Monday, May 21, 2012

Me Made May Week 3

MMM Day 16
Me made: 
shorts (Simplicity 2654)
self-drafted tee
coat (Japanese pattern from the "Sweet Black" book)
Made by others (thank you!!):
Watch-lace by Scruffy Badger
Susie's Reading Mitts by Christine
Special effort made:  I washed and styled my hair.  Ha!  That'll teach me not to go out in the wind!

MMM Day 17
Skirt (Colette Ginger in lilac corduroy)
Blouse with polka dots and ricrac (Simplicity 1388 from 1955)
Special effort made:  I really wanted to wear this blouse.  I have never tried it with a skirt before.  It works really well with the high waist on a Ginger - woo hoo!  And Scruffy's watch-lace works well at the neck too.  New outfit discovered!  I might have to make another top from this pattern :)

I asked FL to include the bluebells in this picture - they are just off to my right...!

Bluebells - hooray!
MMM Day 18
Trousers (Eva Dress from the 1940s)
Blouse (Sencha in Liberty tana lawn)
Cardigan (Audrey-in-Unst)
Special effort made:  This is a tried-and-true me-made combination whch will be familiar to anyone who was around for my previous me-made challenges.  I still like it!  The only thing I did differently was to add my granny's crystal beads - the short ones.  I don't think I have worn these before, ever, as they are strung on a chain which cuts in to the back of my neck due to the weight of the beads.  However, I got used to it and they looked pretty.  Result!

I am not actually reading "Placenames of Roman Britain", it was on its way back to the library.

MMM Day 19
Shorts (Pattern Runway, sweet scalloped shorts)
Top (Lisette Souvenir with elephant print)
Special effort made:  This is one of my favourite combinations at the moment, but it is rarely appropriate for a 47-year old in a sober occupation to wear such things!  The Girl and I were going into the city to scour the charity shops for clothes for College so I thought "Why not?"
To be honest it was hidden under my long coat for most of the day, but I felt great!  The scarf was a new addition (though I have had it for at least ten years) and helped cover the gaping at the front neck.  If I make this top again I will lose about an inch of width across the square neckband - it is a bit too bare.
Did we find anything for The Girl?  We bought a black dress which has long lace sleeves and a short ruffled skirt.  Not exactly everyday-wear, but it looks cute on her!

MMM Day 20
Dress (Lisette Portfolio in denim)
Special effort made:  Not really.  It was a day of gardening and sewing and I just wanted to feel comfortable in something that would wash easily if I got muddy.  I could so easily have worn a grubby old t-shirt and jeans, so I am pleased that I chose this instead - it really made weeding feel more fun, and less depressing when I met my new neighbours for the first time.
They are very young, glossy and well-heeled with fast cars and expensive sunglasses.  I predict they will last here one winter and one winter only!  This garden is just outside their front door, so I was prepared for complaints about my slowness to weed this year.  Luckily, they are city folks who just see it as "nice and green with pretty flowers" - phew!

MMM Day 21
Blouse (Lisette Portfolio in dobby dot)
Trousers (Eva Dress from the 1940's)
Cardigan (Audrey-in-Unst)
Special effort made:  Today began badly:  a button flew off my lime vintage cardi; then I realised my brown boots were in desperate need of re-heeling and could not be worn; so this was my third outfit choice.
And I had to do an emergency deep-clean of the bathroom before I left the house:  FL is not well.*
So, I was late for work, but at least my hair was clean and I added my vintage bluebird brooch to the blouse.
Fluster, fluster, fluster.

*FL has an upset stomach.  We are now on Day Three.  I wish I could blame his new medicine... but they forgot to put the pills in his doggy bag at the hospital last Tuesday.  I am collecting them later this week.


Marie said...

I really love all your outfits and I definitely don't think any of them are too young-looking...they're all perfect on you!

christinelaennec said...

All your outfits are great! Well done you. And I'm really sorry to hear FL isn't well - I do hope he's better now. Poor both of you!

Trish said...

loving these outfits, they are just perfect on you! and your yard is perfectly lovely, too--wish it weren't so hot here so that my yard stayed greener longer, too.

quietandsmalladventures said...

oooh i love all of yur outfits, but i think 16, 19 and 20 are my favorites of the week (especially 19, it's smashing on you!!)

dottiedoodle said...

Love everything, you look really arty and cool! Especially inspired by dressing up (relatively) to do the gardening - must try that.

Jane said...

LOVE day 18 and your socks on day 21! x

shivani said...

I love your outfits - Days 18 and 21 especially! I might have to shift the Lisette Portfolio towards the top of the pile!

Minnado said...

I love all the outfits - the shorts and top combo are definitely not too young for you. Now if it were leopard print hotpants I would be shouting "NOOOOO" at the screen. I just ripped my denim portfolio from under the arm to the bust! Ooops.

indigorchid said...

I think your shorts are totally appropriate! I really enjoy seeing a red thread throughout your outfits - your style comes through loud and clear!

Scruffybadger said...

Oh Roo, I always get so inspired when I see your me made outfits - I positively love/ envy them at the same time....
I love that you can pull shorts off - they look fabulous on you, no matter how old you are - I think it's how you wear them!

Alessa said...

I especially like your shorts-outfits, they look great on you!