Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sweet Sixteen! This week's Other Birthday.

On Wednesday, The Girl turned sixteen.  SIXTEEN!
I was so tempted to post pictures of her as tiny cute toddler, but she would never speak to me again, so instead you have a photograph of her birthday treat: seeing William Control in Glasgow.

The Girl lives and breathes sweet William.  He is the centre of her universe, alongside Edgar Allan Poe, Oscar Wilde, Stephen Fry, Morrissey and The Cure.  We couldn't believe that he was going to be in Scotland for her birthday.
I travelled down to Glasgow with her and wore a hole in my sock prowling the streets while she hung around with "the guys".  We stayed at a hotel just behind the venue so she didn't have far to walk back in the dark.

It was, I quote: "the best day of her life"... hooray!

Glasgow School of Art, near our hotel
What did I do?  I went to Mandors fabric shop, where I bought one metre of t shirt fabric (the list of "near misses" was extensive!)  I tried on shoes (too big) and jeans (hilariously tight legs!).  And I drank coffee in the window seat of a cafe and watched the world go by.

Both The Girl and I agree that Glasgow is somewhere we could live.  It's on my list of "Places to Move To" alongside Hebden Bridge (Yorkshire) and Portland Oregon (USA).

I also knitted a sock.  A pair of socks!  I'll show you them soon.

On Thursday, I took her to Glasgow airport and put her on a plane to London for the next part of her adventure:  William Control in Southampton (her dad's half of the birthday tour extravaganza).

I won't see her again for three weeks, stage one in her gradual flight south to live with her dad and start Sixth Form College - woo hoo!

Happy Birthday Girl!


Kirsty said...

The Cure, Morrissey and Oscar Wilde.. some things never change, just like me at 16, 25 years ago! Sounds like a lovely break away.

Sandy said...

Ahhhhh, the Dove takes flight... glad you had such a memorable time together! Happy Birthing day for you!

jo90 said...

I love Glasgow too. Fab vegan places to eat, which is always our gauge of how much we love a place. Portland is on my places I would like to live too!!

Anonymous said...

so glad you and her dad were able to give The Girl such an exciting birthday adventure. sweet sixteen - so bittersweet, eh, momma. the heart swells with love and with pride, just seeing how beautiful she's become, inside and out. but the first flutters of those newly grown wings can sure make a mother's heart flutter, too. best wishes to you both on such a milestone birthday. xo, karen