Monday, June 04, 2012

The Sock Report

Stop what you are doing - immediately!

Look at THIS!

The Sock Report is a new online magazine devoted to all that is beautiful about sock yarn.
There is a lovely short story by Rachael Herron... which was what took me there in the first place.

But there are also lots and lots of fabulous new patterns for socks, shawls... you know the kind of thing!  patterns are available individually for $6.60 or for $16 you can have the whole lot.  You can guess which option I chose ; )

I have been floundering around with my knitting recently.  Plodding on with my yellow cardigan, liking it, but itching for something different.  This is it!  An entire summer of knitting laid out in one publication.

Go now - have a look!


Christine Laennec said...

I'm not going to look, I'm not going to look, I'm not going to look...

Dibs said...

I am going to look, just because I know I won't buy anything. lol

thesewingmiserablist said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I loved it so much I bought the whole thing and will start on the Cassian shawl in some dream in colour smoothy in fierce red very soon. I recently returned to knitting after many years and love how portable it is. Its also more restful I find than sewing.