Thursday, May 10, 2012

Off Piste Pansies

Thursday already and not a stitch sewn or knitted this week - tsk!
Administration of my Etsy, Amazon and Ebay listings have nibbled away at the last few evenings.  But that's OK - it's rather fun!
My rush of weekend energy was predictably followed by a bit of a dip, but I have also been enjoying browsing new-to-me blogs unearthed by the Me Made May Flickr set - so many amazing outfits!  I am storing up loads of inspiration.

A surprise entry into the "must sew now" category is an out-of-print Cynthia Rowley skirt pattern (Simplicity 2512), which was huge in blogland a couple of years ago.  At the time, it went right over my head and I watched other sew-ists enthusing about it with a shruggy "So what?  A bit 90's isn't it?". 

Oh Roo!  When will you learn?  You take a long time to come round to a new shape don't you?

Every time one of these skirts pops up in the Flickr group, I think "OK... I really must do it this time..."

So... rather late to the party, I am planning a tulip skirt.  I think it will be fabulous in my pansy and bluebird print twill....  the same fabric I have earmarked for a second Darling Ranges dress!
I am hoping to have enough yardage to make both.  Although it is a very distinctive print, I think I have room in my life for two such different garments in the same fabric.
So that's the latest plan... watch this space!


Clare said...

Yay for tulip skirts! That fabric is absolutely beautiful - I can't wait to see your skirt!

Kirsty said...

The fabric is divine and I think will suit the tulip skirt beautifully!

Anonymous said...

First I had to find that pattern on etsy and buy it. Now I can thank you for showing it to me!
-- stashdragon

Anonymous said...

Almost forgot to tell you how beautiful the bluebird-and-pansy print is. Which view of the skirt do you have in mind for it?
-- stashdragon

Scruffybadger said...

Gosh its that fabric again.....swoon.......will love seeing it in that tulip

Roobeedoo said...

heh heh stash dragon - so pleased to have enabled you!;)
I am planning to make View B.

toboldlysew said...

I love this skirt - I was going to sew this when I started sewing but still haven't managed it - can't wait to see your version! Which one are you going to do?

christinelaennec said...

I adore that fabric! I think it'll make a very lovely tulip skirt.