Saturday, April 07, 2012

Homeward Bound... with Inspiration

All too soon, our week in Ullapool is over.  Back home today, back to work on Monday (my workplace does not recognise Easter).  Big sigh.

But I think my batteries are recharged.  I have drafted four Japanese sewing patterns and almost finished knitting the sleeves of Bettie's Pullover.

I am itching to sew something, anything! A major holiday treat was the availability of fast free broadband in the house and The Girl and I watched episode after episode of Project Runway - woo hoo!  We can't do that at home as our internet is too slow.  I really don't know how those designers work so fast and still produce clothes that fit.

I spent a lot of time with my most recent copy of Lula magazine (not new), thinking about the clothes I like  / make / wear... and thinking that the three don't tally at all.  This feature really inspires me.  I love how the model looks like the same person no matter what she is wearing.  Almost like a paper doll with cut-out clothes.  She has the same strong lips, jewellery and dark socks in every picture:  the base for a multitude of "looks".  How would that translate to real life?
Dress from The Velvet Bird
And I studied the new Velvet Bird collection until my eyes burned holes in the screen, thinking how much I love those dresses but probably wouldn't be happy wearing them.

Too white / loose-fitting / young.

And thinking that I have lost sight of "my style" again.

And thinking how pretentious that sounds.

I don't want to think myself into a paralysis of indecision.  Not everything has to be perfect and there's nothing wrong with trying different things.

Just dive into the stash and see what happens!


Doobee said...

Go for it!!! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with ...

Christine Laennec said...

So glad you had a fun week and feel you've had a rest. I say 'go for it' too - you never know til you try! You always look like yourself to me.

Maureen said...

Which site did you stream the Project Runway episodes from? I love the show but of course it's no longer on any of the Sky channels. Much sadness :-(

Roobeedoo said...

Hi Maureen,
I believe it was something like Gorilla vid? The Girl was in charge! But we managed to see a whole episode in 1/4s on youtube today - series 7. Woo hoo!

opportunityknits said...

"Too white / loose fitting / young" "And thinking that I have lost sight of my style again" resonated with me. For me, my mind's eye has not kept pace with my real age, so it's something I have to keep thinking of. Otherwise I tend to forget that I am approaching mid-century :) If it's too white, maybe an off-white, grey or even perhaps a black version? It can be different different! So have fun and try it out.