Tuesday, May 22, 2012

FO: Desperately Seeking Female, Spring 2012

I finished my Desperately Seeking Susan tee tonight.

Sorry about the grainy pictures - I just couldn't wait til morning!

Pattern:  The top on page 104 of Female Spring 2012 (Japanese pattern magazine) size M
Fabric:  1.4m of 150cm wide viscose jersey found on eebaay.  I still have almost a metre left.
Other:  Black satin bias binding for the inside neck.  Black cotton tape to stabilise the shoulders.  Narrow ribbon to finish the inside hem.

Sewing this fabric was much easier than I expected.
Although it was enormously stretchy, the print was so dense that it added much-needed stability.
Even so, I knew I would need to bind the neck with firmly-woven bias binding if I was ever going to keep the top on my shoulders - or one of them at least!
For the same reason, I ran a line of black cotton tape along the inside shoulder seam, to keep the sleeves from stretching out completely.
The sleeve hems have double-thickness cuffs.
My original "concept" was to sew this in neon yellow sweatshirting... but when the fabric arrived it almost blinded me.  Unless I get a job in Road Traffic Control or take up night-running, I really can't imagine wearing anything that bright.
But I couldn't let go of the glow-in-the-dark idea completely.

So I bought some neon-yellow ribbon and used it to reinforce the bottom hem.
You can just catch a glimpse of it when I swish around.
And swishing around is compulsory in this garment!
It is another "going out" top.  This is one for Madonna karaoke evenings.
Hmmm... I don't go to many of those.
It is wonderfully comfortable. It would be lovely to wear somewhere exotic on a sunny day, sipping a cool drink in the shade.
But maybe I will just wear it to work with black trousers ; )


Sigrid said...

Love the style. Wear it to work and spend the day lip synching to Madonna?

Ali said...

Oooh, I love it. Gorgeous fabric and shape that can either pair with slim-leg or a wide leg palazzo. It makes me long for patterned knits

LOVE Desparately Seeking Susan, I've watched it many many times. Karaoke, sunny exotica or work, all sound good :)

Sandy said...

Quite lovely and hardly a desperate bit of work... looks just the thing for an afternoon lunch or reading a book under a tree.

opportunityknits said...

Love how your top turned out. Your fabric choice is brilliant, it can be dressed up or down. Will keep in mind the use of woven bias binding. I'm definitely putting this on my to-sew list!

Scruffybadger said...

Wow! This was one of those makes that I just couldnt imagine in terms of a current look, I imagined it would still look stuck in the 80s, but you've totally created something I don't think is just for going out. In fact, such a loose baggy knit would naturally be a comfy lounging style, so if you feel it's smart as well, then youre onto a winner. I love it - fabric is inspired

Jen Arnall-Culliford said...

Wow! What a wonderful top. I MUST get myself into sewing garments - your blog is inspiring me. :)

charlotte said...

this top would cover any occasion. It looks great.

Marie said...

Such a breezy top, I love it! And I think you should totally wear it to work and on evenings out, it's very versatile!

beate said...

if someone sitting behind a tree and waiting for you to steal that top - thats me ;-)

Big Alice said...

I love it! The print works really well, but I especially like the green neon tape at the bottom. I think you look great in it.

christinelaennec said...

Wonderful top, and the best part is the neon tape just peeking out!

Melizza said...

What a sassy blouse! I can imagine you channeling Jennifer Beale in this.

Great neon trim addition.

Gail said...

Ooooh! Neato! I want one!