Friday, April 20, 2012

The Quest for a Golden Cardigan

Ariann by Bonne Marie Burns
With Bettie's Pullover almost finished, my mind is already turning to the next big project:  a yellow cardigan.
I showed you Lorna Suzanne, and she remains top of my wish-list.  But she is essentially a worsted-weight style.  This is supposed to be a summer cardigan.

teeny tiny Boden cardi

Which also rules out Ariann, even though I have had my eye on that pattern for years.  There is a cotton cardigan in the latest Boden catalogue which brought this one to mind. 

Camber by Jessamyn Leib

Leaving by Anne Hanson
Flicking through my mental archives, there are two fingering-weight patterns in my queue:  Leaving by Anne Hanson and the Camber Cardigan by Jessamyn Leib.

Both lovely!

I would give Camber long sleeves and Leaving a higher neck.

Stitchcraft vintage pattern

And of course... there are my vintage Stitchcraft patterns - oooh!  How could I forget my plan to knit a "real" vintage pattern?

I didn't tell you that FL and I had a trip out to Oyne last weekend.  We had lunch at Touched by Scotland (lovely food, but out of FL's price comfort zone, so "we won't be doing that again") and then popped next door to The Wool Shed...  where of course I bought some Honey-coloured Alba Yarn to knit my cardigan!

So the yarn is chosen... now I just have to decide on the pattern?


Lorna A said...

I'm guessing what you really need is Ariann in fingering weight! She is indeed a wonderful looking cardi.

Twelfthknit said...

Psst. Summer in Scotland. In Abredeenshire. Worsted seems good...or maybe chunky?

Roobeedoo said...

India - you are so evil... and so right! ;)

Scruffybadger said...

Sigh, they are all beautiful but I have a yearning to see the vintage pattern knitted .....

Christine Laennec said...

Would the Wish Me Luck Cardigan be any use? The Ravelry page says it calls for Sport weight, on 3 mm needles. I suppose it depends on whether you're a loose knitter (so to speak) or not.

Glad you had fun in Oyne, and have some golden spun fleece to work with now.

Seraphinalina said...

Lovely options. That vintage picture is so structured, it's not what I typically picture for knit patterns. Mind you, I'm only a knit admirerer, not a knitter.

LinB said...

The vintage cardigan looks very like the Vogue Knitting Magazine basket-weave worsted jacket that has languished in a blaze orange bag beside my sofa all winter, waiting for me to summon up the will to finish it. I want the finished jacket, I do not want to knit the thing. Therefore, I'd counsel you to make the Leaving, with a higher neck. "Meg Swanson's Knitting" has a simple cardigan, the Lupine, on page 66.I made one years ago, with my own texture choices. Should be available used or in a library.

Minnado said...

They all look good, I don't know how you can decide. The vintage cardigan looks fab I can see it going well with your other me-made clothes. x