Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Me Made May: Are We There Yet?

Almost there!  Just two more days and Me Made May will be over.  This is scary - that means it is almost June: the month of multiple family birthdays; the month when my daughter has induction at her London Sixth Form College;  the month when I really must face up to the approaching reality of a child-free home.
In the past week, the sunshine caught me off guard, and overnight the temperature went from 4 degrees C to 20 degrees C.  I took my cardigan off for the first time in forever!  And then it was back to a more normal 7 degrees.
I realised that:   I don't have any thin socks or tights;  that bare feet can't come out until I paint my toe-nails; and that I honestly don't know what to wear in hot weather.

MMM Day 22:
I finished sewing my Desperately Seeking top.  That counts doesn't it?

MMM Day 23:

In the Hood, 23 May 2012
Me-made:  hooded t-shirt (Mccalls 4322 from 1974) and Betsey Johnson pattern trousers (Butterick 3289, also from the 1970's)
Special effort made:  When did I last wear my Tara Starlet jacket?  This was actually an effort to wear a NOT me-made garment.  I reckon the hood on the t-shirt saves this from looking like I am wearing half a trouser suit!  I really need to wear this jacket a lot more because it is really nice and it wasn't cheap.

MMM Day 24:
Flat as a Pancake Day, 24 May 2012
Me-made:  Desperately Seeking top (Female Spring 2012, page 104) and Japanese pattern trousers (from "Dresses from the 1960's Movies").
Special effort made:  Took the risk to bare rather a lot of neck and shoulder to work as I was also meeting an old colleague for lunch at the beach.  The BEACH?!  It was seriously hot despite the haar over the sea.  There were some raised eyebrows at work but I was cool and comfortable. Lost my bust somewhere along the way but that's fashion, darlings! ; )

MMM Day 25:
Sunshine at 7am, 25 May 2012
Me-made:  Sencha blouse in Liberty tana lawn and Eva Dress 1940's trousers.
Special effort made:  Standby "smart enough for The Boss" outfit as I had an 8.30am audience with Himself all by myself (gulp!).  I still have a job, so I must have done something right (joke!).

MMM Days 26 and 27:
Hmmm. Another weekend of using the production of clothing as an excuse not to wear me-made!  Finished my second Darling Ranges Dress.

MMM Day 28:
Hey shorty, 28 May 2012
Me-made:  Japanese pattern dress from the book "Sewing Lesson" (on sale in my Etsy shop!)
Special Effort Made:  I dug out my last bag of summer clothes, and decided to rehabilitate this dress, which comes from an earlier stage in my style evolution (snort!).  What I mean is... I'm not sure this is "me" anymore.  However, comrades in the Flickr MMM group were very supportive.  I dunno.  It comes from my days of long hair in plaits... you know, when I was still in my early forties.  I also think it might be time to ditch the fishnets?

MMM Day 29:
Oh Hi Colleagues, 29 May 2012
Me-made:  Lisette Portfolio blouse (again!) and Betsey Johnson 70's trousers (again!)... though maybe I haven't worn them together before?
Special effort made:  My new (second hand) cardigan arrived!  Yay!  And while it was made in China, and I am suffering guilt pangs for not checking its origins before I bid on it, I have to say it is lovely.  Very soft, beautifully-finished and warm.  And that is a major consideration up here, because it was only 7 degrees again today.  I am ignoring  The Girl who says it is a Christmas jumper because the pattern is of snowflakes and pine trees and they are red and green.  No, they are not - they are coral and teal! ; )

Two days to go.  Hope these Flickr pics are working because I can't get up enough steam on my home broadband to post photos direct.  It may have something to do with the two Computer Arts students living upstairs!


Miriana said...

My gosh, where do you work? Eyebrows raised at an exposed neck!

beate said...

I just find in "our age" should we wear net stockings and romantic clothes ... of younger, it often seems overdressed or superficial, but with the corresponding mature gets all a subtle charm. :-)
(sorry for the google-english)

Scruffybadger said...

Gorgeous as always Roo. Ive noticed that you put your practical but stylish trousers to use, particularly this last week. I do love the wide leg look (but your black ones are also cute).
I also was impacted by "other" computer & broadband users - all of a sudden the old problems came back & the internet struggled to cope. Text but no images. That's not on, what's going to happen for longer periods of visitation during the summer .....

Sandy said...

You´ve almost got enough photos of Me-mades to do a 365 day calendar... terrific accomplishments!

christinelaennec said...

I'm so impressed! I love all your outfits. I'm pleased that you wore your Batwoman top to work, and I don't think your Fair Isle cardi is in the least Christmas-like (even if the weather sort of is).

Alessa said...

I'm glad your cardigan did actually arrive - it looks lovely! :) I think the Lisette portfolio blouse outfit is my favorite from this bunch.

quietandsmalladventures said...

i LOVE the fair isle cardigan, it's gorgeous and all seasons as long as it's cold enough to wear. bah on christmas only! as for the fishnets, you should wear them as often as you like, there's no age limit or police to come after you and you have the legs to pull them off!