Friday, April 06, 2012

The Right-Hand Path

While The Girl cannot fathom why anyone would want to live in a place with "nothing in it and nowhere to go", the sheer torture of her revision regime has led to an unprecedented willingness to walk the dog.  Hero is delighted.
Having explored the hill to the left, we decided to turn right, in search of the fabled "nature pond and viewpoint".
I am not sure we found either... but there was certainly lots to see.
It was almost un-naturally green in places!

The dog found snow to eat and water to paddle through.
And it was really quite beautiful.

None of which made it any easier to be a teenager with a camera-wielding mother.


Evie said...

My kids are still at the age when they will happily pose for the camera...this too shall pass. I feel your daughter's pain...there are day's I'd rather clean the oven than study!

Marie said...

Just stunning scenery!!!

Katy47p said...

So so pretty, nothing better than wandering through the countryside.

Gail said...

Oh that green is delicious!

Snickerdoodle Smith said...

Living in Arizona, it's always a pleasure to see a place so GREEN! We never get green here... at least, not THAT green. What a wonderful retreat.

Christine Laennec said...

That looks so beautiful. I hope it isn't bitterly cold. And good for the Girl to study AND to get out for a walk!

Sandy said...

Exquisite photos, Roo! One day The Girl will say to you, "Mum, do you remember when you hauled me off to the wilderness? Well, this is what I discovered about that time...." But you may have to wait awhile for this message... still I am sure it was a worthwhile journey in many respects.