Tuesday, April 10, 2012

And my knitting plans...?

What skinny arms you've got, Bettie!
Bettie's Pullover is approaching the finishing line!
I say these things, and it comes back to haunt me... I probably won't finish it this month after saying that!
But seriously, it has been a very pleasant and speedy (for me) knit.  I am knitting the yoke. 

I'm not discussing the Portti Sukat socks.  I'm not in the mood (and I lost the needles somewhere...)

What next?

You will have gathered that I would like another cardigan.  My notebook-of-all-knowledge informs me that I disposed of my shop-bought black cardigan in March 2011 and did not replace it.  But I am a shocking prevaricator.  And a liar to boot... because when I said I only had three cardigans to my name I didn't count my vintage twinset-cardi, Betty Jean or Manon.

What's that about, eh, Roo?

Maybe what I was trying to say was that I felt the need for another spring / summer-appropriate cardigan.  While I have sufficient Albayarn in the colourway Crow (black) to knit a vintage-pattern cardi, it would not be terribly spring-like.  I am thinking yellow.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know.
Lorna Suzanne
Lorna Suzanne
So I saw Lorna Suzanne and was smitten:  yellow (obviously it's not compulsory!), kinda vintagey, lots of interesting details.  Oh, and 7 x £7.99 to knit using the original yarn (£56 plus p&p from Loop London).
A UK-sourced yarn would be a better ethical choice (no air  miles).  Maybe something from John Arbon?  (4 x £8.95 = £36)

I am capable of thinking about this for at least a year before I buy the wool.
Pike's Mitts
Issue 7 of Knit Now magazine was waiting on the doormat when I returned from holiday and there were some deeply childish happy-skips when I saw that it included a Jared Flood mitt pattern which I had been ogling on Ravelry:  Pike's Mitts.

Why has only one person (other than the designer) knitted these so far?
I have ordered some Hebridean Harris Wool to knit these and a matching hat.  It'll soon be Christmas, after all.
The same magazine has a sock pattern I rather like, and some truly lovely knitted toys, in a special supplement, if you like that sort of thing.  I don't, personally, but even I can see the attraction of a stripey owl-and-pussycat set!
owl, pussycat and Betula socks


Anna said...

Have you looked at Kemps for yarn? http://www.kempswoolshop.com/home.aspx if you look at their clearance section there is Rowan in there at the moment, a lot of the discontinued stuff goes for 99p a ball, much better than £30 odd for one garment and most are English brands too. I buy most of my yarn from there and it means I can knit a lot more than I would ever be able to at full price!

wendy said...

Thanks for mentioning John Arbon, never heard of them before - lovely colours in the range that have me making plans for autumn knits already :)

wendy said...

And Anna, just had a look at kempswool too and have never before noticed their great deals on buttons. As someone who likes to sew blouses/ shirts this was a great find !

Franca said...

that yellow cardigan will be AWESOME!

Kat said...

Oooh oooh my friend has the book those exact same knitted toys were taken from! I was drooling over it at the weekend...being an owl obsessive with a couple of pussy cats to boot I now realise that there is a knitted-owl-and-pussy-cat shaped hole in my life...and did you see you get to knit the boat too?? The pea green boat?!? Ok I'll leave now...perhaps I am off to try and source Knit Now somewhere in Leicester....

Marie said...

Your blue jumper is looking sooooo good!!!

Roobeedoo said...

Anna - thanks for the reminder about Kemps. I have bought mystery bargain bags from them before but seem to forget they sell "pick your own" yarn too!

Christine Laennec said...

Oh that is a beautiful cardigan! I saw an article in a knitting magazine about lots of different wools in yellow and thought of you. :-) I like the owl and the pussycat in their boat as well, very sweet.

Kestrel said...

Your Bettie is looking gorgeous, really love that colour and the lovely wave stitch pattern too.

Linda said...

LOVE that Lorna Suzanne cardigan, and the yellow. Still can't knit, tho!