Thursday, April 26, 2012

Greetings from the Land of Mud

So. Much. Rain.

Today FL's car got stuck in the mud.  That will teach him not to "off-road" in his vehicle, now that the fields are ploughed!  So he was grounded until I traced the tractor-driver's phone number via some complicated googling and an out of date Phone Book.  I now know that the tractor driver is 36 and listens to The Archers... yes, really!  It is definitely worth googling yourself every now and then to see what complete strangers can find out about you.  Hopefully by the time you read this, FL has been towed to dry land.

FL gave his cold to me and The Girl, so while he has been surfing on a Dexy-high, the two of us have been trailing around in a fog of gloom. She is at home now on "study leave".  No more classes to attend til September in London!  Eek!

In crafty news, I am knitting the vintage cardigan I showed you, from Stitchcraft January1946:  "Arrow-Head Stitch and Ribbing".

I am trying to work it in one piece, so cast on the back and two fronts on one long circular needle and am attempting to follow the direction to "mirror the pattern" on the right front.

Um... yes.  We'll see.

I have (of course!) ordered the Darling Ranges pattern (cheapest from Raystitch, when p&p included) and plan to divert my purple organic dotty fabric to this project.  They usually deliver quickly, so I might be sewing this at the weekend - woo hoo!

viscose jersey

I also had a bit of an eebaay adventure this week when I found some gorgeous bird-print fabric up for auction. 

So I have 2.25 metres of viscose jersey and 3 metres of bluebird print twill on their way to me - oooh! 

So much for not buying more fabric, eh?
bluebird twill


didyoumakethat said...

What lovely bird fabric! I feel your rain pain. Sick of the stuff. Though, thankfully, I don't have cars to tow. Good luck with everything!

Melizza said...

That purple spotty fabric will look great made up as a Darling dress.

That bluebird twill is so adorable! It would be very hard to resist.

Gail said...

Your spotty fabric is perfect for that dress! Can't wait to see it!

Andrea B said...

I just bought some bird print jersey fabric, too! I already have a RTW bird blouse but I really couldn't resist.

Scruffybadger said...

Hurrahs all round! I am so glad that you are knitting the vintage pattern- it will please me so much to see you wearing it :-)
And I am in love with that bluebird ...twill hey? That's kind of skirt-able ...what are you going to do with it?
By the way sorry to be slow in replying to your query - I sold my 2 years old iPhone back to the shop when I changed my phone contract to a cheaper one (not iPhone, but who cares!)

Anonymous said...

Excellent fabric choices! Worthy of being exceptions to a "no more buying fabric" rule.
-- stashdragon

Sigrid said...

That twill is definitely exempt from the fabric buying ban, and I think that bird jersey should also be on the permanently exempt list. Hope you get well before the weekend so that you have plenty of sewing time.

handmadehomeschool said...

Can you use the instructions for that side of the back for the right front? I'm assuming you mean the armscye etc. That's all written out for you in the back, normally.

Roobeedoo said...

Hi Handmadehomeschool! I wish it was that simple - it's the stitch pattern itself that I need to "read backwards". Row 5 did my head in - but I have sorted it out and written it down now so hopefully...

Kelli Ward said...

thanks so much for your comment and compliments. it looks like you have some very exciting projects coming up. cant wait to see them!

Linda said...

Well as a non-sewing person (I originally wrote 'non-sewer', but it looked like the plumbing variety, or a curse by Uncle Matthew in 'Love in a Cold Climate') I'm not going to comment on your fabrics. Instead - how quickly the Scottish education system manages to stop teaching students and moves on to that waste of time known as 'study leave'.

How exciting that your daughter has made her decision and can look forward to London.

feresaknit said...

I googled myself and found that someone pertaining to be me plays some sort of sport - I hope that doesn't affect my DLA claim! ;D