not for me, I find that style makes me good even more chesty. TThe defined waist and full-ish skirt would be good, though. It should work great for you. How about tights and boots or some of your killer shoes (those super high heels)?

Anna, I didn't go in for leggings before because I mostly saw them worn as pants, often with a too short shirt. I love them with shirts in the cold weather. Keeps me warm --and modest, when I bend over and, as a teacher, I bend over lots.


Vintage Jane said...

They were fab indeed! Love your jumper in the last post by the way. M

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I love Alabama Shakes (missed them with Jooles though). And Bettie. And the Japanese top.

Just catching up here. My blog aggregator wiped a whole handful of folk, took me ages to realise what had happened and that you hadn't suddenly all stopped posting!

superheidi said...

Nice, flat shoes and a fabfab voice!

Linda C said...

By the way, my earlier post on wearing leggings, I like to wear them with skirts, not shirts- unless they are longer tunic type tops - and I would wear that for work.


Linda C said...

I am really not with it at this point- I would not wear tunics and leggings to work. That is for weekends and non working day of running around town.

Forgive me. I sat (mostly )and tested PreK's (4 and 5) from 9:20 until 4:35. I have no idea how many I tested- haven't counted yet. Forgot to eat lunch too.


Scruffybadger said...

Thank you - I often sew along to iplayer & it's good to have a recommendation & a style crush! But was the music any good?

Roobeedoo said...

ScruffyB: the music is AWESOME! No other word for it!

Shona said...

Just found you through the MMM flicker. First, awesome outfit! Second, holy crap thanks for introducing me to Alabama Shakes, I'm loving them! And I'm from Alabama. It's always nice to find something positive associated with my home state...doesn't exactly have a good rep. haha!

Roobeedoo said...

Shona - so glad to have introduced you to a local band! :D
My CD arrived today and I have been playing it constantly!