Sunday, April 22, 2012

Catching Up

Deceptive calm
It has been a mad week.
Bettie's Pullover has been my stitchy focus and I have reached the section headed "Finishing" - woo hoo!
This weekend I have been sewing up my Pyjama Party set... but I can't show you that until the Big Reveal on the 28th when all the Party People have a rave together - exciting!

Snapdragon from Priti NYC
I have healthy nail polish!  Snapdragon turned out to be rather brighter than I expected - and just wait til I show you Blue Sage!

Mud - we have lots of it
In mud news, the fields have been ploughed:  a farmer from 7 miles away is using our land for barley.  He does all the work and takes all the financial risks and in return we get... the view!

This is a great deal for us.  FL is certainly not fit for such physical work and I wouldn't know where to begin.  It is not good for the land to lie fallow for too long and we can't afford to contract out the whole cycle of ploughing / sowing / harvesting.  We lost a lot of money the last time we tried.

However, this means we have to be more creative when walking the dog, to find new routes avoiding 18-inch-deep ruts and opportunities to roll in slime and pick up ticks.  Nice!

FL has a horrible cough and took to his bed yesterday, but may have perked up a bit today.
The Girl's exams start this week.
Did I tell you she has decided to move to London for 6th Form?
And we have mallard ducks nesting down by the pond!
Disturbed ducks
So... yeah.  Mad week.
Gotta go - Bettie needs my attention!


Gail said...

Pretty nails! Can't wait to see your sweater too!

Felicity from Down Under said...

fabulous colour!

Christine Laennec said...

Gosh, you do have lots going on. I hope FL is feeling much better very soon, and that Bettie's pullover behaves herself in the final stages. Exciting news from The Girl!

Anonymous said...

I am still an avid reader (if a very quiet, normally non-commenting one)! I just had to shout out to you about this:

because THIS, I think - is so totally 'you'...

Warmest Wishes,


Lorna A said...

I'm going to steal your "deceptive calm" photo and use it as my background. :-)

I have to say I've never seen snapdragons that colour, more like the poppies that grow in my garden. Can't wait to see blue sage!

Clare said...

It all sounds good - hope cough improves and exams go well. The last piece of info about the ducks reminded of the first episode of The Sopranos! Looking forward to seeing your PJs x

Sandy said...

Love the shot of 'deceptive calm' with the long view you have... quite peaceful appearing. Intending that FL's feeling poorly is a temporary condition and he is up and about with more vim and vigour by the time you read this... what is 'healthy' nail polish? I must have missed a post.

Roobeedoo said...

Marie - thanks for that link. I hadn't seen that pattern before and it is intriguing indeed!

Clare - I regret I have never seen The Sopranos but I expect it involved gunshot?

Sandy - yes you must have missed my waffle about 3-free nail polish.