Thursday, May 31, 2012

MMM: the finale and analysis (with gratuitous duckling)

MMM Day 30

Me-madeself-drafted tee and mushroom-print Colette Ginger skirt

Special effort made:  Shoes with heels!  These were always intended to be the slightly-smarter equivalent of my brown cowboy boots, but I always automatically reach for the comfy old boots.  I couldn't do that this time, as the boots need to go to the cobbler.

MMM Day 31

Me-made:  Shorts (Simplicity 2654) and hooded t-shirt (Mccall's 4322 from the 1970's).

Special effort made:  I washed my hair... that's about it!  Not the most flattering self-portrait ever, but I was in a rush after rescuing a duckling that got stuck in the herb garden fence! (See below.)

So... that's May done.
As is traditional in the midst of a me-made, self-stitched challenge, I will now disappear in a puff of over-thinking as I stare at a month's worth of What I Wore.

Most worn:
Eva Dress trousers:  4 times
Betsey Johnson trousers:  4 times
2 Senchas in Liberty lawn:  3 times and 2 times
1 Lisette Portfolio blouse:  3 times
3 Ginger pattern skirts:  6 times (twice each)

Trouser-wearing days total: 10
Skirts total:  8
Shorts total:  4
Dresses total:  3  (if we don't count the days I made one!)
Days when I did not bother with extensive me-madery (all at weekends):  6?  but I was making on all those days and still had on me-made socks and knickers!

Most worn NOT me-made:
Lime green cashmere vintage cardigan:  6 times
...compared to Audrey-in-Unst:  4 times
Days when no cardigan worn at all:  3

Any surprise "hit"s?
My polka dot and ric-rac blouse is much more wearable than I thought, now that I have stitched down the facings properly.  I wore it twice.

Any notable "misses"?
The white-collared pink gingham blouse.  It has already gone to the charity shop:  bye bye!
My grey Portfolio trousers.  You didn't see them this month.  I tried to wear them on three separate occasions and knew I could not face a whole day in them.  The rise is too high.  Wriggle.  Maybe I will break them in at the weekend when I know I can change into something more forgiving if I need to!
I don't like mid-length skirts on me anymore.

Gratuitous duckling photo - aw, bless!
The To-Do List?

My black Japanese pattern trousers are a saggy-bummed disaster but so practical that I keep wearing them - I really really need to make another pair of black trousers.  At once!

I didn't get round to making any jewellery and I have a growing collection of single earrings.  I wear the same few pairs every day.  Yawn.

I need to get my vintage brown cowboy boots re-heeled.  I love them.  I miss them.  Sob!

There are a few things I realised didn't like any more and couldn't bring myself to wear.  I need to refashion them... or ditch them.

I need to line my black Meringue skirt.  Urgently.

The Conclusions?

I could have another big clear out and not miss the pile of things I never wear.
I don't really miss shop-bought clothes.
I thought 1940's style was "my era"... but it might actually be the 1970's.  Blimey - that'll lose me a lot of blog-readers!
I am ready to try something new.  Shorts were a revelation - what's next?  A Maxi dress?!


Seraphinalina said...

Looks like a great sum up to me. I love wearing my favourites over and over, that's what makes them favourites, but it also makes you realize what you just don't wear.

Poor duckling, glad you spotted him to rescue.

Sarahel said...

I've loved spectating at your MMM. And your comment about the potential impact of switching 'your' decade made me laugh. Whenever the inspiration, it creates a very harmonious style that's yours - and is much more interesting than some of us manage.

Sandy said...

Whatever era you decide to dress yourself in, I'll still be a follower because 1) I am fascinated by your creative energies with fabrics and 2) love the colors of the yarn you manage to find and 3) there are still six more me-made months, aren't there?

superheidi said...

And your writings are so amusing, can't be missed either.

Scruffybadger said...

And a very well dressed month it was too!! I think I adore the lime and mushroom combo..those colours together are perfection.
Your stats are also interesting....and 4 successful shorts days has to be my own source of inspiration....making some I'd go out in....

Kestrel said...

Aww, cute duckling!

Sounds like your Me made month was really useful to help you evaluate your wardrobe - nice work!

LinB said...

Next up: A hooded jacket imprinted with mallards: you can "duck" under cover whenever you wish! Clearing out drawers and closets makes more room for new me-mades. I applaud you. Why is it, though I see lots and lots of hand-made garments in my local thrift store, I never see any of mine on the racks? I donate tons to them. (A. They all sold immediately to women who were THRILLED to get them. B. They were immediately consigned to the rags-for-paper pile and never made it to a hanger.)

Tanit-Isis said...

Great summary (and duckling!) I love the things I learn from me-made months. I also love the 70s styles ;)

rosyragpatch said...

Very interesting summing up. I must try that out for myself. These Me Made months are great for showing up what works, what could work and what just has to go.
I've loved seeing your outfits - you did a great job.

Ali said...

I love this summary -- the geeky gal in me wants to do the same :) But I had fewer me-mades to work with so it'd be dresses, dresses, dresses.

How wonderful the challenge helped you hone in on what you like to wear and what you'd like going forward. I can totally see the 70s -- wide legged pants, lovely blouses, a-line skirts. Lots of separates. I love that era too :)

Gail said...

I really enjoyed seeing your outfits throughout the month, and also enjoyed reading through your summary. And you won't lose me by shifting to the 70s styles - I love them too!

black chinos said...

Cute duckling:) love your blog!