Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekend Target-Setting: a Re-Boot

Marigolds - sown in spring 2011, only now in flower!
I am a very goal-orientated person.  Give me something to aim for, and I know what I have to do:  get there!
Without targets, I am a mess.  I drift along in a fog of listlessness.
 Take last week's trip to Glasgow: almost two days to go anywhere, do anything.  License to buy up the whole of Mandors (bank account permitting).  Films to see, exhibitions to visit, shops to browse around... and what did I do?  I wandered.  I made myself dizzy with indecision in the fabric shop.  I spent the evening in my hotel room knitting a sock and watching "Miss Congeniality" on TV. (Oh lord, did I just confess to that?!)
Another pair of Dotty socks!
So here I am, in the middle of almost three weeks of child-free splendour, and how am I spending my evenings?  Knitting socks while FL watches football on TV.  Now, as much as I love knitting socks, I know that this is essentially a waste of my free time.  I need to make a plan... more structure is required!
So I have decided to take myself in hand this weekend.  Stop drifting from project to project, accumulating "stuff" in a random way, but take the time to work out what it is I want, and head towards achieving that.

I was looking at my me-made wardrobe the other day (post MMM) and it occurred to me that I would never buy half of those things if I saw them in a shop.  And I wondered what I would wear if I was starting from scratch with no clothes at all.
How about approaching my sewing with that in mind?  I need to think about this a bit more.
This weekend I will match stash fabric to patterns and set myself some realistic goals to make clothes I really want to wear - yay!

Watermelon linen with cream buttons?
Knitting feels a bit different:   I would never buy a knitted shawl to wear, so why do I keep making them?
I have realised that the creation of the knitted fabric is probably more important to me than the final product. And that's OK!  This is about process not product.  Keep knitting that shawl, Roo!

The beginnings of a new shawl:  Kællingesjal 1897


This is a biggie and I reckon I could devote the next three years and more to improving my living space.  I have been chipping away at it for months now, but think how much I could achieve if I set aside more time to sorting things out instead of moping on the sofa, surrounded by FL's heaps?  More clutter clearance.  Planning my bedroom makeover.  Even just ordering the paint would be a start! (TICK!)
And I still have a sock-yarn-squares blanket to finish knitting... combining knitting with home improvements?  Bargain!
Farrow & Ball and Eiko paint charts... but I ordered Earthborn Vanilla again!  zzzzzz
 The Garden
I complain about the manual labour involved, but my herb garden is starting to look lively at last!
 Which is more than can be said for my vegetable plot.  I planted:  broad beans, courgettes, beetroot, kale, broccoli and salad leaves.  Hmmm... the broad beans are still alive but everything else is looking a bit sad  My goal must be to keep one step ahead of the weeds and make time to enjoy what I have already created:  just look at those colours!
Colour in the herb garden
Diet and Exercise
I am on a stealth mission to encourage FL to eat healthier food.  Unfortunately, he spotted my ruse straightaway!
Day two of healthy living saw him brandishing a battered haggis he had bought earlier from the chip shop to augment the fresh green meal I had prepared!
But I am not giving up.  He admitted that he really enjoyed my home-made vegetable-enhanced fish pie, and he didn't even comment on the veggie-ness of the macaroni dish of last night, but went back for a second helping.  Yay!
I have also managed to get him to walk the dog with me twice this week.  Actually WALK!  We took it slow and steady to the fruit trees and back.  He thanked me afterwards.
It's good for both of us!
But I need to do a bit more on my own:  a quick bounce on the trampoline, chasing the dog, maybe even an exercise dvd session. 

Vitality - that's what this living lark demands!

I've said I just have to do it!


Jane said...

You've said it and you've committed it to paper (well, virtual paper) so go for it! I live my whole life by lists and goals, even if I just tick a tiny bit off it's progress and I'm happy.
Laughed long and hard at the battered haggis bit! X

wendy said...

I understand about having a wardrobe of lovely handmade clothes but nothing really 'to wear'. I had a bit of a lightbulb moment when I began following Janice, over at The Vivienne Files ( wish I could link - sorry) I realised I wasn't making the basics, I had no good solid plain classics in my wardrobe. So of course I made a plan, (I lovel plans too) based loosely on her Building by Fours posts; I can happily report it seems to be working a treat.

Good luck with all you've got planned, you're going to be busy :)

Marie said...

Excellent plans all around and completely achievable! Go for it ;o)

Felicity from Down Under said...

I think you're being a bit harsh on yourself. There's definitely a need for relaxation. If that means sitting and knitting rather than sightseeing - or making yourself miserable because you keep seeing fabric you can't afford to buy - then sit and knit. You do plenty of bouncing around in the ordinary way. I agree that lists help, but I'd like to see you put "veg out for half an hour" on your list. Then you wouldn't feel so guilty, right? LOL

didyoumakethat said...

I totally agree on the knitting front. I find it quite difficult to choose the next pattern to work from because I just don't think I'm totally engaged in wearing lots of hand knits - I just love knitting!!!

Gail said...

I really love your assessment of your wardrobe: "I wouldn't buy half those things if I saw them in the shop . . ." I've been thinking the same way about my makes lately. I'm really enjoying having so many me-made items, but I find that often once I've finished sewing something, the bloom is off the rose!

Rachel-Lou said...

If you enjoy knitting socks in your free time then it's not time wasted. I quite often work myself into a tizz when I feel like I 'should' be being productive, then I remind myself that it's ok to actually watch a film or whatever without trying to sew or knit at the same time because in a week or so I will go through a 'manic' sewing phase.

Also if you are looking for veg recipes I thoroughly recommend the River Cottage Veg book, my OH is a dedicated carnivore and even he likes the veggie meals from this book

Lynne said...

Oh, I so agree! I am all for a goal to aim at. I find it doesn't really matter if it isn't really reached, it's more to keep me on track. Otherwise confusion reigns!!

But knitting socks isn't a waste of free time! It the end of it, you have a fully functioning pair of socks to keep your tootsies warm! :)

I laughed too about the haggis! I pictured FL shiftily looking left and right as he sneeked out of the chippy!

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

All sounds good to me. Just remember that the goal of sitting down sometimes in the midst of frenetic activity is also a good idea!

I love Mette's shawl pattern, it's been on my Rav list for ever.

Scruffybadger said...

They are very well rounded perfectly achievable & practical goals & I find it's always useful to have some kind of focus. But hey, you can always change them & go off track - whatever you need to do for you in the moment. Maybe it's the weather that is causing such introspection, if it was sunny we'd just be outside more ....
And I really like Miss Congeniality - there - can't believe I just admitted to that!!

christinelaennec said...

Your garden is so beautiful! I remember reading about your weeding work - so worth it now.