Monday, June 25, 2012

New Vintage Pattern Fun

Guess who went shopping on eebaay again?

In the context of clutter clearance, this may seem... counter-intuitive.  But I have hours of fun ahead of me in perusing my latest box of "surprises".  This time, there was a single photo of the whole lot (25 patterns for £9.99) spread out , so I had a fair idea of what the box would contain, but still there were some unexpected treats... and disappointments!

 Here are some highlights!

First up:  a treat!

Simplicity 6376
This pattern is very similar to the Wearing History shorts pattern I have my eye on.  All I would have to do is deepen the waistband, move the zip to the side and add suspenders - woo hoo!

It is a 28" waist so I will have to take it in a little too... but it looks do-able.

Watermelon linen from the stash ;)

Bring on the sunshine!

Next up:  a blouse pattern with side-neck fastening.  I have wanted to try this style for ages.   There is a second pattern in the box for a similar dress.

I might use the red cotton from my Crafters' Ceilidh swop, for the cap-sleeved version.

Piping?  Maybe!
Simplicity 6238
This one was a huge surprise.  Because the envelope is a bit battered, the seller had slid the edge under the adjacent pattern to photograph it... covering up those cute scallop-hemmed tops!

It is my size! 

 You know I have been hunting for the perfect shell top pattern... could this be it?

Rose-print cotton or else cream broderie anglaise - both already  in my stash - ooh the excitement!
Ah... now this was a disappointment.

I saw the legs of those trousers and was besotted.  I scoured etsy in search of the same picture, but without the pattern number I was stumped.

It turns out that this is Butterick 4441 and the trouser waist is elasticated - ugh!  Could I adapt it?  Hmmm...

However, the top is included too - a sewn polo-neck jumper?  Maybe!
Ah but this one... this one could provide the trousers I am seeking!

Simplicity 6348

LOVE those bell-bottoms!  Would not dare wear the halter top!

Slightly small for me, but only by half an inch or so - woo hoo!
Errr... no.  Just say NO, children!

But isn't it interesting how those models look like real women?  Actual flat-chested pear-shaped soft-thighed humans?

Which doesn't mean I would ever want to be seen dead like that, you understand!

Swimwear belongs under water.

But all things considered, I reckon I got my money's worth with this box.  There is more - 19 patterns more!  A fair number of dull 70's suit patterns included.  But  overall?  A successful bit of risk-taking!


Kirsty said...

Definitely some goodies! I love that side neck fastening blouse.

Gail said...

Nice haul!

Tanit-Isis said...

Oh, what an excellent score! I love the second bellbottom pattern---though it's probably better they went to you as I doubt I'd make them up. My husband whines a lot when I wear wide-legged pants. ;)

... I love 70s suit patterns... :)

LinB said...

At least the elastic-waisted trews and skirt have a flat front -- this is fairly standard in rtw for we Women of a Certain Age. You are not there yet, nor have you accumulated the avoirdupois that can come with many years and little exercise. They usually go under a jacket worn open, so the elastic back is not so obvious. Perhaps you can pass them along to an older friend, if you decide not to keep this pattern for the raglan-sleeved turtleneck blouse -- which is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Excellent score indeed. What's the pattern number on that Simplicity split-skirt pattern? Looks great for bicycling.
-- stashdragon

Roobeedoo said...

Hi Stashdragon - that is Simplicity 6376. I will edit the main post too.

Scruffybadger said...

I made the mistake of using ebay as my bus journey home reading material....although it was as fun as yours by the looks of it! Love the ease of pattern shopping but hate it too...ruins my plans for prudence. The shell tops are fabbie and I was tickled by the name of the last pattern...multikini!!

Sigrid said...

Unpacking that lot must be a bit like excavating a 1970's sewing room. You know, I think you could adapt the elastic waist pants by using a pants pattern that fits your waist well and just using the legs for their basic shape. But I have to admit that one of my favorite pairs of pants has an elastic waist.