Sunday, June 10, 2012

What Would Brad Knitt?

Today I am all about knitting and reading.

FL bought me a new wheelbarrow (aw - bless!) and after I chased the dog around the garden with it (hee hee!) I kind of over-did the weeding.  There are still lots of weeds but I am stiff and sore and covered in insect bites (nice!) so today is dedicated to reading and knitting in my green cave, aka the sitting room when the trees are in full leaf.

I spy bird poop on the window - lovely!
 My yellow vintage pattern cardigan is coming along nicely but it takes me almost an hour to knit one of the complicated "in the back of the second stitch, in the front of the first stitch, slip both off together" rows and I was in need of something more rewarding and portable.

Self-striping socks :D

This is a ball of Online Supersocke 100 in Paradise Color from my multi-pack bargain from Germany.  Lovely stripey stuff, treated with aloe vera and jojoba for softness... which is probably total hype, but it sure feels nice while you are knitting!

Lurking behind it you can see my current library book "Girl Reading", which was supposed to be light relief from the rather intense experience of "Wuthering Heights".  Ha!  I am traumatised by both.  I must be getting soft in my old age.
So it was with great delight that I picked up my other library book:  "Knitting Everyday Finery" by Mel Clark.

At first glance I was a bit "meh" about it... but on closer inspection I realised there are several things I really want to knit from this book.  The designs are quietly confident.  There is no clash of cymbals or blasting trumpets, just some rather appealing items I can imagine knitting and wearing... every day - well, duh!  That's the title of the book after all!

The shawl on the cover is lovely - there's another picture inside which shows it with a turned down "collar".  It is knit using two strands of laceweight held together but I am tempted to use a double-knit to show off the texture.

But I am really really obsessing over these tangerine tights!

Imagine hand-knitted tights!

I know, I know, they would involve such a lot of knitting in the round in ribbing for goodness' sake... but oooh! 

On a slightly smaller scale, there is a pattern for a dachshund pencil-case - hee!

And there is a lovely pattern for gloves, a pair of socks that I almost cast on for already, and a hat which uses the @ symbol as a motif and is double-layered for warmth.

And this cardigan?  I really like its simplicity.  That twisted rib cuff and the single button?  Lovely.  The original is in Cascade 220, but I am thinking it would be gorgeous in something sheepy from Blacker wools, or maybe a Shilasdair DK?  I also like a striped hood pattern, with sizes for children or adults... but Blogger is too tired to let me show you many more pictures, so you will have to look on Ravelry, because I am saving the best for last!
I bet you were wondering what my title was all about...
The most surprising thing I found in this book was a male knitwear model who is the dead spit of Brad Pitt.
Don't you think?  It is even more obvious in a photo of him wearing a rather fetching waistcoat, which I would show you if Blogger wasn't sulking.
But I just had to share the hen picture! ; )


Gail said...

The tights! Want! I've been wanting to make a pair of tights for years. I have a couple patterns in one of my 1960s knitting magazines, but these look even better. I'll have to check this book out!

Sandy said...

Love that he is man enough to wear knits and love a chicken, too!

toboldlysew said...

I will be beyond impressed if you knit those tights - do it!

Anonymous said...

Dachshund pencil case? Now you're talking!
-- stashdragon

Franca said...

haha that picture with the chicken! Ireally like the cardigan and I really didn't like wuthering heights. Horrible people being horrible to each other. Really don't understand how it would be a considered a classic love story!

Adele said...

Looove those tights! I haven't even been brave enough to attempt socks yet so not much chance of me doing those, I have to say tho, while any man snuggling with a chook is gorgeous in my book, that guy looks nothing like Brad to me! I can't see any resemblance at all!

Colleen said...

oooh. I think he's yummier than Brad. But, as yummy as he is, I want the book more! Gorgeous stuff!

LinB said...

Do your friends find it odd that you turn to socks for an easy, uncomplicated knit? Mine do, but then, they are mostly knitting dishcloth squares ... I love the mindless pleasure of K2 P2, over and over, round and round, and then doing the square for the heel, and decreasing the toe ... ahhh. Elizabeth Zimmerman features a method -- rather than an exact pattern -- for knitting tights for babies and for adults, in Knitting Almanac. The "September" chapter is titled "Nether Garments." I wanted to knit them when I lived in Wisconsin, but couldn't find any woolen yarn. Now that I live in North Carolina, it is not cold enough to justify woolen tights.

Alessa said...

Self-knit tights!?! They look amazing, but I think I would die knitting all that ribbing... ;) The designs look really pretty, I'm also having my eye on the cute cardi and that lovely cover shawl. How is it that I'm so into grey nowadays...? The female model is really pretty, too, in an Audrey Tautou way. :)

Maureen said...

I just had the book out of the library a few weeks back so I'm guessing you were the next request on the Shire system :-)

Think the tights will be a long job but totally amazing when done!

Linda C said...

I want that cardigan. Of course I'll need to learn to knit first.