Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Me Made May: Week Two

Me Made, 9 May 2012
Cardigan (Betty Jean McNeil from the Family Trunk Project)
Trousers (Betsey Johnson pattern from the 70's, Butterick 3289)
Special effort made:  Amber jewellery, nails still painted turquoise.  This outfit took me to work and back and then out to a lecture on Roman Camps in Scotland with FL (another hot date?!)

Me-Made, 10 May 2012
Coat (Japanese pattern from "Sweet Black" book) - actually worn every day, just not pictured.
Skirt (Colette Meringue from the Sewing Handbook)
Self-drafted tee
Special effort made:  This skirt has still not been lined and creeps up my legs as I walk.  I was hoping that this would annoy me so much that I would line it at the weekend!  The scarf (Laura Ashley charity collaboration with Uniqlo) and vintage cardigan were both attempts to bring coordination to an otherwise dangerously disparate mix of clothing.  The boots are my security blanket of comfort and I think they look cute with a skirt.  The Girl disagrees!

Me-Made, 11 May 2012
Trousers (Japanese pattern from "Dresses from the 60's Movies")
Blouse (Simplicity 5441 from 1964)
Special effort made:  Wearing this top for the first time.  The trousers are made from the same fabric as yesterday's skirt and they creep up my legs as I walk (surprise?!).  I also get a baggy bum and saggy knees after a few hours at my desk.  The facing of the blouse keeps turning to the outside, despite understitching and top-stitching and pressing, and it clings to my tummy, making me feel tubby.  Not my finest hour.  Blah.

Me-Made, 12 and 13 May 2012
Dress (Lisette Portfolio)
Cardigan (Central Park Hoodie)
Hat (Norie by Gudrun Johnston)
Special effort made:  This is real life.  The bucket is my favourite weekend accessory.  I have one for washing (clean) and one for weeding (dirty).  Yes, they do get mixed up occasionally.

 Me-Made, 14 May 2012 (with extra windpower)
Skirt (Colette Ginger)
Blouse (vintage Simplicity 3638 from 1948)
Cardigan (Betty Jean McNeil from the Family Trunk Project)
Special effort made:  A new combination.  The tight cardigan helps control the blouse, which tends to rise upwards and pop out of waistbands.  I think the colours and textures work well together.  You can't see, but the blouse buttons are sewn on with orange thread which colour-connects it with the cardigan without being too "matchy matchy".  I will definitely wear this outfit again!

Me-Made, 15 May 2012
Blouse (Colette Sencha)
Trousers (Betsey Johnson pattern from the 70's, Butterick 3289)
Special effort made:  A new combination.  I have never worn any of these items with each other before.  I love how the lime (vintage cashmere) cardigan picks up the light green in the Liberty print of the Sencha.  And that the Sencha works with these high-waisted trousers.  And that the cardigan works with the trousers (I thought it might be too long and barrel-like).  "Gold" birdcage necklace added for a pinch of quirk.  Really pleased with this one!

Summary of the week?
  • I pushed myself to think up new "outfits" and I am really pleased with Days 14 and 15.
  • That black cotton "with stretch" fabric was a mistake, but the resulting skirt and trousers are both black, which means I wear them a lot - they are just so practical!  Maybe I need to make more black clothes (stop laughing, dear daughter!)
  • Day 10 looks the most like my "usual" style.
  • I could use more colourful silky scarves as they seem to smarten up the most unlikely combinations.


Kestrel said...

I love the combination of Betty Jean and Ginger and well done for striving for new outfit combinations too.

Bundana said...

Hi Roo, you have inspired me to make some more separates! I'll join you next year for MMM13!

Bundana x

Melizza said...

Your outfits look great. Two to three me-made items in day! Amazing. If there could be a MM Queen you would surely be it.

Snickerdoodle Smith said...

I loved every single one of your outfits! You make me made may look good!

juicyknits said...

Your pictures made me queue Betty Jean. Not sure if it'd work with my figure, though.
Love all of your outfits.

Evie said...

I love that you look stylish whilst pegging out the laundry! I have to check to make sure no neighbours are watching!

indigorchid said...

Love the cardigan+skirt outfit of day 14 - especially the boots with it all! And that's my favorite part of me-made or self-stitched challenges, that it really makes me try to come up with new combinations!

CarpeDyem said...

I am further inspired to dust off my sewing machine after seeing all your beautiful clothes. Fab.

Tamsin said...

Love your days 14 and 15, the cardi and skirt look great together. Do you have any problems with your lisette portfolio 'walking' up your legs? I have been wearing my dress today and it has been driving me crazy - my tunic does it too. I am seriously considering lining the front of each of them, but that might be a bit strange.

Urban Rustic said...

All gorgeous stylish outfits that I am completely envious of!

Scruffybadger said...

As always I look forward to your outfits & pictures & you haven't disappointed! Love the combinations & i really need to make outerwear as stylish as your coat ....I am delighted to see you wearing "that" pink gingham collared top - it looks cute. Oh, & the washing line shot - perfection!

Sigrid said...

Another week of inspiring looks, but those wide leg pants and the cardigan might be my favorite look. And I wish that Doing laundry at my house could look that bucolic.

natalie said...

I am rather in awe of your dressmaking skills, not to mention the knitting.
I think, for my birthday, i would like a waist, please. It would make dressmaking a lot easier.

Linda said...

I laughed at your 'matchy matchy' comment. Reminded me of the Glaswegian dress code 'ATM' - 'all tae match' (said in a Bearsden accent)

Alessa said...

Lovely outfits all the way through! I especially like Day 14, the cardi is so gorgeous and matches very well with the Ginger!

Gail said...

All great outfits, but I especially love your day 14 remix!