Monday, May 07, 2012

A Long Weekend and an Etsy Shop

The Sowing Machine
There is nothing quite so motivating as a tractor thundering past the house, backwards and forwards, up and down the fields until gone midnight.
Despite a few flurries of snow, the Field Borrower (aka the farmer from 7 miles away who is using our fields this year) has been hard at work all weekend.  I suspect he borrowed his father's equipment for the Long Weekend and has to return it on Tuesday morning.  He is sowing barley.
Whatever got into me, (spring fever?) I have been powering away on a programme of home improvements.
The Untouchable Sofa of Doom
There are some things I can do nothing about - i.e. the sofa next to FL's chair.  This picture was taken AFTER he tidied it.  At a glance I see it is currently home to several hectares of news-print and books, a tow rope, a camera he doesn't know how to use, a single gardening glove, my two best cushions (or they used to be...), a few hats, and assorted stationery.  The Book is in there somewhere.   Excellent.  Sigh.

So when The Girl saw my latest purchase: "Homespun Style", she laughed out loud.  Her exact words were:  "The only thing you will ever change around here is the tablecloth."
I took this as a challenge, and began my campaign upstairs, in her bedroom (insert evil laugh).  Under her strict supervision we sorted through her clothes, in preparation for the Big Move, as she will no longer need school uniform but will need "things to wear to college".  Three bin-bags-full later, we confirmed what we already suspected:  she needs some new clothes.  Age 9 swimsuits are of little use to a girl at 6th form college.  So that will be a fun project!  Don't get any ideas - they will be shop-bought.

Ploughing on, she listed a pile of CDs  for disposal via some-sort-of-bird-dot-thingy, and I Amazoned a few books, creating a far bigger pile for the charity shop (as I have no patience with their "1p plus postage" deals unless I am the one buying them!).  There are some clothes to photograph for eebaay on  a bright day.  And I cleared the top landing in preparation for The Boy's arrival with all his worldlies at the end of the month.
I painted the last two windowsills.  And made blueberry spelt muffins.  And cleaned the bedroom fireplace.  I plan to paint my bedroom soon.  I have been putting it off for years because of the regular floods through the chimney wall, but (touch wood) we haven't had one for over a year despite many a downpour.  And frankly I've waited long enough.  I might even buy a rug for the floor.  It has been carpetted with old newspapers since the last deluge, which is really depressing. 

I did some of my own sowing (veg seeds) but no sewing (another Darling Ranges dress?) as I ran out of energy after a tortuous attempt to upload items into my Etsy shop.
... so when I think about it, perhaps Ms Dolly Clackett was right when she described me as being "in perpetual motion" - it's certainly been true this weekend!  Thank you Roisin - maybe it was your comment that spurred me on!  I am super-carp at these blog-award questionnaires, so I regret that I am not going to name names of other Versatile Bloggers - but if you are reading this and got this far, I reckon you deserve a prize, so consider yourself nominated! ; )

P.S.  I decided to open my Etsy shop despite only having ten items uploaded for sale!  If I ever get the gadget to attach to my side bar, you will see new items as I add them, but for the time being, have this:


Kat said...

I'm am impressed with your productivity! I started the long weekend with such good intentions, but inevitably (as always!) very little has been achieved. Ah well...I'll save it all for the next (double whammy) bank holiday weekend!

Marie said...

My goodness you are a woman on a mission! Well done on achieving so much in such little time, I feel so guilty now as I've had a very lazy weekend despite having loads of clearing to do!!!

Linda said...

Ah yes, the 'one out, one in' mode of life, as our offspring and their travelling circus of essentials moves to and fro across the country.

Good light for the ebay photos is a must. I've just taken a suite of photos of various sizes of riding hats and a body protector. I usually end up with a photo that has a bit of a foot in it as I contort to get the right angle and best light.

Roisin Muldoon said...

I knew I was right! You are a little fizzing ball of energy :)

FL's sofa of doom is very much like the ironing pile of doom on Nic's desk chair in our bedroom. I might have to tackle that this evening. And the post pile of doom on one of the chairs in the living room. I can't see me tackling that any time soon....

If you wait for good light on your ebaying it may even co-incide with one of their increasingly frequent free-listing weekend, double win!

Christine Laennec said...

I am very impressed with your energy and productivity - but best of all with your nickname of the "Field Borrower"! Can you see him or is he a very teeny weeny tractor driver? Thanks for the laugh.

feresaknit said...

That settee!!!!!! After tidying. GASP! Feel short of breath - need a lie down!

Alessa said...

:) Sounds like you were incredibly produtive!